A Day in the Life.

A day in the life; Circa 2017

5:55a – I hear the shower running and know Richard is on the move.  Argh.
6:03a – Richard is dressed turning on lights, trying to rally the boys.
6:10a – My alarm rings and I roll out of bed, bathroom, make-up, clothing
6:12a – Richard storms past, Thomas yells, ‘I can dress myself’. Poor Richard.
6:15a – A naked Thomas dances through the room telling me about his Hot Wheels.
6:17a – We’re all up in Zachary’s room trying to stop the screaming. Zachary hates being woken up.
6:23a – Everyone is dressed and on our way downstairs.
6:25a – Zachary is strapped into his seat with breakfast waiting for him (Thank you Richard).
6:26a – Richard asks Thomas for the 10th time to sit down and eat his breakfast. Thomas yells, ‘One Minute, Dad’.
6:27a – I pack my lunch and make my breakfast smoothie
6:34a – Clean Zachary and grab his bottle for a quick snuggle.
6:34a – wrestle to get Zachary to snuggle for a quick bottle.
6:36a – No bottle.
6:40a – Rally the team to get their gear on and get ready to go.
6:42a – Zachary now wants the bottle, but can’t figure out how to get the milk out while standing.
6:46a – Thomas refuses to get his gear on, because he’s not done his breakfast. Argh.
6:47a – Richard gives up on us and loads the car.
6:50a – Everyone is in the front hall trying to get ready when Thomas remembers he didn’t wash his hands and needs to promptly go to the bathroom.
6:51a – We start the race to see who can get dressed first. Hint: It has to be Thomas or it ruins his entire day.
6:55a – Another race to the car, again Thomas is the winner. Yay!
6:58a – All the boys have been kissed and dismissed.
7:01a – I am in the car with 2 bottles of water, a smoothie and most days a tea. It’s a 20-minute drive and everything will be empty by the end.
7:21a – back into my parking spot.
7:22a – back into my parking spot.
7:23a – Argh. Back into my parking spot.
7:25a – fuck it.
7:30a – Unlock the door, turn on the lights and fill my water bottles.
8:01a – Turn off the answering service.
5:01p – Turn on the answering service.
5:02p – In the car, pulling out of my parking spot, my phone rings and it is some angelic voice from my support team asking about my day.
5:26p – Pull into Holly’s driveway and prep for impact, unlock Thomas’s door and prop it open.
5:28p – Ring the door bell and listen for the screams bad day or squeals good day.
5:29p – the Door opens and Thomas yells, ‘Mummy I had a (blank) day’ Good is followed by a high five, bad is followed by more questions. His excitement to tell me about his day doesn’t waiver good or bad.
5:31p – My knees get sore from squatting for Thomas and I stand up to the awaiting arms of sweet Zac Attack who patiently waits his turn and listens while Thomas tells Mummy about his day, knowing his turn is coming.
5:34p- I am snuggling Zac getting a recap from Holly while Thomas runs to the car with chocolate in his hands.
5:44p – I struggle to carry Zachary and two bags out to the car while Thomas screams ‘I’m going to win!’
5:50p – We’re finally on our way and the chitter chatter continues the entire way home.
6:15p – Home to see Daddy with dinner ready to go. I whip up a shake and overload the boys on veggies while Richard argues with Thomas to eat.
6:45p – Zac and I say good night and head up stairs for cuddles (the best)
6:51p – Zac is naked and making a run for it as I chase him with a diaper and jammies
7:05p – Diapers, dressed and snuggled in with a bottle Zac and I watch a movie on my phone. Sing is the current favourite.
7:15p – I head ‘Thomas stay downstairs’, ‘Thomas Zachary is sleeping’ and then the footsteps of a curious big brother and then the thunder of Daddy trying to catch him before he gets Zac riled up.
7:30p – I carry a droopy baby to bed and tuck him in with his Pooh bear.
7:35p – I put a load of laundry in on my way to collect Thing 1
7:45p – A naked Thomas is marching around his room refusing to put jammies on, because it is not time for bed.
7:50p – A disgruntled Thomas is washed, brushed, dressed and snuggled in bed with a Appisode (thank you Disney).
8:11p – I make an escape.
8:12p – I head ‘Mummy!’ from down the hall and hustle back to Thomas before he wakes a finally sleeping Zac.
8:20p – It’s Daddy’s turn to quiet the boy.
8:30p – It’s all quiet and I am snuggled in with Richard and my laptop, finalizing the details of Howards (boss #2) day.
10:00p – I am tucked in to bed, typically fiddling with my phone or ipad.
11:00pm – I am finally asleep.

Melanie circa 2015.

Things have changed dramatically in this day of this life. I recently jumped ship on the whole commuting to Toronto BS, joined the gym and my little nugget started sleeping straight through till morning. What a difference a couple months makes. I thought it was time to revise. And also, I am procrastinating. I have a beefy post, with hyperlinks and pictures, drawings and quotes, but it’s not ready and I don’t want to stare at it anymore. So I thought I would update the REST of my blog. We’re up to 17 daily reads; this is the big time people.

5:14a – My first alarm goes off, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I get up. (Thursdays I get to snooze once and Fridays… geez, Fridays I’m not even coherent until 6:30).

5:16a – hustle around in the dark for my meds (one pill daily for my thyroid) and my water bottle.

5:18a – Shuffle into the bathroom, where my gym clothes are laid out and ready for me (thank you night time Melanie).

5:21a – Shimmy into my uber snug sports bra, curse the thing. Check the mirror and head to the stairs

*yes my mornings include a hustle, shuffle and a shimmy.

5:24a – in the kitchen, top up my water bottle and grab a snack; typically a piece of fruit, this morning was an Oreo. I just need something in my belly before I work out.

5:31a – Fire up the Hyundai Bullet, crank the heat and buckle in.

5:45a – Pull into the Mall parking lot (my gym is upstairs), laugh at all the gym go-ers (which is a lot  for 5:45a) that drive around looking for the best/closest spot so they can go to the gym and run on the treadmill #logic

5:50a – 6:35a – Every morning is different, but I am at the gym #workingonmyfitness, you’ll have to read the blog for the details.

6:40a – Gear up for the cold (this should be changing soon, please). Wave bye to Vanessa (my work out buddy) and head to the car.

6:47a – Pull into the driveway, see my dear husband in the window eating Eggo’s. He is a creature of habit.

*13 minutes of chit chat with the man

7:00a – Crack the door on Thomas’s bedroom, because the little chatter bug is singing to himself. And typically practising all of his new words… this morning was “Mummy, Please, Daddy, Please, Mum, Please”. Apparently our politeness is embedded in his core.

7:10a – Have our morning discussion.
Me: Thomas do you want to get up now?
Thomas: No
Me: Are you going to stay in bed all bed?
Thomas: Uh-huh
Me: Do you want to get dressed?
Thomas: No
Me: Do you want to go see Daddy?
Thomas: No
Me: What do you want to do?
Thomas: Book. Blanket. Sucky.
Me: Ok

7:13a – Leave Thomas reading, under the covers and hit the showers.

7:18a – (no time to dwaddle) wrapped in a huge towel, I get the little nugget up (this is usually a battle) and dressed and call Daddy for the hand-off.

7:23a – Try and do something with my hair.

7:26a – Give up.

7:27a – Head downstairs for breakfast, usually I am dressed and 9 times out of 10 I am presentable.

7:31a – Pack my lunch and gargle my ‘green’ shake, it’s gross but full of the good stuff.

7:36a – Fall on to the couch for cuddles with Thomas.

7:42a – Head out to work.

7:50a - I am AT work. Yes.

8a – 1:30p – Work, with ‘walking breaks’ every 40minutes. I have a timer that beeps every 40minutes; at that point I take a lap around the office, about 300 steps.

1:35p – Get home in time for Austin & Ally.

2:20p – Back to work after a hot lunch and sometimes a nap (those are the best days).

2:30-5p – Work, my walking breaks don’t usually make it into the afternoon. My work day entails a lot of data entry and formatting. Occasionally an email with Katl or the Mommies, just occasionally.

5:04p – In the car on my way to pick Thomas up from Daycare; usually on the phone with a parent. I am not choosey, whichever is available. If no parent is available, then I listen to Kiss 92.5, because Blake and Wilde are hilarious (some loyalties never waiver).

5:18p – Arrive at Holly’s, knock and watch as Thomas squeals for the door, but doesn’t come to the door.

5:20p – Get the rundown of Thomas’s day and start to try to lure him to the door. He is smart, and won’t get too close, because he doesn’t want to leave.

5:36p – Load Thomas in his carseat (yes, it takes that long).

5:40p – Hear all about his day, open the sun roof a dozen times and feed him a snack.

5:47p – Arrive home, Richard is (still) in the kitchen making dinner, we’ve got a great system; when I am not napping on lunch, I do the dinner prep. That way he can come home, read my note and get dinner finished in time for us to arrive home. He even cleans as he does it. #besthusband

6:20p – Wash off the boy and put the dishes away.

6:30p – Play. We just play in the evenings; it might mean blocks or books, guitar or colouring.

6:47p – Thomas climbs the stairs and proclaims ‘Nap.’ This is our cue to get him ready for bed.

7:17p – After a bath, massage and book, Thomas is snuggled in my arms watching Donald Duck cartoons until he finishes his bottle. Then it is off to bed.

7:24p – With empty bottle, monitor and phone in hand I truck down the stairs and collapse on the couch with Richard. We snuggle and watch mindless TV until I can’t keep my eyes open.

8:32p – I am going to bed.

10p – I am sound asleep wrapped in warm cocoon of contentment.

What a change from my previous post… no more I am more relaxed and happier in my day to day! The only change coming is the addition of a personal trainer in the evenings… this body is running out of time to be summer ready. 

Melanie circa 2014
4:17a – Thomas starts to squawk. I grumble about wanting to stay in my nice warm bed, attempt to wake my husband (which always fails or succeeds and he doesn’t let on). Then I grab a bottle of water, my big fuzzy blanket and go in search of my little squawker. He is always awake and looking for an escape. We snuggle in the big brown chair while he gets a drink. I normally doze off.

4:23a – After a pee break, I am back in bed. Thomas is back in bed.

4:35a – I am finally asleep after stressing over my low sleep numbers.

5:25a – Alarm number 1 goes off. I mumble an apology to Richard, hit snooze and fall back into bed.

5:32a – Alarm number 2 goes off. I curse and roll out of bed. Already thinking about how triumphant my return to bed will be that evening.

5:45a – I am dressed, fluffed and straightened. Downstairs I pack my lunch (premade from the night before) and throw a bunch of healthy stuff in a blender for breakfast.

5:58a – I am in the car and pulling out on to Fairview.

6:35a – I am standing on the platform at the Kipling Subway station. My legs are aching after all of the stairs, I have a metro in hand and I am cursing the late subway train.

6:42a – Successfully finish the daily Sudoku

6:58a – I am pounding the stairs at Sherbourne station to the BIG SMOKE.

7:11a – (which varies depending on the subway schedule) I am signing into my computer at work.

7:17a – I have changed my shoes and filled my water bottle.

7:42a – I am done updating my blog and am waiting for the reports to run.

8:03a – Dave arrives and we swap stories of department shenanigans or I apologize for the previous days sass.

8:17a – I am still apologizing.

8:45a – I am on the phone with a frantic sales rep.

9:18a – I am on the phone with a listener trying to figure out ‘that commercial with the voice’.

9:54a – I’m in the voice booth running Starbucks 10s, but doing more watercooler talk than voice work.

10:15a – Snack time. Cashews at my desk while I browse Facebook.

10:20a – Email Kat something funny I heard about Cats.

11a – Work through the pile of papers on the desk.

12p – Lunch break. Sandwich at my desk, while I research a new client.

1:58p – Delete the 13th script, because I can’t quite figure out how to connect the baby rattle with the pepperoni sandwich.

2:03p – Email Kat about Pepperoni Sandwiches and Winston Chruchill quotes.

2:07p – Check Facebook and message the Mums about silliness.

2:13p – Schedule the remaining contracts for tomorrow.

2:26p – Sass the boys in my office.

2:48p – Make the 8th revision to Honda.

2:51p – Pee Break.

2:57p – Fill my water bottle, load my Tupperware and change my shoes.

2:59p – Log off and make a run for it!

3:12p – Hang out on the Subway platform at Yonge and Bloor, have an internal dialogue about the 
silly slow people, the weird young people and… what is she wearing? Replay the minutes of the day in my head.

3:38p – Walk to the front of the train and wait in the a field steps from Kipling Station, growl about the same delay EVERY. DAY.

3:45p – Get off the Subway and head for the stairs.

3:51p – Find my car, drop the windows, flick on the radio and pull into traffic.

3:59p – Get on the QEW.

4:01p – Stop moving on the QEW.

4:17p – Plug in my headset and call people. Someone needs to distract me from the traffic.

4:19p – Stop.

4:21p – Go.

4:22p – Stop.

4:25p – Go.

4:34p – Zip off the highway and into normal suburbia traffic.

4:48p – Knock on Holly’s door and make silly faces as Thomas races down the hall.

4:49p – Get my first hug of the day and steal a sweet smooch.

4:50p – Get caught up on my sons day, how many naps and how many poops.

4:55p – Get caught up on Holly’s day/weekend.

5:01p – Strap Thomas into the backseat and head home.

5:04p – Traffic.

5:06p – Convince Thomas we’re almost home. Cry a little with him.

5:17p – APPLEBY!

5:21p – Undo his belt and pull Thomas onto my lap, where he plays with all the gadgets.

5:23p – Walk hand in hand to the door, stopping to look at every leaf, pebble and bug.

5:32p – Unload everything on the kitchen floor, Thomas included. Load up the snack bowl and juice cup.

5:40p – Thomas hops into the high chair and starts working on his dinner while I make our dinner.

5:45p – Richard gets home, smooches Thomas and me, pulls a stool up to the island and tells me about his day while dinner cooks.

6:02p – Thomas is released from the chair and joins us in the living room for our dinner and his ‘second dinner’. He regales us with stories of Daycare, climbs on the table and dances while we eat.

6:23p – Richard clears our plates and leaves Thomas and us to play. We sing, we watch Peg+Cat and build lego towers, jump in the ball pit and race the cars.

6:40p – With bottle in tow we head upstairs, Thomas helps me run the bath and practices walking up and down the hall being chased by first Mummy, than Daddy. We jump on the bed and ride in the laundry basket.

6:43p – Drop a load into the laundry.

6:53p – Thomas climbs into the tub, he blows bubbles, splashes and plays with his toys until he pulls the plug. I scoop him up.

6:57p – We brush his teeth, lotion and powder his bottom, wrap up in PJs and grab the blanket. He walk hand in hand to the BIG bed (Our bed) and pick out our books.

7:02p – I read Moo, Bah, Lalala 4 times PLUS once backwards for good measure. Thomas uses the control to turn off the light and we snuggle in for a bottle. I tell Thomas all about my day and he plays with my fingers before dozing off.

7:43p – I wake up and carry Thomas to bed. Most nights he giggles as I tickle his feet and tell him I love him the MOST.

7:44p – Sneak out of his room and cry as he does.

7:45p – Go back in and give him one more cuddle.

7:46p – Sit.

7:50p – Get on the workout gear and head downstairs.

8:01p – Start my Jillian Michaels DVD

8:05p – Wish I hadn’t committed to another 90days and wonder how much longer this is going to last.

8:34p – Finish in a sweaty pile.

8:36p – Carry all my gear, weights and computer upstairs.

8:38p – Clean the dinner dishes, make tomorrows lunch.

9:01p – More Sitting.

9:15p – Kiss my husband and head to the showers.

9:17p – Swap the laundry.

9:24p – Finally strip and fall into the shower.

9:41p – I’m clean, I’m tired and I crawl into bed.

10:35p – Richard comes to bed and wakes me up to show me InstaGram videos.

11:04p – TV is off lights are out and my mind is racing about tomorrow. 

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