Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Spinning: 45 minutes
Abs: 10minutes
Calories: 860

And I hate myself for it. I can't believe how slack I have been on blogging AND working out. Lately I always seem to find an excuse to miss class or skip a post. What is going on with me?

That's completely rhetorical... I don't expect my readers to understand what's going on in my head, when I barely do. I have decided to write a blog about stuff... stuff going on in my pretty little head.

First to the left is a link... click it. Still Alice has been on my bookshelf for months! It's story line and reviews caught my eye a while back, but my lack of free time paired with nice weather (ideal for riding) has let it sit, until I returned to house sitting... Now I have all the time in the world, because I have to stay home to make sure the kids (16 and 18) don't kill themselves - harder than it sounds. A 16-year-old with a very devilish, yet encouraging 18 year old finds them both in a whole MESS of trouble ALL the time. I had to nurse an infected cigarette burn last night... the logic - If it burns me and I associate pain with cigarettes - I'll quit. The premise is good 'quit smoking' but the burning... why?

I also intended to run last night, but by the time I car pooled with Richard's Mom, travelled with the entire family in an Echo and had a serious discussion with my friend I was too tired to even make dinner. At 10pm we had Shawarma... amazing, but only from the Pita Nutsy.

At 10:05pm I fell into bed with my eyes open. I opened Still Alice hoping for my eyes to tire and force me to sleep - no such luck. At midnight I could still hear the pitter patter of drunken teenage feet.

I am tired, but I wanted to STOP making excuses, because dispite the maintaining I don't feel good. I need to sweat to feel good... I am intending on going for a run tonight to squeeze in yesterdays missed work-out.

We'll see what route I can pull togehter, before leaving work. I don't know Oakville, but aparently there are some amazing paths through the woods to run on.

This is all over the place, but you LOVE it.


Ps... Rainbow Brite is like adding Sunshine to my BLOG.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Muscle Up!

Muscle Up Class: 548
Running: 37:41 (5.17km)
Calories: 1080

(Great fitness blog by Hyperbole and a half... ENJOY!)

What a day yesterday! I have to start with the EARTHQUAKE in southern Ontario... WTF?! That doesn't happen here and it throws me off my game, a little. The buidling was shaking... although it felt more like riding a wave.

Second... I am finally starting to feel like myself again; a little sore, well worked and well rested. I am glad I got back on the fitness train. I was honestly worried I was on the DOWN part of the resolution cycle. You know the one I mean... you're all GUN-HO in January... you make the plan and stick to it. It starts to fade by the end of the month. You loose interest in your routines or loose focus on your goal and you quit. I was afraid I had started on that lap... you know, I lost a lot of weight, my clothes fit and suddenly I don't have to work as hard - NOT THE CASE. I think you get comfortable in your routine and never realize how hard you're working until you start to slow down and so does the loss. I have done this my entire life... made a plan, stuck to it, saw results and quit. Clearly that doesn't work... so back on track is good.

As for the work-outs... where do these find these instructors?! My GOD! Yesterday I opted out of Leslie-Ann's spin class for a little 'Muscle Up'. In this class you work with weights to... muscle up. I thought I could take it, but no. This class was intense... we worked every muscle in our arms and backs and the instructor never broke a sweat. Me, on the other hand, was drenched from how hard I was working. I spent most of the class with my head down, tongue out - telling myself... 'you can do this.' ' don't wimp out' 'think of the results'. My arms are sore today and I am glad about that.

My arms have to be my least favorite part of my body, case in point it is 25 degrees and I am wearing a sweater... not because I am cold, but because I want to cover up my arms. I sweat a lot in the summer. Anyways, Richard made a good point... "if you hate your arms, why do you ONLY do leg work?" Simple concept, right? I do leg work because I enjoy spinning and running... what arm excerise do YOU like? To cut it short... I started the weights class once a week to try to target my arms. So far... they hurt... in the 'good you worked SO hard' kind of way.

Running and ABS today.

Wish me luck!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally ran...

Spinning: 45minutes
Running: 38:19minutes (5.26km)
Calories: 1292

... and it felt good. I wonder why I ever stopped. Well, I know why... I got cocky in regards to my weight loss and stopped putting in the effort. I also went on vacation AND made excuses.

I am done with the excuses. I need to get back on track. I want to loose another 20lbs and I have plateau'd long enough. I managed to finish my vacation at the same weight I started at... so that was a little victory, but now (almost 2 weeks since my return) I am up 3 pounds. I would like to blame my weekend... it was the annual cottage weekend. We (Richard and 9 of his friends) head to 'Lake of Bays' and get hammered for 3 days straight. So when I got back, I was hung-over, tired and de-hydrated (despite all the drinking). I hoped on the scale and was SO upset.

I promised myself this week I would get back to the gym... spinning, running and weights. Monday was a bit of a write-off... after getting no sleep (literally) Sunday night I was in no state do anything let alone hit the gym. I made up for it last night with a run... after my spin class. I also decided that I will run after work everyday of the week, regardless of what I did at work.

I want that feeling back... the feeling of fit. It's like a 'proud/skinny/productive' (PSP) feeling that makes everything else about my life better. I crave the feeling and despite being at a comfortable weight (down 27lbs) I am starting to get the itch to be lighter, smaller and fitter... i swear its an addiction to the PSP!

Ok... there it is my return to fitness blogging.

I am hoping with this blog to sort out protien... figure how my body FAT % is still so high... and the best NEW work-out for me (I  get bored... part of my lack of motivation).

I am also looking for a new goal... I need a goal system. This entire weight loss started, because I wanted to get to the rally in good shape. I wanted Richard to be able to show me off and I wanted to comfortable around the skinny girls that would be at the rally. Well the rally has past (we went out east instead) so now I need another BIG ocasion to prepare for.

I will let you in on a secret... it may be a BIG move. I wouldn't want to start my new life, in my new home as a fatty.

I have already said to much...

A few shots of Richard and I, on our trip to send you off.


Last trip blog...

I missed the boat on the trip blogging!

I think I am going to end it with... the trip was amazing. I will never do it again, but I am still in love with the memories.

Check out the link to see the write up Richard (aka Zuki) did on our trip.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I miss my blog...

... and my life for that matter.

I am still playing catch up at work. I have missed work-outs and fallen off the diet train. I need to get back on track. I am headed to the gym at lunch today (I will MAKE time) and promise to be back in FULL force tomorrow.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


We woke up early - to the expected storm. It was suppose to happen OVER night, but it was late. We packed up, loaded up the bikes and geared up. In all my gear, including rain suit, I can barely turn my head and the guys got a good laugh at my expense.

It’s was barely 8am when we set off in search of adventure… and gas. We hadn’t planned a final destination, but were headed in the right direction. We found gas and used that opportunity to check levels, air pressure and chain oil before starting the long, wet day ‘DAY TWO’ would become.
**Gas stop #1
We headed out in the storm trying to get to Brattleboro, Vermont. The rain on the highway was not friendly and Vermont although beautiful was not pleasant. We stopped for gas and determined a further pit stop would be necessary. Not only were we starving (continental breakfast was a special treat) but Zach’s 19.99 rain suit was just that… a cheap rain suit. The wind and rain had torn it apart.

**Zach's 'cheap' rainsuit... before and after Duct tapeIt continued to pour as we stopped for lunch/breakfast (we ate Breakfast AT lunchtime) with maps and the hope that we would stumble across a RAINSUIT store. There is no STRAIGHT route to where we were going… it looks like we would have to go south to get north and west to east.

The stopped at a cute little restaurant… the food was iffy (The menu had a warning about RAW eggs), but the company was great. I order scrambled eggs and bacon (which was a story in itself… Despite the name Canadian’s don’t typically enjoy Canadian Bacon).

The company made up for the lousy food… We made friends with the tables around us as their sympathy (or pity) sparked conversations of our travels and enevitably lead to car ride to the local outdoor store for Zach to find a new rain suit… Dad, Richard and I stayed warm and dry inside. An hour later he was back with a fully intact rain suit. We crossed our fingers it would survive and got back on our NOW soggy bikes for another 400+km up the coast of Vermont, which even with the rain was a great ride.

We stopped briefly for gas after I dropped my bike… (I only earned a bruise on my leg, don’t worry). Eerily enough Dad and Uncle Paul had made the same stop 4 years ago. We decided to call it a day (after this tank of gas) we planned to spend the night in Lancaster and booked a room at the Coos Motor Inn.

**Finally me in a picture

The clouds parted and the rain stopped as we pulled up to the Coos Motor Inn. Dad slowed and seemed confused… this randomly chosen hotel was AGAIN the same place him and Paul had stayed at 4 years ago. Clearly we had someone watching out for us.

 We dragged our cold wet bodies to room 110 and began the treacherous task of drying EVERYTHING. We through clothes and bags into the guest Dryer (thank goodness for guest Laundry) and used the tiny little wall mounted hair dryer to dry everything else… that little motor ran ALL night. It went in boots, gloves and bags. I am surprised we didn’t burn it out.

We ventured out into the great city of Lancaster and found a restaurant (one of two) – Scorpion Pizza. We walked into a BRIGHT orange room with walls covered in NASCAR paraphernalia. We ordered drinks and on an empty stomach it took just one to feel warm and fuzzy… the drinks were also FANTASTIC and huge.

**The amazing decorating at Scorpion Pizza

Zach chatted up our server… he claims it’s about the game, not the prize, but she shot him down anyways. We named her Betsy (the bill was signed with a ‘B’ and a heart). She never came back to say good bye and had someone else deliver the rejection. Food was good and filling… we stumbled back to the hotel and fell into bed.

To be continued...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We woke up nice and early (4:57am) and loaded the bikes. The weather was predicting a thunder storm and the air was thick with fog. Everyone felt a little ‘off’ the guys described it as nervous and all I kept thinking was… ‘THEY’RE NERVOUS?!’ I have never crossed a border, ridden in the rain or on a high way… if they were nervous I was screwed.

We rode no problem down 25 to Milton, where we filled up. We continued south on to the QEW. Welcome to high-way. We came up to the BUFFALO border around 7:30 and waited only a few minutes. Dad went first and answered all the hard questions. My stomach was doing flips! These people could lock me away for an ill placed stutter! Despite my wild imagination everything went off without a hitch. We were in the US of A and barreling down the highway (I90) to Albany to meet up with our fourth member… Zach.

The weather cleared up… it looked like we had out run the storm, but it was hot on our heels and we wasted little time at pit stops. We rode through upstate New York and despite all the toll roads (one every 2km or that’s how it felt). The sun was out and I was warm under all my layers.

We stopped again in Syracuse for gas… it was barely 11:30. We were making GREAT time. All was well until we stumbled into Amsterdam and the rain, which lasted just enough time to get us wet.

Around 1:30 we rolled in Albany… all thanks to my trusty iPhone. We got all turned around and had to back track a little to find Zach. We went for a nice lunch at Appleby’s (which is VERY different and good in the states). At that point we called it a day. Our waitress had scared us into stopping with the pending tornado watch. I pulled out the trusty iPhone and found a cheap hotel and we spent our first night in an ‘America’s Best Value Inn’ somewhere near Troy. We still hadn’t mapped out our route and this seemed like a good time to stop.

We settled in, locked up the bikes and went for a swim… after touring our temp surroundings. It was hot and I think I got a sun burn. The hotel was ‘nice’. It was recently re-done and the outward appearance highlighted the good things, which were few. I got accused of being a wayward 16-year-old trying to swim alone. Until the creepy hotel guy offered to swim with me. In the disturbing pool… it had a thick layer of sludge on top. Zach made an effort to clean it, but without reducing our rate that lasted 5 minutes. Finally after very little coercing Zach jumped in head first… ew.

Richard and I watched in disgust… and the first quote of the trip was born. “Why does she have to keep being right?” The second came shortly after when Zack chatted up the convenient store girl “Room number 5, on the cot.”

We mapped out the following day before getting a good (ish) night sleep.

This was my first introduction to the world of MAN. Being the only female I was privy to a lot of odd comments and ‘poo’ talk.

To be Continued...

I'm here!!

I say this in a loud voice as I run towards my computer!
I missed you... but I couldn't update on the road. We didn't find computers or even internet along the way.

Have faith in me... I am working on the post to end all posts!


PS - Spun yesterday, my first day back and after 9 days on a motorcycle my bum is brusied in places I didn't even know about. Class was good and it was great to get back into it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The offical conversion is TODAY!

Above anything else... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERYL!!!! Xx

and then... Welcome to my TRAVEL BLOG (there will be hints of fitness as I try to stick to my diet and squeeze in work-outs on the road)

In less than 24 hours I will be on my Motorcycle heading for the border. I ride a SV650s. She is yellow and stunning... oh wait. I will just post a picture.

See... stunning! Richad built her for me... he raised the bars, lowered the bike and a bunch of other performance related 'man' things I don't know enough about to discuss.

We're getting started tomorrow morning at 4am (gross, I know... but clearly we're trying to beat the sun and watch it rise in New York). We're meeting up with one more in Albany and from there we're headed for the East Coast, more specifically the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

It should be QUITE the adventure considering it's barely my second year riding and the most I have ever ridden is 5 hours consecutively. AND my fellow riders are a little left of normal...

Richard is 25. He has been riding for 6 years and owns 2 bikes. He works part time customizing and serivicing motorcycles and built one from the ground up. He wears FULL race leathers (Yum... I will get a pic) and always cracks the throttle to escape (I can keep up ;). He needs things organized and writes lists, but let him relax and he is a LAUGH and should win an award for BEST supporting trouble maker (typically Zach inflicted... vs self inflicted).

Dad is older than dirt (and doesn't read this). He has been riding for longer than I have been alive and is a McGiver when it comes to bikes... I think he once fixed a flat tire on the side of the highway with only a shoe lace! He's easy-going and spends a lot of time laughing at the 'young-persons' ridiculous-ness.

Zach is 22. He is CRAZY! I haven't even met the guy, yet. Let's just say he'll try anything once and I am going to push that theory this trip. He once jumped off of a moving trailer (attached to a golf cart... that's another story)... to try and stop it with his feet. He tumbled and grazed the pavement, but didn't spill his beer... we'll just watch. (I will FIND the video... its on Youtube).

And Me... you know enough about me already.

Wish me luck.


PS - Last gym session today... a Leslie-Ann spin class.

Last workout...

Spinning: 50 (long grueling) minutes
Calories: 830

Leslie-Ann is amazing! My legs hurt and I am still sweating... what a great send off to my week of riding.


Thursday, June 3, 2010


... Richard called me last night on the way home and asked me out - ON A DATE! When I met him for dinner he had a present for me!

Isn't it pretty?! It came with a card that simply read... 'Just because I love you'. Consider my deep FUNK over.

How does this relate to fitness?? We went out of dinner I didn't budget for dinner. I let it slide and I enoyed. I have to go for an extra HARD run today, but it was worth it.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Muscle Up

Muslce Up: 45minutes
Calories: 538

We (Sandi and I) tried a muscle up class today. It was good in the most painful way possible! It's similar to a 'Body Pump' class at Good Life... lots of weight lifting and bench presses, squats and lunges. My arms are throbbing. It hurts... it hurt during the class and I am sure it is going to hurt tomorrow. I did this class in lieu of Boot Camp on Friday. There is NO way I risking the muscle pain for the trip... its suppose to rain the first 3 days... I can't handle that and leg cramps.

Lots of work to do.


Some fun!

... more to come.

Until then... check this out. (PG13)

Cake Wrecks

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Feeling better...

Spinning: 50 minutes
Calories: 830

I wrote a long depressing blog this morning. I wrote (in depth) about feeling depressed lately. I decided not to post it. I decided to wait until this afternoon... if I still felt crummy I would post.

I feel better. More like me... Richard and I had one of those deep down from the bottom of your soul conversations. We are re-connected and I am ok.

I made it to spinning, because I couldn't thin of a good enough reason not too... and trust me a had a long list... in fact it is below (slightly humorous). I am glad I went. I am glad I pushed through... I really do feel better after the gym. Kerrie guided us up a long and winding hill... my calves are STILL sore from Friday... which makes me think I could have PULLED something more than just strained something. Oh well... I did class anyways and made sure to stretch.

I love stretching.

On to the list...

- My calves still hurt (and I could have pulled something). Spinning could jeopardize the trip!

- I am tired and don't want too AND I shouldn't have to do ANYTHING I don't want too.

- I didn't eat breakfast so I am sluggish and it isn't healthy to run your body on empty (although while thinking this I was nibbling on a brownie!

- I might see a REP I am trying to avoid... the very same rep I have claimed to be TOO BUSY to help. They wouldn't understand. Silly Skinny People. 

- I will run tonight. (shaking my head... no I won't)

- If I was REALLY meant to go... I would want to go. You can't screw with the powers that be.

- what if that hour is when APPLE calls to fix my iphone??? **drafted post about loosing everything on my iphone because of a backwards back-up and uber melt down last night.

- I can't miss that call! (ps-they STILL haven't called).

- I am at work to work... not dilly dally around downstairs (or write blogs...)

- I don't WANT TOO!

That's it... none to convincing. I am glad I spun against my better judgement... or against my procastinating.

So that's it... 4 more sleeps until our trip AROUND THE WORLD... (you have to say that in a BIG announcer voice).

Anyways... clearly by my typing... I am ok and was just in a low.


PS - below is where we're going... and if you click the link its a great description of why.