Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let's recap!

When I take off... I TAKE OFF. I skipped an entire week at the gym. The week of October 29th was not a good week. I skipped the gym Monday and Tuesday, forgot my pants on Wednesday and never went back. I didn't run outside, because it was rainy and cold... I did NOTHING, but eat Halloween candy and drink.

But that week doesn't define me.

I am better then that.

This week I have been to the gym 4 times (and it's only Thursday). I have counted my calories, gotten sleep and taken all of my vitamins (not at the same time).

I feel good.

I hate feeling fat and gross... mostly because it is always MY fault that I feel like that. I get wrapped up in a negative emotion and can't stop myself. I feel hopeless and alone, and I eat to soothe myself... usually excess amounts of chocolate.

It is work to be healthy and it is disappointing when my body works against me (still not pregnant... hence the heavy drinking last Friday; I just needed to escape.)

So... what have I done this week? And what did I eat? The eating is the fun part... so we will save it till last.

Monday - Elliptical 40minutes (nothing impressive, but at least I was there).
Tuesday - Step Fusion (20 minutes of step class and 20 minutes of tabata)
Wednesday (still sore from Tabata, seriously) - Zumba AND Cardio Ball with Cassy.

What is "Cardio Ball with Cassy'? It's a mess.

I can NOT draw hands!
I have done a ball class before and it was 30 minutes of bouncing a big ball around. It was strength training and slow. I THOUGHT this would be the same... I didn't even put on REAL workout clothes. I was sore from Zumba/Step Fusion... I just wanted to spend time with my good friend Cassy.

And then... it wasn't.

It was heaving the giant, and surprisingly heavy, ball around while skipping and shuffling all over the room. The instructor was from the 80's, with short pants (but not Capri's, pictured above) and a head band. The old ladies in the crowd made her turn down the music and we were RIGHT UP front.

It was ridiculous... then she would make us put down the ball and do kick boxing(?) and Zumba (???) Just for kicks (ha!). Nothing made sense... but it got worse when she switched to the weights portion. She turned down the pace of the music, which had fergie singing baritone, and instructed everyone WRONG. Now I am not one to nitpick (yes I am), but proper form while doing crunches is to keep your spine straight... think about having a tennis ball under your chin. It puts less strain on your neck and back. She was telling everyone to tuck their chins and pull on their ears... WTF?!

The class when by quick and I am glad I had a chance to see the gym. It's a gorgeous gym with incredible facilities (it should be its only 3 months old), but the staff was B list.

I am thinking about joining a gym in Burlington; I want to continue working out through out the winter and running in the snow is NOT an option.

I still have to check out the goodlife, but I think I have been spoiled by my gym... its clean, organized, friendly and the instructors are on top of their game.

I am sore today... tired and hungry.

Something worked this week... I am just not ready to chalk it up to BIG BALLS.


PS- Thank you to Cassy for letting me tag along to her BIG BALL class.