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A bio of Melanie, because who wants to skim through 445+ post to learn about their author... not me!

My name is Melanie Pridham and here are 25 things about me.

1. My name was Melanie Frei, but I got married (to my best friend, Richard) and took his name.
2. I have hypothyroidism. I have been to several specialist and everyone tells me I am fine, but I never feel 'fine'. I currently take a synthetic thyroid medication every morning.
3. I love working with Naturopaths.
4. I buy into fitness crazes. I try everything new that comes out... EVE.RY.THI.NG.

5. I was a creative writer by profession, but I don't know anything about grammar (shhh...) and now work in administration.
6. 30 is was my SCARY age.
7. We are trying to make a baby right now UPDATE: We have a bab--actually a toddler AND a baby.
8. I have a history of blood clots.
9. I love to run.
10. I ride a motorcycle... more accurately I ride a sportbike.

11. I want a dog and running partner.
12. I love to detox.
13. I am allergic to lettuce... I eat it anyway.
14. I love to draw.

15. I count. All the time. I use it to calm me and to track everything (this list is no exception).
16. I have a history of eating disorders, but they are NOT current.
17. I take a handful of vitamins EVERY DAY.
18. I only drink water... except when I am drinking wine, which doesn't happen as often as I would like. And tea, I have become obsessed with tea.
19. I am an ex-smoker.
20. I have lost over 40lbs. (again and again)
21. I can be mean and brutally honest, but only in my writing and NEVER in real life.
22. I never owned a bicycle... weird, right?
23. It all started with kickboxing, but I hated hitting people.
24. I want to save the world.
25. I love Freezies.

I think that is all you need to know to understand MOST of this blog. I still get lost in endless rambles at times, but for the most part I will always bring it back to the point.


PS - i LOVE comments... I'm just sayin'

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