Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday's POST

I cant blog today (today being Tuesday). For some reason unknown to thistechno peasant the screen wont load. What do you think of the name? My boss says it every time she needs me to fix her computer, most times it involves adouble click or aright click, but I smile an oblige. She is my boss after all. Anyways I have so much to say, but cant get it out to the world because of technical issues.

I like to make lists (which is a new thing, bare with me).

1. Happy belated family day. I spent the day alone and a little with friends, best long weekend yet.

2. I tried a new class Hot Yoga Pilate's. My inner thighs are burning and I feel uncomfortable. I think it was a good class, but I cant compare it to anything I have willingly done before. It felt more like punishment and the instructor seemed genuinely disappointed in my inability to keep my knees up FOR. 60. MINUTES.

3. I missed Spin class. I have been excited about this class ALL year, which is accurate, considering were only on week 9 of the new year more accurately were ALREADY ON WEEK NINE?! I was late to sign up and the class was full I hit the Elliptical for a good workout I am still sweaty.

4. I worked out EVERY day of the long weekend, which is completely unheard of. I ran 5k on Saturday (which was great). I did a 45 minute workout with Nike Fit Club on Sunday (which was less great) and then the Hot Pilate yoga thing from #2 on Monday. I am proud as a peacock at the moment.

5. Everyone around me is eating chips free chips and I want chips.

6. We themed our Stag & Doe I also sent out a Facebook invite. There will be more to come on this blog, but until then check THIS out. Oh yea and its COPS & ROBBERS awesome, right?!

7. I am back in FULL detox mode with ONE revision Chocolate. I am never giving it up again. It makes me happy, keeps me sane and is good for my soul. I love chocolate *deep sigh*

8. I have a dentist appointment tonight which may prevent a heavy workout tomorrow TWO HOURS in the chair getting everything filled, filed and filleted (not quite, but I needed anf).

9. Friday I have a meeting with Nicole to review my progress, which brings me to #10.

10. Walter is gone. The swelling in my neck is also gone I cant feel him when I swallow or when I massage my thyroid (by which I mean poke it and pester it into working). Nothing has changed in the way of my Hypothyroidism, but I stopped the drops I couldnt keep it up. The symptoms, beyond the swelling, were too much to tolerate. My skin and hair were a mess, my mood was low and my weight was rising. I am off the drops and feel better AND if this is all I can get out of my thyroid…. I will TAKE it!

I think that is everything you have missed over the long weekend everything of relevance. I do have a sad sobbing story about trying to by a bustier, but you might have to click over to the wedding blog for that. Which by the way is ALSO not working.

All my love!

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