Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There are TWO parts to this post - PART ONE: CHOCOLATE

**I had to break up this post, because the frustration and anger I am feeling today will take away from the very funny thing I did yesterday.

I met with a friend for lunch and a quick Valentine's Day recap, we talked for hours and it was great to catch up and resolve some lose ends. From my VDAY post you know I was all a 'twitter' with love yesterday.

I floated back to my desk to find a pile of Hershey's Kisses. My. Favorite. Chocolate. I thanked the generous provider of the chocolates moved them OUT of eye sight and got to work. I don't know when it happen. I don't know how, but my hands and the chocolate craving part of my body seemed to override my willpower and sense of detox. In seconds warm milk chocolate was flowing over my tongue, the instant pleasure of this is making my lips curl and my eyes warm. And then ---

"I'M EATING CHOCOLATE!" I screamed, in my office... that I share with 7 other writers. I through my arms back and pushed away from my desk, clearly angry.

"Are you ok?" One brave co-worker asks. And then I notice them all frozen staring at me with a look of humor and -- fear.

"No," I said and blow out a sigh "I don't know how it happen."

And the room erupted in laughter... and thus the slippery slope of recovery was broken and I was back on the chocolate. I had 4 more Hershey Kisses. I don't feel guilty and I would do it again!!!

What I do feel is, annoyed. How could my body do that to me??? I have been working SO hard, avoiding ALL temptation, counting my calories and sticking to this stupid detox and then BAM! Chocolate IN my mouth.

My name is Melanie and I am a chocoholic.


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