Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It was bound to happen...

Spinning: 50mins
Sit-ups: 120
Calories: 977

Erin taught the class. I feared this day would come.... but I thought I would be more prepared. Erin is the manager. She has been teaching spin for 7 years. She likes to see you sweat. She has killer legs!

I had to wobble OFF the bike, gracfully stepping off the bike was not an option. It's great. My legs are still throbbing. I am happy about it... I really am. I said before the further I get to my goal the harder I have to push to see the same  results. AND I STILL HAVE 5 POUNDS TO LOOSE! in 10days...

I am going grocery shopping tonight to pick up some 'salad-ables'. (I can make up words... it's by blog). I have indudlged, but stayed under calories for 2 days and enjoyed Kraft Dinner for lunch... don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with a little KD, but 5 pounds in 10days! I need to pick up all the fixing to make hearty salads... nuts, goat cheese and fresh strawberries... mmm...

And its day 4 of tanning... I feel like I have a tan, but I don't think I do yet. I don't want one of those orange tans that is clearly fake... I just want a little sun kiss that says I was outside all weekend.

And happy news... I went from AGE 72 to AGE 50... on Wii Sports. I am getting better at this whole thing... but I am still older than Richard he is 30 this week.

Last thing... I am ordering the 'Insanity' DVD set. (http://www.getinsanity.com/) We (Richard and I) are doing it together... scary! Wish me luck with that! Spin class is going to feel like a cake walk!


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