Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Day 46 - an update

Hello Blog Lovers! Sorry for the delay in my follow up. I had little to complain about, which makes for a very 'rah rah' post, which let's be real, is less fun to read.

The last 38 days have been amazing.

I kept the Facebook page updated (sorry), but abandoned my blog (have you tried to type anything at length on an ipad/iphone???).

So I finished my 30 days and shed 27lbs and 40 inches. *jaw drop* I don't know how it happen. It was mostly easy. It was mostly enjoyable.

I followed the 30 day cleanse to the finest detail. I didn't miss food, I missed the routines. Breakfast with my family, snacks during a movie, pizza on a Friday night, wine on a Saturday night, but I didn't crave anything. In fact, the thought of some of my favourite things turned my stomach (not chocolate).

I have always imagined the deliciousness of things, the feeling of crunching and the pleasure of swallowing (Oo. Dirty), but during this process all I could think about was the bloating, the tooth ache and the weight. It was a blessing really.

Even after my cleanse, day 31, I still didn't want to eat junk and when I did (it was my birthday don't judge) it wasn't satisfying. It wasn't worth it. I want this so badly this time.

So the next wave, now that I have a handle on my diet, it's time for the gym. I am so excited to be back at the gym, granted I have only done one class, but I killed it. Richard is taking on more responsibilities with the boys to help me catch 3 step classes a week. Tuesday's its a 5:30 class on my way home, Thursdays its a 7:00pm class after dinner and Saturday's its an 8:30am class before the day starts.

I am also hoping to start with a personal trainer in May, during cleanse number 2. I want another big loss. I want to be summer ready. I want to be free to wear shorts, tank tops and cute dresses.

I want to be done with losing weight and to finally get back to maintaining.

The next post is going to be a bit of a sales call... I figure if I am honest about it, it's ok.