Monday, February 13, 2012

After the weekend!

Happy to report I gained nothing weekend AND only cheated once, late on Sunday evening with an Ice Pop. I earned it. I celebrated my Mother in Law's birthday and attended my high school reunion WITH OUT cheating. Even the Ice Pop was at home after everything, in my PJs.

On Saturday I started my drops again. (Below is my family of drugs).
Weird... it won't rotate the picture. In fact, it ROTATED the picture to get it like this.
The actual picture (as it is saved on my phone) is upright. Hmpf!

The swelling had declined and it made sense to kick it up. I do believe the drops are working slash screwing with my thyroid, because even we NO cheating (minus the ice pop) I didn't lose an ounce. Hmpf.

We'll see how I am feeling moving forward and if 'Walter' returns. Who's Walter? You ask. Well, on Saturday at the reunion I kept referring to the 'lump' in my throat that makes me burp sometimes unexpectedly. The girls laughed and say you HAVE to call it something else. I chose Walter. It sounds distinguished-- AND funny.

Oh Walter you're so silly.

I am heading to the gym today for a good sweat.

More to come!


UPDATE: Something is definitely wonky in my body. I just got back from the gym and I couldn't keep up with myself (my-past-self) after 15 minutes I was drained. My mind wanted to go, but legs just wouldn't co-operate. Hmpf.

Pounds to Lose: 20

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  1. One lady called her goitre a madam's apple.
    but Water is also funny:))