Thursday, June 17, 2010


We woke up early - to the expected storm. It was suppose to happen OVER night, but it was late. We packed up, loaded up the bikes and geared up. In all my gear, including rain suit, I can barely turn my head and the guys got a good laugh at my expense.

It’s was barely 8am when we set off in search of adventure… and gas. We hadn’t planned a final destination, but were headed in the right direction. We found gas and used that opportunity to check levels, air pressure and chain oil before starting the long, wet day ‘DAY TWO’ would become.
**Gas stop #1
We headed out in the storm trying to get to Brattleboro, Vermont. The rain on the highway was not friendly and Vermont although beautiful was not pleasant. We stopped for gas and determined a further pit stop would be necessary. Not only were we starving (continental breakfast was a special treat) but Zach’s 19.99 rain suit was just that… a cheap rain suit. The wind and rain had torn it apart.

**Zach's 'cheap' rainsuit... before and after Duct tapeIt continued to pour as we stopped for lunch/breakfast (we ate Breakfast AT lunchtime) with maps and the hope that we would stumble across a RAINSUIT store. There is no STRAIGHT route to where we were going… it looks like we would have to go south to get north and west to east.

The stopped at a cute little restaurant… the food was iffy (The menu had a warning about RAW eggs), but the company was great. I order scrambled eggs and bacon (which was a story in itself… Despite the name Canadian’s don’t typically enjoy Canadian Bacon).

The company made up for the lousy food… We made friends with the tables around us as their sympathy (or pity) sparked conversations of our travels and enevitably lead to car ride to the local outdoor store for Zach to find a new rain suit… Dad, Richard and I stayed warm and dry inside. An hour later he was back with a fully intact rain suit. We crossed our fingers it would survive and got back on our NOW soggy bikes for another 400+km up the coast of Vermont, which even with the rain was a great ride.

We stopped briefly for gas after I dropped my bike… (I only earned a bruise on my leg, don’t worry). Eerily enough Dad and Uncle Paul had made the same stop 4 years ago. We decided to call it a day (after this tank of gas) we planned to spend the night in Lancaster and booked a room at the Coos Motor Inn.

**Finally me in a picture

The clouds parted and the rain stopped as we pulled up to the Coos Motor Inn. Dad slowed and seemed confused… this randomly chosen hotel was AGAIN the same place him and Paul had stayed at 4 years ago. Clearly we had someone watching out for us.

 We dragged our cold wet bodies to room 110 and began the treacherous task of drying EVERYTHING. We through clothes and bags into the guest Dryer (thank goodness for guest Laundry) and used the tiny little wall mounted hair dryer to dry everything else… that little motor ran ALL night. It went in boots, gloves and bags. I am surprised we didn’t burn it out.

We ventured out into the great city of Lancaster and found a restaurant (one of two) – Scorpion Pizza. We walked into a BRIGHT orange room with walls covered in NASCAR paraphernalia. We ordered drinks and on an empty stomach it took just one to feel warm and fuzzy… the drinks were also FANTASTIC and huge.

**The amazing decorating at Scorpion Pizza

Zach chatted up our server… he claims it’s about the game, not the prize, but she shot him down anyways. We named her Betsy (the bill was signed with a ‘B’ and a heart). She never came back to say good bye and had someone else deliver the rejection. Food was good and filling… we stumbled back to the hotel and fell into bed.

To be continued...

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