Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday post!

Filleted was COMPLETELY accurate. What a night! Half way through one appointment, numb up through my ear, my dentist hits gold, smelly infected gold. The whole room stinks and I am in a world of unexplained pain. Turns out I had a serious infection tucked under one bad tooth, which isn't the reason I went to the dentist in the first place. Nothing hurt (or smelled) until she started poking around.

Now reading this blog you know I have bad teeth... it runs in the family and I am the unlucky kid that loses a molar every year. I am working on implants, but those suckers are expensive.

Back to last night... I am immediately rushed (30k away) to an oral surgeon so he can cut away at my gums and pull out the decaying tooth, that wasn't a problem until my dentist started poking around (can you sense the bitterness????) Finally after 4 hours I am leaving the second dentist office of the day and on my way home, missing a tooth and $600 further in debt. What a scam.

I have a handful of pain meds to take and 4 prescriptions to fill.

Now the interesting part of ALL Of this... first, my dentist said she remembered this infection from 2010... why she didn't do anything then, I don't know. Second, this infection, based on the size and length of it, could be the viral infection that forced my body to attack my thyroid, enter thyroiditis. Hmmm... It all could make sense if I wasn't hopped up on pain killers.

And only because I love you... a picture of my chubby little face.

Wish me luck!
Don't judge me... its early and I am on meds... ha!

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  1. Your post reminded me about my wisdom tooth extraction. I was lucky to have a good dentist at that time that did painless extraction using ordinary tooth pullers. And only one single shot of analgesics; the previous dentist told me I must have surgical extraction!
    The bad teeth are most likely source for your thyroid inflammation; some people had inflamed salivary glands and even heart condition due to that.
    Not sure about your teeth but you have a beautiful eyes!