Friday, October 13, 2017


Finally Richard is on board. He is doing something WITH me! He is always supportive of my chaos, but recently he decided to join in the fun. No, I haven't gotten him to the gym -- yet, but I did rope him into a 30-day cleanse.

We're cleansing together, me to continue the weight loss after a lengthy plateau and him to kick some old habits and lower his blood pressure.

Wish us luck! It is day three and he's gone through the headache stage (where I am today) and his mood has improved (even if he hasn't noticed, I have).

27 days to go!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Badass Dash - Kitchener

I am a Badass. Also, Vanessa and Kim... they are Badasses too!

We ran the Badass Dash in Kitchener this past weekend and it kicked my ass.

7km. 40 Obstacles.

I am covered in bruises, but I loved it and would gladly do it again every weekend.

You arrive to the ski hill with all the other runners, everyone is costumed and ready to go. The energy is infectious. Everyone there is an athlete. Everyone there is a team.

We registered and received our arm sleeves/sock thingy, which was the first oddity.

Then we were corralled to the starting line, literally a coral for cattle. The music was loud and everyone around us was having the same conversation... the 40 degree heat, the excitement to get moving, the massive hill to climb. Which isn't even an exaggeration...

Obstacle #1 - The ski hill. Run up the ski hill, full of naivety I said 'My first goal is to run the entire way up!' Which didn't seem ambitious until half way when my legs quit and I debating crawling.

I did not crawl. I walked. Slowly.

Also, it should be noted that we climbed that hill 4 more times, probably more, but that was as many as I counted. Also, we climbed the hill to immediately climb down the hill.

We had to do a round of 15 push-ups and then we headed back down the hill, around the half way down point there were tubes to crawl through, not the claustrophobia tunnels (they come later), but squishie dog tubes.

Note: There were not as many inflatables as promised -- more on that to follow.

The obstacles we're perfectly based every couple of hundred meters, which meant very little running. There were chin-ups, I did burpees, there were wall climbs, I did burpees. That seemed to be the favorite punishment for the inability to complete an obstacle.

We climbed a cargo net.

Ran across water (mostly successfully)

Monkey bars, chin ups, Potato sac races, hurdles, walk climbs, beam walks, human car wash, rock climbing, spider webs, tire carries, burpees, sand bag slug, wicked walls, pole climbs, over-unders and the Australian back crawl. 

I survived, the last hill climb was questionable and the after math felt like death (full blown panic attack over lunch as I quietly filled up on ice cold water and french fries), but I did it. I can walk away knowing I am Badass!

Thank you to Vanessa and Kim for dragging me along for the ride.


Monday, August 21, 2017

The next cleanse

I started my second FULL 30-day challenge on Sunday (Sunday!? Who starts something on a Sunday), I didn't want to wait any longer. I enjoyed a relaxing Saturday, complete with ice cream, with my family and then decided it was time to be serious. The continuous chest pain is enough to want change; so this is it... 30 days.

Now the irony is, I thought this would be a cake walk (or a veggie walk?), a bit of will power and I would lose another 20lbs (my 2017 goal).


I was not as thorough with my maintenance as I thought... because it's day 2 and the sugar withdrawals are making my knees buckle and this migraine has lingered since last night. I am sluggish and cranky.

I do feel motivated... I can control the cravings, even with Zachary trying to share his graham cracker with me, mostly by forcefully shoving it in my mouth.

The catch I have given myself for this challenge is no scale. There will be no scale until day 30. I think that alone will be motivating, because I will be working towards that end goal... not the daily up and downs.

Skipping the scale in the morning is going to be more of a challenge than skipping that chocolate cake. I already buggered it, on autopilot I hopped on this morning. Happy to see a 5lbs loss, but than angry that I buggered my first challenge. So starting TODAY I will no longer weigh in.

I have 22lbs to lose before December 31st (good thing I already got 5 out of the way).

Wish me luck!


Ps - I have to delay my cleanse day, I am listening to my body and it says no deep cleansing with a migraine. So I will leave it until I wake up ready for it.