Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm getting there... slowly, very slowly

BOOTCAMP: 60 minutes
Calories: 723

I have to say... although AWESOME, BOOT CAMP was a little disappointing. I felt like we did more on the first day even though we did less. Maybe I just didn't feel the pain, because even though I pushed it HARD. I am not sore this morning. I am sure tomorrow I will be, at least I hope.

Carrie is such a motivator I am glad she came into my life... with out being all preachy. She makes you want to do better and keeps things quick and fun. There is never any anger or disappointment. Everything you do she is proud of you. From the runners to the walkers, the young to the old and the able to the not able. It is an amazing environment to be apart of and I will genuinely miss it.

It also gets me out of the house, plus I can't blow it off. I paid for EACH session so I have to go... even if it did mean missing the LAST bike night of the season.

I weighed in this morning and measured. I am happy about the results, but I was honestly hoping for better. I wanted to hit 17 this week. I have been hovering about 15 for 3 months... its like my unattainable goal. I don't even want to stay at 15, but I want to get past it. 15 would also bring my overall loss to 30. That for me would be incredible, but I just can't get there! I have 3 more weeks of BOOT CAMP to get there and I better be there by the end. I did loose a few more inches, which is awesome, but again I haven't even caught up with my last attempts final product. I am feeling a little discouraged, but I know it will all work out.... haha get it?

I have to run sometime this weekend and then I am done for the week. Monday is a holiday, but BOOT CAMP is still happening SO is running. No rest for the wicked... what ever that means.


Pounds to loose: 18(-6) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 3

Thursday, July 29, 2010

First comes the running... then comes the PAIN!

Running: 45minutes (5.92km)
Calories: 609

I am tired and in pain, but I am happy about it! Weird??? Yes. I went for a run today after getting on the scale and seeing a 1 pound gain. Stupid Scale. I was doing Wednesday's run... (35minutes of running, 6minutes of run/walk, 4minutes walking) I opted out of running last night. The weather was temperamental AND Richard was home (he has been away all week). I stand by decision to skip running last night. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Anyways back to my run... it felt good - UNTIL this horrible PAIN shot through me. I got the worst 'stitch' (I think that is what it is called) in my side. It cramped and I couldn't take a deep breath, but the stubborn MULE that I am didn't stop running. It just made running a little more challenging.

I can't wait for tonight and the ass kicking I am about to receive!! One more run on the weekend I have completed my first FULL week back at it. Let's hope the results reflect that.

I will let you know how it goes in the AM!


PS - #49 (of helpful fitness advice that confuses me) your body can only break down 400 calories in one sitting... so even healthy food OVER 400 calories gets turned to FAT. I have NOTHING to back this up, but a very wise person that told me (she runs the 680NEWS room... she knows things).

PPS - One of my best friends, Matty! Just got released and his on his way to a better life! Yay, Matty! I was his first phone call. I feel honored.

PPPS - I got new headphones and I am happy to report ZERO ear swear problems this week. They were only 9.99 at Winners and are quite comfortable with good sound.

And of course they are PINK!

Pounds to loose: 19(-5) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 2

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Call me a quitter if you must!

I went to MUSCLE UP. I didn't finish the class... my muscle are TOO sore. I didn't want to risk damaging them so I quit. Granted I QUIT with 10minutes left of the 45minute class... so its not really quitting. It's more like leaving early.

Let me bring you into my world of pain... I can't lift my arms. No seriously, I look like I have a minor defunct. I go to brush my hair out of eyes and it happens in slow motion as I wince in pain.I try to have a drink of cold, refreshing water and its warm by the time I get it to my mouth. All this is funny... trying doing up a bra. It's not pretty. And feeding myself... I have been eating a small tub of yogurt for an hour. My spoons judgemental eyes are laughing at me. See!

Anyways... let's just say its been a rough day AND I am craving chocolate, but trying to be good. TRYING! I really can't carry change with me it just promotes junk food.

Running and BOOT CAMP tomorrow and then the WEEKEND! Weeeee!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The aftermath...

Spinning: 45minutes
Calories: 723

I survived my POST BOOT CAMP work-out, but it wasn't easy. Not only was NICOLE (the one who introduced me to spinning) the instructor, but my arm still isn't working right.
I felt like I was going slow or giving myself a break because of last night and it bothered me. If you ain't gonna spin, get off the bike! so I pushed through all the hurt and I think I did alright. I nearly cried every time I went to wipe my face... it involves lifting my sore arm to my face and wiping. I never remembered my arm was sore until it was too late.
I sweat up a STORM and loved it. I am so excited to see the results of this week on the scale... not until Friday, but I may be back on my FIRST track... ie. finished my second attempt (loosing what I gained while slacking).
I think that's it... I feel like I have more to say, but I can't remember.

Pounds to loose: 18(-6) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 2

I survived!!!

BOOT CAMP: 60minutes
Calories: A LOT (Loseit! says 738)

What an amazing... umm thing (?) to be a part of. I want to call it an event, but the true event will be completing BOOT CAMP.

Let's walk you through this painful experience...

I arrived at the Gellert Community Centre in Georgetown - its a HUB of all things active from baseball to soccer, runners to swimming, splash PAD to dog walkers. It is a busy place and I was lost in the crowd. After a few minutes fearing I would never find BOOT CAMP I saw a group of ladies hovering around the back of an OPENED Jeep. I made my way across the asphalt to see a very perky blonde with with a tape measure... it was Carrie. I sauntered on over to the crowd as the ladies were getting weighed and measured. Everyone was chatting and celebrating loss... I thought, 'on the first day?' It turns out BOOT CAMP is a ritual thing these ladies attend... every week for months. The crowd was diverse from larger to smaller women, young to old. And EVERYONE was smiling and happy to be there. WHY?! I thought... this perky little blonde is about to punish us!

Carrie picked the 'NEW GIRL' out of the crowd and welcomed me... she handed me a STACK of papers to fill out and instructed me to the grassy hill to lay-out my things (a yoga mat, bottle of water and two 7 lbs weights). 25 others had already done so. I found a spot and laid everything out... as soon as I finished I saw the crowd take off on a run around the facilities... I followed the crowd.

This is our warm-up a light jog through the park... simple enough. Then you hear the WHISTLE... the perky little BLONDE switches to DRILL SERGEANT and its time to do weights. We start with simple bicep curls. I think 'I can do this.' We finish the curls and are ordered to FOLLOW her to the side of the road. We are then instructed to line up single file with our weights. For this drill...

20 squats (with bicep curls) and a 400metre run to the sign and back.
20 lunges (with bicep curls) and a 400 metre run to the sign and back.
20 squats (with lateral lifts) and a 400 metre run to the sign and back...

then you think you're done... NO. We continue with the squats as we wait for all the others to finish the above drill. No prize for finishing first.

Then we RUN back to our grassy nole and hit the ground for PUSH-UPS. I hate PUSH UPS. We do dozens of them with all different hand formations.

Then we're on the move again... this time with JUST our water. We run to the other end of the park, doing the final stretch in walking lunges. This turns into a sprint to the fence and back (about 400metres). Then its over to the SPLASH PAD for push ups... on the edging rocks (about 3 feet high). When your arms are burning and the sweat is pouring off of you, you switch to step-ups.

The entire time Carrie is pacing the crowd barking orders and offering encouragement.

After your legs are on FIRE you do kicks.... quickly kicking the rock in front of you. Doesn't sound like much, but do it for 10minutes and it is. We then turn our backs to the rock and prepare for tricep dips... I think that is what they are called.

All of the ladies joke about running into the SPLASH PAD... I only wish they had.

We stay on the rocks this time to do lunges with one leg on the rock and one on the ground. Switch legs and back to push-ups. When all this is done and you are begging for a break... we are on the move again. This time running to the another end of the park (its a BIG park) we stop at, what looks like, a SMALL hill. We line up single file and are instructed to....

20 ski jumps (jumping while switching feet from front to back) and then LUNGE up the hill and run back down.
20 burpies and then LUNGE up the hill and run back down (twice this time)

Then we are broken up into teams... the first team (my team) is doing pivoting lunges UP the hill and running down the hill. We have to do this until the other team has sprinted to the SPLASH PAD and back. I was begging for them to hurrying!

Once they returned we switched and I was doing the run... now at this point I am EXHAUSTED, but 'You get out, what you PUT in' so I ran... I don't know how, but I was the first back.


Once we returned to our abandoned water bottles it was a JOG back to the starting point on the FAR end of the PARK. When we got back there is was time for GROUND work. We did push-ups, sit-ups, plank, leg lifts and stretches... and then is was over. An hour... done. I was DROWNING in sweat and had the BIGGEST smile on my face.

Day one - COMPLETE.

I can't lift my LEFT arm today, but that's OK... I am doing this to get fit. I can't wait till Thursday!

Spinning today, because my legs AREN'T sore... surprisingly - just wait till Wednesday.

Georgetown Fitness Bootcamp in case you are interested ;)


PS - I have a question... do probiotics die when you stir your yogurt???

Pounds to loose: 18(-6) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 2

Monday, July 26, 2010

First comes the running...

Running: 45minutes (6.06km)
Calories: 623

First... I am reading "Sh*t My Dad Says" and as expected it is hilarious!
<--- I posted a link to the book check it out! It's a collection of short stories, so there is NO heavy reading involved.

Now on to the run. I ran today...

35 minutes of running
6 minutes of 1 minute walking/1 minute running
4 minutes of walking

It felt AWESOME! I love Monday work-outs, because i have been storing energy all weekend! My muscles have fully recovered from the week before and I have spent over 48 hours at home so I am feeling a little nutty. I can't wait to get on the treadmill and run away from all my frustrations (see previous post). I was surprised how quickly the time went by.

I am nervous about tonight and my first EVER BOOT CAMP (remember the big ECHO voice). I am pretty fit (under all the excess baggage) and I know how to push myself... mainly because I am competitive and HATE being last. I like to be at the front of the pack. I am going to eat dinner when I get home (before CAMP) and than I am off. I picked up two 7lbs weights (as recommended) and have a YOGA mat ready to go.

I am all set.

If you did read today's FIRST blog you know I got something new to play with...

Water Bobble... It's very cool and will hopefully stop the build up of water bottles in my car. I know they kill the environment, but they are easier to grab and go. Anyways this is my effort to save the environment, keep hydrated and keep my car from over flowing with water bottle causalities.

While we're showing off equipment check out the rest of my gear...

Can you tell I love pink?? (not pictured is my PINK yoga mat :)

I think I need NEW shoes...

That's it for today.

I will post tomorrow morning the pain I suffered in the effort to get fit.


Pounds to loose: 22(-3) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 2

Happy Monday... not really!

Week 3... Day One as the running schedule goes, but really it is DAY ONE of BOOT CAMP (that should be said with a BIG voice and a lot of echo!)

I think I need it... I gained 4pounds while I slept last night. Seems unrealistic, but I shit you not... I tucked myself in at an exciting 18 pounds remaining (-7) and woke up at a whopping 22 pounds to loose (-3). I must have sleep walked to the kitchen and MOWED down on ALL the junk I could find. How else do you explain it??

The weekend was good. I managed to get out for a run Thursday night, but not Friday or Saturday because of weather and honestly, on Sunday I was in NO mood. I am NOT your standard girlie girl who jumps up and down and screams when she sees her friends, I don't care much about make-up or hair (I am a natural beauty), I don't make a big fuss over babies and I DON'T LIKE BRIDAL SHOWERS! I think it is all a scam - yup, I said it. Bridal Showers are a SCAM.

Now i realize that it wasn't MY bridal shower so I did put on the frilly outfit, buy the BIG present and fain excitement, but 3 in 2 weeks?? Are you kidding? It is the summer - MY weekends are MY TIME and Sunday was the perfect riding day; in fact, ALL of the men went riding while all the crazy women played party games. Which brings me to my conclusion... Why do boys get to have MORE fun?? What benefit is there to being a woman??? Yes, we create life HUGE benefit, but beyond that, what is the perk? The cramping, the bloating, the mood swings??? How about trying to cram into stupid little outfits or being proclaimed the weaker sex? Do we benefit in the work world any better? No. We gain weight easier and find it harder to loose. We're expected to multi task all the time. There are more physical expectation on women and on top of ALL that we are forced to attend stupid little parties with stupid little, crusts cut off, sandwiches! (and NO I didn't indulge so that isn't where the extra 4 pounds came from).

Whewf! Sorry things got away from me there. I just hate all the hoopla. I propositioned Richard with an elopement in Hawaii... all the benefits - none of the fuss and he said 'No, I want a big wedding and I think YOU will regret not having one'. Right, I will regret NOT fighting with my mother-in-law to be over table linens. I will regret NOT going into debt so our friends can drink for free. I will regret NOT having to choose between my BEST friends for Maid of Honor. I will regret NOT starving myself for weeks to fit into a stupid dress that took weeks to find and cost more than my car. I will regret NOT picking out flowers, centre pieces and name tags. And of course I will regret NOT going to ALL my showers, because we know how MUCH I will LOVE that! Isn't the wedding all about the bride - ie. ME? And wouldn't most men be thrilled to NOT spend the money and still get the honeymoon?

Wait - I have to stop there. I am not engaged. No, you didn't miss a BIG milestone in my life... I just got all wrapped up in the wedding talk from the weekend. Maybe I did scare Richard when I came home clearly pissed off at the world and starting making wedding demands.

Let's get back on track with the fitness-esque stuff. I just needed to get a few things off my chest. Thank you.

I am running today at lunch (as the schedule insists) and heading to BOOT CAMP tonight, we'll see how tired I am tomorrow on whether I double up like that again. I need to do something, but I don't want to kill myself over it. I need to make it realistic so after I do loose all the weight it is a lifestyle I can maintain.

I have pictures and I bought a NEW toy... actaully Richard bought it for me, but it is VERY cool and I will share it with you in my next post.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Bad is never good until things get worse...

Running: 40minutes (32minute run, 6minutes run/walk, 2 minute walk)
Calories: 582

My headline DOES make sense... in fact, I thought long and hard about it (I have a 2hour commute... I have the time). The idea sprang from my weigh in and measure this morning. First, I am down the 2pounds this week, that Loseit! promised... which is so motivating! I also measured and lost 2 inches... also VERY motivating. I did my Body Fat % and hated what it said and don't think I will be measuring like that anymore... I just don't think it makes sense; anyways that rant is for another blog.

So the headline... I thought about it because 2 years ago when I hit the same weight (on the weigh up) I was devastated. I remember it well. I was on crazy medications and in and out of the hospital. I was struggling to adjust to my new ailments and didn't feel much like myself. Everyday I hopped on the scale hoping for a change (lower) and everyday I was disappointed. Granted, I wasn't doing anything to promote weight loss, but I was hoping something was on my side. I remember hitting today's weight and being so upset, because it was the heaviest I had ever been. I felt alone and confused... how did I let me life get to this point??? And even worse how did I gain another 25pounds before finally doing something about it (and getting a proper diagnosis).

So that brings me to today... I am SO excited to be where I am and I couldn't be prouder of myself for loosing 25pounds. I can't wait for next week and weeks to follow to loose even more. I can't imagine how those days will feel, but I know I will have the same thought.

Just wanted to point out that bad isn't really THAT bad until things get worse, so appreciate what you have and where you are, because it always could get worse.


Pounds to loose: 20(-4) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 2 (yay)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Helpful weight loss rumors that confuse me!

So I have been thinking... I hear (and read) a lot of weird things when it comes to getting healthy. I don't know what to believe as some advice contradicts other advice and if you follow ALL the rules you are forced to break others. I thought I would share all my little pieces of knowledge... I don't know which are true and which are not. Some may even be a trend that came and went. I thought I would share, because some are JUST silly, but I catch myself doing them ALL the time.

I don't want to miss out on the secret of weight loss, but I am exhausted following all the rules!

Let me know which rules you know of (fact or fiction) and anymore you might have....

The LIST...
1. When drinking water swish it around your mouth before swallowing. The enzymes in saliva help break down food.

2. Never drink with a meal

3. Take a sip of water between each bite (huh?!)

4. Drink a bottle of water 30minutes after eating to help digestion

5. Eating Pineapple after steak breaks down the meat and fats faster

6. Drink Chocolate milk after working out, it replenishes all the energy (and stuff) lost during a work out better than anything else

7. CLA will help you loose belly fat

8. Always rub your face with a dry towel (or clothe) after touching it to prevent the oils from your hand clogging your pore (not weight-loss related, but weird health advice)

9. A cob salad has MORE calories than a burger

10. You should eat 5 small meals a day

11. Don’t eat after 7pm

12. Working out in the morning on an empty stomach burns MORE fat

13. Working out heavily without eating enough protein is worse than not working out at all… because your muscle look for fuel and smaller muscles are more satisfying than fat.

14. Interval running burns more calories (what are intervals???)

15. Sweet potato fries are good for you

16. Drinking HOT liquids burns calories as your body works to cool them down (and vice versa with cold liquids)

17. Green Tea helps you loose weight

18. Cravings are your body telling you what you need

19. If you’re craving sweets eating a dill pickle will stop the craving without all the calories

20. You burn more calories sleeping than laying down watching TV

21. Making love burns even less

22. Women gain (on average) 15 pounds at the start of a new relationship

23. You should NOT wash your hair daily (another random health tip)

24. Apples are better at waking up in the morning than coffee

25. You need to do a ‘cleanse’ at least once a year

26. Women should be taking a gender specific multi vitamin everyday

27. Multi Vitamins in solid tablet form don’t work… they are too hard for your body to break down and get all the nutrients from. Gel Capsules are best.

28. Milk is bad for you

29. Yogurt is not

30. Soy is bad for you

31. Women should not drink water from plastic bottles. Especially if they sat over night… the heat from the car melts the plastic and chemicals are released into the water.

32. Your thyroid controls EVERYTHING in your body and a dysfunctional one can explain anything that ails you… including weight gain.

33. Working out and not working your legs is NOT working out. Your ‘thigh’ muscle is the biggest in your body and burns the most calories…

34. Women you have more of a wiggle while they walk are LESS fertile.

35. You should be consume one gram of protein for every 2 pounds you weigh – excess protein is good and does note convert to fat

36. You need to eat after a workout (within 30minutes).

37. Celery has negative calories because it takes more energy to digest it, than it contains.

38. You need to rest 24hours between work-outs

39. You need to fit in 5 cardio sessions and 3 strength training sessions a week to successfully loose weight

40. When measures yourself you should always suck-in and pull the tape measure tight for accurate results

41. The rate you loose the weight is the same rate you will gain it back, that is why loosing weigh quickly is not recommended.

42. Being Dehydrated makes you GAIN weight

43. The average woman gains 3 – 5 pounds during their period

44. Exercise can reduce headaches and alleviate pain because of magical endorphins.

45. Drinking Hot water with Cinnamon and Honey before bed will help you loose weight, by breaking down food as you sleep.

46. Cinnamon is more addictive than caffeine.

47. Adding spice (especially hot peppers) to any meal will burn MORE calories, because it raise your overall body temperature.

48. Butter is better for you than margarine, because it contains natural ingredients NOT chemicals.

I can't think of anymore right now, but I will add them as they come to me.

If anyone can shed some light on any of these I would appreciate it. 


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The dreaded DOUBLE day...

MUSCLE UP: 45minutes
Calories: 548

My BACK HURTS! I mean I worked so hard and pushed myself that my muscles are in a painful recovery. I like this kind of pain, but its odd the things I am uncomfortable doing like... sitting. Yes, sitting is stretching me out - even slouching doesn't feel good. Typing (yet, I do it for you)... the movement and position of my arms feels comfortable... but enough whining.

Today's class was great... we did a lot of new exercises and I feel like I am keeping up with everything. The first few times I did the class I had to stop and 'shake it out'. I am hoping all this prep work will get me ready for BOOT CAMP! Which starts in 5 days... ahhh! Check out the video... it looks intense and FUN!

I am suppose to run tonight, but it is calling for Thunder Storms... I may resort to running Thursday night.

I need to go eat protein and relax.


Pounds to loose: 21(-3) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 0

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 2... CHECK!

Spinning: 45minutes
Calories: 739

Yup! I spun and I have to tell you the satisfaction of checking it off the list is GREAT! I actually have a schedule. Everytime I finish a workout I put a big pink checkmark on it... it feels good. I also write it on my BIG desk calendar so I can look back later and see where I was, also VERY rewarding! I write my weight, what I did and if I took the stairs (ps - yes I did... 7days in a row!) I feel better today. I stepped on the scale and got happy news (see below). I don't typically celebrate until Friday, but I am working hard AND eating well. Although with Richard back at work lunches are getting harder to pull together for the WHOLE week. It's Tuesday and we're out of supplies! And I don't even need lunch on Thursday... I have a lunch date...with Allegra.

Meals this week... (or at least today and yesterday)


Cup of Life Brand cinnamon cereal with 1/3 cup of 1% milk


Pumpernickel bun with Oven Roasted Turkey, Cheese, lettuce and mustard.


Not up to me... remember, I live with parents.

Snacks (the best part of the day)

Fresh Strawberries, sliced with raspberries (about a cup)
Fresh Pineapple chunks with grapes (about a cup)
Baby Carrots (10)
Activia Rasp. Yogurt
Garlic and Parm Triscuit (10)

Grand Total (without dinner) - 958 calories

Its all packed and ready to be quickly grabbed in the very early AM... except with making Richard's lunch too... its gone. I will have to buy more tonight for the rest of the week.

That's it.


Pounds to loose: 21(-3) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 0

Monday, July 19, 2010

WEEK TWO - day one...

Running: 40minutes (32minutes running: 6minutes run/walk: 2minutes walking) - 5.61km
ABS class: 15minutes
Calories: 694

Week two and I am still at it - GO ME! I finished week one (almost) on a high note. I still felt good at the end of it. I didn't do my last run, only because of weather. I don't have a treadmill at home and it was HOT (and then) rainy.

BUT I did run today. It was a solid run and it felt good. I need to count to keep my mind from wandering. I search for drama to think about (aka over analyze and get angry). It never helps. My mind also wanders to other people... where they are, what they're doing, who they're with... etc. It can be anyone from friends to co-workers, ex's to randoms - it gets very interesting, as I am creative minded and can't turn it off.

I will NOT be starting BOOT CAMP tonight. I confused the dates... it will be next Monday. I just need to pick up my weighs and I am ready to go. I am hoping by next week to be another 2 pounds down... so BOOT CAMP is actual loss from attempt number one (not just attempt number two).

I think I need the gym to sleep well at night and to get over what ever crummy behaviour is bothering me. Usually a family related frustration --- do you ever just RUN OUT of patience?? Or is it JUST me? I can't handle the constant doubt and misunderstandings. I find it hard to handle people who need to be in control, but can't even control their own lives. I have no problem taking advice from some one who is happy with their life, but if you can't handle you're own... stay the hell out of mine... you know? I guess you get what you give and I was the stupid monkey that though moving in with my boyfriends parents was a BRILLIANT idea.

To summarize... I may not be right for you, but I am PERFECT for him. (can you figure out what I thought about this run?!?!?)

I also went to an ABS class, which was taught by my least favorite person at the gym. Granted she is nice enough, but nice doesn't help me gain muscle. I want an angry person to scream at me. I also, on the same principle as above, don't like to take advice from someone who is in worse shape than I am.

OK... I am getting worked up again. I need to stop writing, stop thinking and start counting... the days until I get to buy a house and move on with my life.


Pounds to loose: 22 - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.1% - Inches Lost: 0

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 6...

Running: 33:11minutes (4.67km)
Calories: 480

Look at me!! Even on the weekends I am blogging and running. I am really dedicated this time around. I went for a run this morning. It went well, but I ran slow. I knew wasn't pacing where I normally do, but that's ok at least I was out on the pavement. The weather is hot, again. I try to stay in the shade and actually made a game out of running from tree to tree... it helps pass the time, because I find myself getting bored all the time.

I am headed to a party tonight. I have explained I am not going to drink, but I doubt that will fly. It's a bachelorette. We'll see how I feel about running on Sunday morning.

As a follow up... I didn't run on Friday. I napped with Richard and went to visit friends. It was a good day and I don't feel guilty, because I ran today... Saturday is my rest day.

That's it.

Short and sweet.


PS - Congrats to Richard... he is going BACK to work. Woo! I am also starting BOOT CAMP on Monday. Busy week next week.

**No weighing or measurements on the weekends!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 5...

...which appears to be a rest day. I was scheduled to run (and still might) but with the pending thunderstorm and the surprising amount of work I have to do it may not happen.

However, today I did officially weigh-in and measure; to be honest today was the FIRST time I measured for cycle 2. So... I haven't lost any inches and if I have i don't know.

Good News - I am down 2 pounds! Thank goodness... it feels all worth it and that I may GET to my GOAL this time.

I have spent SO much time trying to get fit, it feels like an impossible task. I want SO badly to NOT be the fat girl at every party. I want to feel cute, pretty and accepted with my skinny friends (they love me, but I struggle being out of shape). I just want it to work this time...

This weekend will be a true test of will... I am attending a bachelorette AND a baby shower - No, they are not the same event, but both promise ridiculous amounts of food and alcohol. I haven't broken it to the ladies yet -- that I am off booze for a few weeks, while I get back on track. Should be an interesting bachelorette. I also haven't told the party planners I am NOT staying over, because I am NOT drinking and can make it home to my very comfy bed (and Richard). Although its not a typical bachelorette... its Richard's Aunts second wedding. I don't want to blow it off, but second weddings aren't always a BIG deal. I don't know... clearly I am unfamiliar with the etiquette.

It doesn't help the fact that I want to be going to Ohio for the Motorcycle races (and so does Richard) but can't because of these parties... (I am making a VERY childish pouty face).

I am also distracted... my girlfriend (and bachelorette buffer) is sick; not like a cold... like a in the hospital sick and I would rather be with her...

Ok... rambled enough.

See below for my summary of losses :)


Pounds to loose: 22 - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.1% - Inches Lost: 0

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Spinning: 45minutes
ABS: 10minutes
Calories: 860

Whewf! I seem to be saying that a lot this week... I am just SO glad things are happening and I am always pumped to go, but I get there and I am TIRED. My poor old body.

Today I SPUN... I haven't spun on a Thursday in a long time and didn't know which instructor to expect. It was Erin... not little scary Erin, big tall scary Erin. She has a unique teaching style that I don't prefer. She works on the honor system. Instead of directing you when to turn it up (increase tension) and by how much. She just constantly asks... 'can you feel it?!' To which I want to yell... 'It's my body I can feel it!' Now I am NOT angelic. I have NEVER claimed to be. You tell me I get to decide??? Why are you even there? I need to be pushed especially four days in!

Good news for me... I was feeling PUSHY today and still managed to get a great work-out in. I then ventured into Angela's ABS class... I love her. She is British and everything sounds nicer, even when you're in PAIN!

That's it... I am hungry and its time to EAT!

Tomorrow is OFFICIAL weigh in and measure... wish me luck.

And in case you're wondering... YES I did take the stairs AGAIN this morning.


Pounds to loose: 22 - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.1% - Inches Lost: 0

Day 3... PART TWO

Running: 35minutes (4.77km)
Calories: 490

 Yup, yesterday had a PART TWO followed by a good nights sleep... finally! Looking at my running schedule I have to run 4 days a week, but I need to get in strength training... so Wednesdays are double. I am OK with that for DOUBLE the results (how naive am I??)

So last night... I got home early (traffic was very co-operative). I had time to make my lunch, chit-chat with the boys and check out pictures from our trip (sent from NY by our 4th party)... then it was time. The weather had cooled off to 26 degrees... (ew!) but I am DONE making excuses. I got changed and hit the road running... literally. And let me tell you I was running faster than the wind!!! How do I know? A lot of the flowers and trees in my area our seeding so there are floaty things everywhere and I ran faster than them, thus I run faster than the wind... although my pace was a lot slower than Monday (compare the kms) I think that is irrelevant... faster than the wind!

Last nights run felt good... I didn't struggle to keep pace and my songs were ideal (new running play list).

I got home stretched on the stoop and headed in for a relaxing HOT shower. An hour later I was tucked into bed and happy about it.

Today I am spinning... the dreaded ERIN class... wish me luck!


Pounds to loose: 22 - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.1% - Inches Lost: 0

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 3... whewf.

MUSCLE UP: 45minutes
Calories: 388

Day Three... I was eager to get to the gym today. Not because I couldn't wait for the pain of MUSCLE UP, but because I am BORED at work. The summer is always slow... normally (or in my past existence) I would eat, snack and indulge my way through the long days, not anymore. I stare at the computer BEGGING for it to provide entertainment (it never does).

So I went to the gym... great class. I am in pain and can't lift my arms, but that is because of how hard I work. I can't wait till next week. I really feel adding the strength classes (ABS, MUSCLE UP, BOOT CAMP) will help my overall health. I can't JUST do cardio ALL the time.

Although I not done for the day... the schedule dictates I MUST run today at sometime... 30 minutes. Hopefully the storm holds off and I can get a run in after work.

If you're wondering... YES I did the stairs this morning. I forget every morning until I walk in the hallway and see the dreaded stairs and think 'oh yea, I have to conquer those' with my arms FULL of stuff.

Last night... was AWESOME. I had such a great time with Richard. He is such a GEM. I parked at the theatre and walked to Union Station (15minutes) to meet him. He looked yummy all dressed up for our date and his dreary expressed lifted 10 fold when he finally saw me. I love the way he looks at me (I can only hope I look at me like that one day). We went for a nice (and healthy dinner) at Jack Astor's. At least I think it was healthy... I hate when restaurants DON'T post their nutritional values anywhere. I mean, I am going to eat what I want, but I would like to know where I fit in the grand scheme of things.

We had 'Shanghai Lettuce Wraps' for appetizers; which was completely yummy and WAY better the typical garlic bread. Richard had a bacon cheese burger (he doesn't have to watch his girlish figure) and I have the Asian Chicken Salad... with Napa Cabbage, mandarin oranges, grilled chicken breast and a vinaigrette dressing. It was awesome. We splurged on dessert... I am weak! I have a few bites of a Berry Macadamia Nut Cookie with ice cream (something like below) - YUM!

And then we walked to the theatre. The play was incredible. Kept us laughing and singing along with the 80s classics. Richard even enjoyed it. They have a LIVE rock band for all the music and the girls were wearing basically NOTHING.

We got home around midnight and I am exhausted, but it was nice to have a date, just the two of us.

I am stifling a yawn as we speak!!


Pounds to loose: 23 - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0% - Inches Lost: 0

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day TWO... and I am still GUNG-HO!

Spinning: 45minutes (... of INTENSE cardio)
Calories: 739 (ish... I think I worked harder!)

Whewf!! I am glad it is over! I mean I am GLAD it happen, but I am even more glad it is over. I am motivated and excited to get to the gym... I feel relaxed and energized afterwards, but in the middle... the part while I am sweating my face off, that's the part I don't COMPLETELY enjoy.

Kerrie was on her GAME today. (You can tell I am excited or wound-up when A LOT of things are capitalized!) She attended the Lady Gaga concert last night in Toronto and let's just I have NOW heard enough Gaga for the day and I like Gaga, but I have never had such an intense track mix of ONE artist. Kerrie even referred to us as 'her sweaty little monsters' it was too funny.

I skipped ABS today, because ONE they still hurt from yesterday and TWO I have a date tonight (yay!) and needed to use ABS time to shower. I am all fresh and clean AND even wearing make-up... The air pressure in the room just shifted with all the GASPS! Yes, I wear make-up, but only for VERY special occasions. Richard is coming to Toronto and we're going to the thee-ATE-are (must be said with snobby British accent).

I love anything (and everything) live! We're going to see Rock of Ages and I have heard it is fantastic. I am sure you will hear about it tomorrow... if I am awake enough to hit the gym... YAWN!

Side note... why do I feel EVERYONE is trying to sabotage me?!?! Has anyone else ever felt like this?

Case in point #1 - Lunch dates, everyone wants to go on a lunch date. This is great, except I go to the gym at lunch and honestly love it. Yet when someone wants to go to lunch I get a puss face when I explain I will be at the gym. Like I have ruined their entire week by declining... and trust me guilt works on me. Only now (in round 2) am I putting my foot down and turning down offers... heck, I am turning down offers all over the place.

Case in point #2 - Dinner (all things focus around food) I live with a family - not my family. This family is close knit and loving. They do EVERYTHING together and you guessed it... family dinner is EVERY night and I am expected to attend. Don't get me wrong I enjoy family dinner AT dinner time. This family dinner is often after 10pm (and past my bedtime). Which means I snack all evening, because I can't eat before... that is considered rude AND I can't make my own (before you consider me a brat) the Mother of the house enjoys having things her way and makes it VERY difficult to infiltrate the kitchen let alone prepare a meal. I will get back to snacking. Then at 10:30 dinner is served and it is FULL of fat and typically not in my calorie budget so I eat a bowl of cereal and take part in conversation, but the looks I get when I decline the home cooked meal are intense... the guilt I feel when I want to go to bed early and attempt to eat my bowl of cereal early. The worst part is EVERYBODY at the table knows I am trying to get fit. I also don't think its good to eat that late... but what do I know!

Case in point #3 - Snacking. I live in a house with a family. All in the family are attempting to get fit YET the cupboards are STOCKED with cookies, crackers and chocolate... I find it SO difficult to be near the kitchen without snacking, that I spend most of my time UP stairs which is considered rude. Snacking also happen innocently enough when my MANfriend (boyfriend seems SO high school and he is OK with being my MAN friend... one (small) step closer to commitment, ladies) open his warm, squishy heart and brings enough snacks for both of us upstairs. He has the best intentions I am sure, but I don't want an ice cream cone at 11pm (well I do, but the diet doesn't). I try to turn him down, but the ice cream is already here and the thought is very sweet that I EAT it! And I like it... and then... down hill...

Does anyone else fight this battle?!? Help me, NOT help myself... please.

That's it for today... tomorrow is MUSCLE UP and a running in the evening.

Check out below for my stats.


Pounds to loose: 23 - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0% - Inches Lost: 0