Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Healthy Fats




Olive Oil.

I know every diet is different. I know you need to find what works for your system, but listen - - I don't like fat; the good, the bad or the ugly. However... my body seems to react the best to healthy fats. Every time I edit my diet to include healthy fats the scale shifts. I just hate them.

Avocado tastes, smells and feels like mother natures boogers and we shouldn't eat boogers.

I'll make it work...


Friday, July 21, 2017


I have spent the last 4 months working on my health. I focused first on my nutritional intake. I started Isagenix to regain control, up my energy levels and simply fix my broken diet. It worked. I lost 40 pounds and 60 inches. I slept better, I woke better and I kept up with the boys better. I felt better.

I didn’t feel good enough.

My News Years resolution is always to ‘be better’, there is always room for improvement.
I needed to improve my loss and hit loftier goals. I have another 45lbs to lose before the end of the year.

Motivation: I needed something to work towards. I entered the Isabody Challenge through Isagenix. It’s 16 weeks and comes with a $25,000 prize. The winner is chosen based on pictures, results and a 250 word essay. I can write an essay like a champ, I need to work on my pictures and results.

Method: Keep up with my nutritional goals/schedule, but add workouts – heavy, intense workouts.
Enter Crossfit. I have heard so many things about Crossfit, I have always been intimidated – by the workout and the cost. It is not cheap. I thought it could work, because it is scheduled gym time. It is a commitment. Twice I should have skipped, because the timing with the boys (and life) didn’t work out, but I didn’t because of the cost and the commitment. I am always glad I go, the owners at the gym are amazing and the vibe in the gym is everything I have always wanted. It is small and simply run; you come in, you work out, you go home.


It’s expensive and I am in the beginner program, which has a lot of talking and only a little doing. I am not a beginner. I have dug out 60 minutes from my insane schedule and I spend 30 of it, listening to amateur questions, relevant, but time consuming. I just want to do it. When the timer finally goes and we get to work, I kill it. Yesterday the trainer actually asked if I was melting, because of the amount of sweat pouring off of me. I had nothing left at the end of each interval, but I kept going. I am there to work, not talk.

I want to try a full Crossfit class, but the timing is terrible. The last class is at 6:30pm. Which means I barely get home and have to run out the door, I miss bedtime snuggles with Zac (actually I miss Zac entirely) and dinner routines, I miss movie time and outdoor fun. I miss the few hours I spend with the boys on a workday and that makes it tough to commit.

It’s even tougher to commit when I don’t see results. I feel stronger, but the scale hasn’t moved and the inches have actually climbed.

I have 2 more weeks to see something, feel something and to decide.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Guest Author - Cheryl Beachbody Tibbitts!

So.... I had an interesting idea; why not ask one of my favouritest friends to guest blog about her experience with Beachbody, a system I have lingering curiosity about, but haven't tried.

Cheryl is the friend that got me started on my health quest as an advocate for alternative health. Cheryl is also my friend that has tried everything with me, we once lived together in an apartment in the sky (literally a penthouse with a huge patio), she saved my life in a frantic midnight move, she loaned her couch and her shoulder to me when I really needed it and she stood beside me as I married my best friend.

Cheryl also has some challenges including an allergy to Chocolate (it even hurts to type that), endometriosis and a desire to live in the middle of nowhere. So finding something that works for her is a huge win.

I am fascinated by the new offer from Beachbody, beach body on demand, Netflix for workouts, which I LOVE. I love the idea of all of my favourite opportunities in one place. I know I have completed Jillian Michaels (different company same idea) 90 day challenge a half a dozen times and as much as I love her, I don't want to do it again.

I am always leary of expensive things, so the fact that dear, sweet Cheryl already shelled out the big bucks she can review it first (much like me with Isagenix, ps. awesome).

Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen - CHERYL!

I have fought to keep my weight in check for as long as I can remember! 

Sometimes it seemed to melt off without any effort from myself and other times I would have to put myself on a strict diet and exercise plan (1).  After moving to the “middle of nowhere”,(2) like my friends lovingly call it, and fighting with fertility treatments, pregnancy and now not having a quick access to the gym the weight just kept piling on.  

Earlier this year I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror.  Overweight and riddled with joint pain she was a shadow of the girl I remembered.(3) I knew in that moment something needed to be done, no more procrastination and no more excuses. (4) 

I’d been in contact with a friend who was an Independent Team Coach with Beachbody and she was following the workouts herself – her results were amazing (it was along with a proper nutrition plan but that’s not what we’re talking about here)(5).  She was working out with her kids around her or while her kids were asleep...there was no allotting 3 hours for travel and workout to get to the gym. (6)(7)

I thought, 'hmmm this might work'. BUT I have workout videos and I don’t use them because I’m bored of them! They had a free trial for Beachbody on Demand so I thought I’d give it a go. 

Let me tell you what Beachbody on Demand is ... its like the Netflix for workout programs.  The all access on demand has workouts from Core de force, P90, 21day fix, insanity they have yoga, tae chi, family workouts, dance workouts, all kinds! The trial didn’t have the premium content like 21 day fix (8) but if you chose the “Challenge du jour” button it would pull a workout from some of the premium programs that you could try! I loved it! The workouts were under an hour and a lot were around the half hour mark – I could totally manage 30 minutes while my son sleeps, or plays around me! 

AMAZING! I got about 2 weeks in to the 30 day trial and asked my friend to help me sign up.  

Best. Decision. Ever. 

It’s 30 minutes to better myself for my family and for me!(9) I can do this! (10) 

I workout while my son is down for a nap and I’m doing it! I’ve since become a Coach myself and am shouting from the rooftops (11) what a great program this is! 

Check it out - Beachbody on Demand.

Thank you Cheryl... now the rub, I have issued a challenge. Isagenix vs. Beachbody... who will come out on top?? We'll be back with the results. 

And check out the poll to vote on which program you believe will offer the best results.


(1) - Oh the joys of being a girl, Richard gives up Pepsi for a month and drops 15 pounds. I give up everything for 2 months and gain 3 pounds!

(2) literally the middle of nowhere

(3) This is also known as the baby fog, typically occurring 6 months postpartum, when you don't recognize your body or your life and you have slept in 8 months.

(4) but my show just started, I ran a lot of stairs, sleep is also an intricate part of a weight loss plan.

(5) but we will be

(6) who has 3 hours for the gym

(7) oh right, she's in the middle of nowhere

(8) or Cize the main reason I am considering it

(9) and for me!

(10) heck ya, you can!

(11) I literally had to talk her down yesterday