Thursday, June 25, 2015


Hi Bloggers,

There has been radio silence, because I have been keeping a secret. For 3 months I have avoided writing to you, because I didn’t want to let it slip, but how could I write about losing my nutrionist, because of constant nausea? (We’ll meet again soon). How could I write about skipping the gym, because of pure exhaustion? How could I explain WHY I had to give up weight training and protein shakes? Without some wise owl guessing… I’m PREGNANT! Baby #2 is incubating as we speak. This tiny ripple has thrown a title wave on my workout routine and life.

In the last three months I have found out that I am pregnant, sold my house, bought a bigger house and picked out a sweet baby name. It’s been a whirl wind of surprises.

First, Michelle… dear sweet Michelle. She was the first on the chopping block when the news came through. I had just met Michelle the nutrionist. We had JUST started to like each other, I had lost 13 lbs, mostly fat and I was hanging on her every healthy word. Then I got the two blue lines and we broke up. I didn’t want to get weighed anymore, everything under the sun made my stomach do back flips and the weight loss plan we had prepared, didn’t fit anymore. We has one final meeting to discuss my plan for pregnancy, to gain as little as possible and to do it right. She gave me a list of foods to eat and to avoid. She wished me luck and we scheduled an appointment for February 2016. One month postpartum. I will do this with her, but AFTER I am done manufacturing this human being.

Second, The house. We live in a 2 bedroom town in Burlington. We love it. The neighbours are incredible. The location is perfect, but there is no backyard, no storage and no room for a 4th person. We decided to sell. Lucky for us, we found the perfect home BEFORE that. It`s a 3 bedroom, split level, end unit down on a beautiful street in Stoney Creek. It is one block from the water and one block from the highway. It`s perfect for us and I can`t wait to move in and decorate the nursery.

Third, The Gym. I still go, but it`s lame. I can`t keep up, I can`t breath and I have to respect when my body calls it quits…. Usually around the halfway mark. I am working to go twice a week (3 times, but that third time NEVER happens). Sunday I do the step class and I hang in there for 90% of it. Tuesday I meet with Vanessa (the beast) for Body Combat. I try to get out every weekend with Thomas for a walk, last weekend we went to LaSalle park and walked along the water. It was perfect, but Mummy was TIRED and had to call in reinforcements after that hill.

The biggest struggle with working out is the pain I get in my lower abs, when I try for high knees. Not anything to worry about, but enough to make me slow down. It`s a muscle pain, not a stress pain. It`s either round ligament pain, or scar tissue stretching. Either way it hurts.

And finally, the baby, 3.0. Thomas has always been called 2.0, as he is the new and improved version of Tom (a good friend of ours). It was only fair that the next addition be called 3.0. So this little nugget is set to arrive January 1st, but if she (I still don`t know, but ‘she’ feels right) is anything like her brother, we`ll be meeting her sooner. Christmas baby. Gah.  This pregnancy has been completely different than my first. I feel worse, a lot worse. I have cravings and aversions. I don`t feel like me, my hormones are ALL over the place. There have been days that I have warned Richard about an impending crying fit, screaming match or inappropriate laughing outburst. He is trying to keep up, but even I can`t keep up with the mood swings.

I am working with midwives again, specifically I am working with Ann again. It makes my heart flutter to think of working with Ann again. She is my rock, a version of my Nana that demands my attention. She is also very comforting and it makes the entire process manageable, despite the chaos that was Thomas, it was all ok, because Ann was there with me.

So that’s it.

Now I can write daily, or as often as I have something to write about J

I have missed it completely.