Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Spinning: 45 minutes
Abs: 10minutes
Calories: 860

And I hate myself for it. I can't believe how slack I have been on blogging AND working out. Lately I always seem to find an excuse to miss class or skip a post. What is going on with me?

That's completely rhetorical... I don't expect my readers to understand what's going on in my head, when I barely do. I have decided to write a blog about stuff... stuff going on in my pretty little head.

First to the left is a link... click it. Still Alice has been on my bookshelf for months! It's story line and reviews caught my eye a while back, but my lack of free time paired with nice weather (ideal for riding) has let it sit, until I returned to house sitting... Now I have all the time in the world, because I have to stay home to make sure the kids (16 and 18) don't kill themselves - harder than it sounds. A 16-year-old with a very devilish, yet encouraging 18 year old finds them both in a whole MESS of trouble ALL the time. I had to nurse an infected cigarette burn last night... the logic - If it burns me and I associate pain with cigarettes - I'll quit. The premise is good 'quit smoking' but the burning... why?

I also intended to run last night, but by the time I car pooled with Richard's Mom, travelled with the entire family in an Echo and had a serious discussion with my friend I was too tired to even make dinner. At 10pm we had Shawarma... amazing, but only from the Pita Nutsy.

At 10:05pm I fell into bed with my eyes open. I opened Still Alice hoping for my eyes to tire and force me to sleep - no such luck. At midnight I could still hear the pitter patter of drunken teenage feet.

I am tired, but I wanted to STOP making excuses, because dispite the maintaining I don't feel good. I need to sweat to feel good... I am intending on going for a run tonight to squeeze in yesterdays missed work-out.

We'll see what route I can pull togehter, before leaving work. I don't know Oakville, but aparently there are some amazing paths through the woods to run on.

This is all over the place, but you LOVE it.


Ps... Rainbow Brite is like adding Sunshine to my BLOG.

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