Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am SO sleepy...

Spinning: 45 minutes
Calories: 725ish

Yup. I am think I am getting sick... I want to throw a temper tantrum from days past. You know the kicking screaming I-don't-want-to-do-this type of tantrum saved only for special occasions. Like not getting what you want for your birthday even though you've been a GOOD girl or when a certain client wants revision number 67 and doesn't say 'please'

Yup... as Richard would call it 'a stage nine snap fest'. Why does getting sick make me SO angry? Because it just gets in my way. I am on a roll and I don't need to be sick right now... or this week. I get SO frustrated when my body forces me to take a step back from my life. I just feel lazy and underwhelmed (I heard that was a word, but I can't figure out the context and it seems to fit with that thought).

***Does that cartoon make you want to yawn? I have been yawning since I drew it.

Let's get back on track and discuss my work-outs. I had spin today... I didn't want to be there. My tummy is upset and my head is cloudy, but I thought a good sweat might clear me up... my body translated that to a fever and chills... accompanied by sweat. That's for misinterpreting that request!

By this BLOG you can tell I don't feel better... in fact, I feel worse knowing that I have BOOT CAMP tonight. No rain checks allowed. I have to go, but not giving 100% doesn't seem worth the cost.

Speaking of cost... we got approved - WOOT! For what you ask? A mortgage... yup! Richard and I are going to buy a house... a home... a place AWAY from his parents. WOOT! We don't know when, we want to save up some more to make the transition smoother AND to allow some serious furniture buying once we find our home.

Speaking of home... I will be sailing away from home for 8 days! Yup, 8 days on the open sea... salt in the air and a drink in my hand. The cruise is booked. We're leaving early October and travelling to... San Juan, Puerto Rico -- St. Thomas, Usvi -- Antigua -- Tortola, Bvi -- Nassau, Bahamas and PORTing in Ft Lauderdale, FL. It's been quite the year of travel for me... I couldn't be happier. And let's just hope SOMEONE gets that memo about proposing on a cruise being UBER romantic... wink wink.

Ok... I have rambled enough.

I am going to go pop some Vitamin C's and hope for the best... you can't overdose on C can you???


Pounds to loose: 13(-11) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 7.5

Monday, August 30, 2010

Just a quickie!

Running: 45minutes
Calories: 661

i had a great weekend and I want to tell  you all about it, but I got back from the gym and found out I have a client meeting in 30 minutes. I am still sweating...despite showering and I am in Monday clothes ie. comfy, not overly professional clothes. Ew!

Although I think I am getting sick I am in a GREAT mood. I weighed in this morning at 14 to go... if you look back Monday's I am usually 19 to go (it all goes away by Tuesday morning)-- mainly because I enjoy my weekends and don't watch too closely what goes in my mouth. I still count calories, but I don't stress about it.  Anyways this morning I was at 14 to go... that means I could be at 10 to go by mid week... easily. I am SO excited.

I am also in a good mood because I spent most weekend being complimented on how great I look... this prompted me to look further into my BEFORE/AFTER pics. I found my before and GOOD god its bad. I haven't found my AFTER pic yet... its on Dad's camera (from this weekend) and I can't seem to find it, but I will be happy to share once I sort that out.

Running felt good, but with getting sick my chest is tight. I am finding it hard to do long/strenuous work-outs without breathing weird. I know its not my fitness level, but it still leaves me a little stressed... I am SO close. I can't get sick now. I have grape vitamin C chewables and I am popping them like CANDY! Cross your fingers for me...

Alright kids... I have lots to share and only wish I had the time to share it with you.


Pounds to loose: 14(-10) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 7.5

Friday, August 27, 2010


BOOT CAMP: 60minutes
Calories: 1000 ish

I am here... sitting front of my computer with only 12 pounds left to loose -- 12! I can not believe I am here. Less than a year ago I was the 'fat' girl. I didn't want to go out, because my clothes didn't fit. I avoided cameras and mirrors (hence the struggle to find before and after pics). I felt sad and alone. I didn't think I would EVER get to this point... let along 12 pounds from now. WAIT for that blog... it will all be in capitals.

So this morning... before the sun came up, I weighed in. I have lost 12 pounds since the re-start, 33 overall. I lost another 2 inches this week bringing my total to 7.5 inches lost (25.5 total).

AND the best part... I can share everything with Richard. There is no secret about what I am doing... usually talking weight loss is taboo. It's like saying I lost 40 pounds implies at one point I had 40 pounds to loose -- that is something to struggle with, but at every victory I get a hug and a high five.

I can't wait for the wedding... I love getting dressed up, especially now that things fit better. I am comfortable as me. Don't think this is the end... I won't give up yet. I have another 12 to loose this year and another 25 next year.

Ok... I have lost ALL focus!

Have a GREAT weekend!


Pounds to loose: 12(-12) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.5% - Inches Lost: 7.5

Thursday, August 26, 2010

DOUBLE day and I am excited!

Spinning: 45minutes
Calories: 739

I have a lot of things running through my pretty little head. I was so excited to hit the gym today... I feel SO close to my goal... I just want to RUN to it -- literally. I have been lucky enough to loose 2 pounds a week for 3 weeks. I am hoping keeping to the same diet and routine will garner another 6 pounds of loss. All that being said, I am finally on the path to better health... what I mean is in 6 pounds I will be lower than I ever have been in my adult life. That to me is surreal.

I have tried and failed to loose weight my ENTIRE life. I've been sucked into FAD diets and FAD weight loss secrets. I have starved myself and purged. I have done everything insane you could do to get fit... I would be willing to stand on my head for 365 days, naked in the rain if you told me it would help me loose weight. I just want to be fit and not worry everyday about my health.

I feel like this time I can do it... and I am not on a FAD diet or exercise regime. I am actually just eating well and going to the gym... novel concept. I hate that it took 27 years of life to except there is no 'easy' way of doing things. No quick fix that works... I can only hope when I have teenage girls I can instill that into them. Although I think I will adapt this NEW healthy lifestyle into my children's life to prevent them from having this battle.

Side note... can you hear the biological clock ticking????

Spin class was AWESOME. Erin is insane... there is no break and no recovery. You go hard for 45 minutes. She never lets you release the tension or slow down. At one point I had to stop... I had pushed SO hard I couldn't breath... literally.

I think i am getting sick... everyone around me seems to be. I have been congested the last few nights. My throat is scratchy and my stomach is off. I can't be sick... argh! I need to beef up the Vitamin C in my diet and hope for the best.

I all OVER the place... oh and drew a NEW picture for my SPIN days... what do you think?

Weigh in tomorrow and BOOT CAMP tonight. Wish me luck!


Pounds to loose: 13(-11) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.5% - Inches Lost: 5.5

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Squat and LIFT!

Muscle Up: 60minutes
Calories: 500 ish

I have gotten into 'ish' because even reading (or re-typing) the exact number calculated by my iPhone is still only a little bit accurate.

I also felt like doodling vs. googling my picture for today's post.

I am not actually that skinny... if I was I wouldn't need this blog... now would I? I just couldn't accurately draw the rolls of fat around my middle. You could say I 'ish'ed' the picture like the calories.

Today's class was good... Anissa taught instead of Angela and although its very different I enjoy it. It's more like aerobics then weights, but with sore muscles from yesterday I welcomed the cardio.

She also (she's the gym manager or the 'GM') told us that the schedules were shifting... that's going to much up everything! I just got into a routine that works and they change it. Oh well... such is life.

Not much more to report... no silly thoughts or weird ephinany's... just me today. I might run tonight, but probably not. Probably a little R & R with Ricardo... well earned.


Rested, Relaxed and Sore!

Boot Camp: 60minutes
Calories: 1000 (ish)

I started back at BOOT CAMP... and the first thought 'how am I EVER going to function with out BOOT CAMP?'

I love it. I love the energy, the people and (mostly) the results. It's a great routine at night... I come home, make lunch and dinner, eat and go. I get home, shower and drift off to a beautiful sleep.

Week One and Two are BY FAR my favorite weeks... its just a lot of chaos. You never know what is going to happen, leaving NO time to get bored. It's all over before you know it.

I am a little sore today, but that's what I hope for while I am at BOOT CAMP.

It's amazing how different ROUND 2's first session was compared to ROUND 1. I couldn't believe how much easier I found it. And by NO means am I saying its 'easy' just easier.

I can't believe I ever felt anything less than elated through this process, but I guess with ups and downs there are bound to be a few BAD days, but I am happy they are punctuated by GOOD days.

I even weighed in this morning at my lowest weight yet... I realize it is NOT official until Friday, but I am still thrilled to feel like I am getting somewhere and I am SO close to my goal. I feel energized and ready to take on the next challenge.

It helps that my old clothes fit again... My PJ's fall off me and I love what I see when I look in the mirror.

I am going to post a BEFORE and AFTER pic... just as soon as I get one. I have Aunt Cindy's wedding this weekend and I will be sure to get a good pic.


Pounds to loose: 13(-11) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.4% - Inches Lost: 5.5

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

back to BOOT CAMP!

Spinning: 45minutes
Calories: lots!

Whewf... I only have a few seconds to write as I am feeling very frantic with the pile of papers on my desk... it appears to be growing faster then it is depleting. I still managed to sneak away to hit SPINNING. I am really going to have to make an effort come fall to stick with my schedule... It's all to often I work through lunch to keep on top of things.

I guess that attribute to my overall mood. I am tenfold compared to yesterday, but still feeling off. Like my body isn't mine and I can MAKE it do these things it USED TO enjoy, but my hearts not in it. It's that time of the month (not THAT time of the month), but once a month I use focus and get distracted... I am tired all the time and bloated. I feel defeated and anxious... this is that time. I am trying to work through it as I would normally hide under a rock until it was over... I guess its personal growth - yay me!

Ok... spinning was good. I am glad I went, but I am more excited about BOOT CAMP tonight and the results tomorrow... well, I am as excited as a lazy FAT girl could be - HA!


Ps - have you noticed my little weight loss chart? Cool eh? I try to update daily... I hate all the fluctuations, but I can't celebrate the victories with out acknowledging the defeats.

Pounds to loose: 16(-9) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.4% - Inches Lost: 5.5

Monday, August 23, 2010

The dreaded Mondays...

Running: 40minutes

Calories: 517

Yes I dreaded today... I am tired. I am cranky and I have had a headache ALL weekend, briefly medicated on Saturday by LOTS AND LOTS of alcohol and girlie shanagains!

I am proud of myself though... I didn't have to run today. I actually never have to do anything, but with how I am feeling right now I have 101 excuses as to WHY I shouldn't have to run, but all I kept thinking about was putting on a two piece in public in 6 weeks (I will explain further in a minute). I kept thinking about all the times I didn't make it to the gym and where I would be today if 13 years ago I had kept up my gym routine without making excuses... who knows??

As for the weekend...

... that's all I am going to say about it.

Now back to the TWO piece... why in 6 weeks (or mid-October) would I be worried about swimming?? Because I am going on a CRUISE! Yup! Richard and I (and a few of his family members) are going on a Caribbean Cruise. It is our Christmas present from his parents and I couldn't be more thrilled. I even decided to continue with BOOT CAMP for 4 more weeks in order to prepare. Once I have more details I will let you know.

Over and Out!

Pounds to loose: 19(-5) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.4% - Inches Lost: 5.5

Friday, August 20, 2010

The BIG 3-0!

Boot Camp: 60minutes
Calories: 1000 (ish)

Yup! Hit the BIG 30 pounds today! I have lost 30 pounds - WOO! It feel so good. I can't wait to keep going! My body feels better and I am noticing more flexible and comfort in everyday things.

My biggest 'I-can't-wait' moment is this Saturday when I see all my girlfriends that I haven't seen in months! I can't wait to walk in 30 pounds lighter and get the looks.

I feel like I have hit a milestone... to think 9 months later I am still working at it. I typically give up around 4months. I have 14 pounds to go until I hit my FIRST goal and make my New Years resolution a reality!

As for BOOT CAMP... it was a GREAT session and I feel like I went out on a high note. I won't be going back Monday, but I will jump in for the next 4 week session late September. I think it will push me over the edge and get me on target for October... according to Loseit! I will reach my goal weight in October.

Off to an exciting weekend... dinner with family tonight and a bachelorette on Saturday!! Can't wait.


Pounds to loose: 14(-10) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.4% - Inches Lost: 5.5

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last BOOT CAMP tonight *sad face*

Spinning: 45minutes
Calories: 753

Today was a free-for-all. I didn't have a plan beyond... whatever Sandi was doing, I was doing. I brought gym clothes and prepared for something. Thursday are always a little iffy. I never know whether to run or take a class. Spin is good when its the good instructor, but its often a substitute. Body Blast is great, but not as much cardio as I would like and Running... I am typically sore and tired by Thursday PLUS I have BOOT CAMP tonight so I don't want to over work my legs.

Anyways... we decided to chance SPIN class and I am SO GLAD we did. Erin taught today... she is the toughest teacher... there is no break, no recovery... for 45minutes you are going FULL TILT and hoping for the best. Her music is very similar to my private play list. It was intense!

I am also UP today because I weighed in this morning --- 15. 15 pounds to go! Lowest in a long time... I am back on track and hopefully will find myself at 14 for weigh in tomorrow. I can't wait to see the inches and percentages fall.

I even had a YUMMY lunch today, from my OLD favs. I had a turkey sandwich on an ONION BUN. I topped with Sweet Onion Mustard, Cheddar Cheese and crispy iceberg lettuce. Now before you get all judgemental... I tried a trick with the bun. Onion Buns are my FAV, but they never come in Whole Wheat and honestly they are  A LOT of bread!! To avoid all the carbs I sliced my bun into 3 pieces... leaving the middle piece out. It caught the bun down by a third and I didn't even notice PLUS now I have yummy onion bread to toast for tomorrow's breakfast. Mm....

SIDENOTE: Last BOOT CAMP is hills... grass hills. It is POURING RAIN! We're going to be sliding ALL over the place and muddy as all hell tonight - should be a good time!


Pounds to loose: 15(-9) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.3% - Inches Lost: 4

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Muscle Up: 45minutes

Calories: 500 (ish)

I woke up this morning feeling tired and angry. Yup, even at 5am I am angry. It all subsided when I weighed in and found a pleasant surprise. I am on track to hit -30pounds this week… I am itching to get there. NINE months in the making.

I planned to go to muscle up today (and I did), but I am still on the fence about running tonight. I have to let the BAD BRA ouchies heal, but I don't want to jeopardize my progress by taking a night off. I realized I am VERY hard on myself and a night off is simply slacking.

Muscle Up was GREAT today… my arms and back are sore, but I love that feeling!

I can't wait to weigh in and measure on Friday… I feel like I am making progress again.


Pounds to loose: 16(-8) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.3% - Inches Lost: 4

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Spun... and I thought.

Spin: 45 minutes
Calories: 654

I did SPIN and I did push myself, but I just wasn't feeling it today. I am glad I went as I always am BUT my knee was hurting (from last night) and I couldn't go as hard as I wanted to.

I did think a lot during SPIN. The realization that if I keep up with my work-outs, even if it takes years, I will get in shape. I thought about being patient and if I ever thought, 9 months ago, that I would make it this far. Ideally I would get to my goal by the end of the year - just in time to make a new resolution.

I also thought about WHY I do this. Kerrie was back today and her strongest point is motivation. She talks for the majority of her class, but its always little tid-bits about moving forward, pushing on and why you work-out. What is the reason you are in her class on any given day? She asks you to think about at the beginning; before you're sweating and your legs are burning. She asks you to dedicate your work-out to something/someone. 40 minutes later when you can't go any further she asks you again 'Why are you here?' some days I am there because I ate too much the night before, or had a cupcake at lunch. Some days I am there for Richard... and always wanting to be attractive to him. Most days I am there for me. Today I was there for everyone else; everyone who hasn't seen me in months, who called me fat in high school. I was doing this to prove everyone WRONG. I am NOT the fat girl.

I wish my knee hadn't hurt the entire class, because I think that is a DAMN good reason to be there.

Anyways... back to work, lots to do.

I also attached a video... I stole it from Carrie's (BOOT CAMP) Blog. I think it is an amazing commercial and since I work in the media I thought it appropriate to share.

Think about it next time you want to 'sit it out'.


Things are looking UP!

BOOT CAMP: 60minutes (hills)
Calories: 1000

Straight up a ridiculously STEEP hill!

Last night at BOOT CAMP we started 'Hills'. This means a brand new BOOT CAMP location... in a valley surrounded by the scariest, tallest, steepest hills I have ever seen.

And as the names suggests... you run UP the hill and DOWN the hill. You take a BRIEF break to run UP the stairs and DOWN the stairs. All of that mixed with squats, lunges, burpies, mountain climbers, push-ups, knuckle squats, jumping jacks and calve raises.

My legs were burning... sweat was pouring off of me and I though at one point I was going to die. It was awesome. Carrie is VERY motivational and incredible quick... she always has the perfect comeback to ANY complaint. She makes working out FUN. I am going to miss BOOT CAMP. I don't know whether I will continue and to what capacity, but I hope to do it again in the future.

She also asked me a perplexing question... "Why do you run?" the build up to this question was me asking for help with the the BAD bra ouchies... I have discussed them in the past, but to prevent you from back tracking... they are severe burns I get just under my chest from my bra. Anyways... I explained that I run almost 30k a week... and she asked 'why?'. I thought about it a lot on the drive home. And honestly I run because I don't know what else to do. I am fat and I hate it. I run because it makes me sweat and makes me feel like I am doing something about being fat. I don't know if it works... or how well, but I simply don't know what else to do. So I run.

On the upside... Carrie recommend Aveeno calming lotion with Oatmeal... it stings at first, but feels better in the long run. I am also going to take a break from running to let them heal... once they do. I am going to try Vaseline... that should be fun. I will let you know how it goes.

Today also marks DAY ONE on my Nivea 'Good Bye Cellulite' regime... in 2 weeks I should have noticeably smoother skin. Interesting concept... and worth the 12 dollars. I saw the test done on Tyra... it seemed successful in all cases and I thought I would give it a try. With all this hard work I need to have some perks.

I also read my 150 things I hate list to Richard last night and had a GOOD laugh at myself. Hope you did too.


Pounds to loose: 17(-7) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.3% - Inches Lost: 4

Monday, August 16, 2010

Everything is going downhill...

... and not the fun-easier-to-run down hill, but the I-am-getting-no-where-and-hate-myself down hill.

Running: 50minutes (15 run - 35 run/sprint/walk)
Calories: 728

I came to a realization as I stepped off the scale this morning up 3 pounds from Friday... I first thought, 'Oh I am bloated' then I thought 'I am de-hydrated' and then it dawned on me. Maybe I am not bloated or de-hydrated maybe I am just FAT and maybe... just MAYBE I always will be.

Nothing seems to work. I run over 20k a week. I go to Spin once a week. Muscle Up once a week and Boot Camp twice a week. I stay under my daily calorie allowance and still I can't loose to save my life. Is it muscle? No. Is it water weight? No. Am I loosing inches? No. Can I give up? No. I have to keep on this ridiculous schedule or I will balloon up to well past my starting weight... it is hopeless - HOPELESS. Ok, I know I am being over dramatic, but its my blog and I can cry is I want to.

So in light of today's crummy news and to honor my 150th post... a list of 150 things I hate.

150. Plateau's in weight loss.
149. My Bra... it hurts me daily and cost me 100-dollars!
148. Some (most) of my co-workers.
147. Whatever is rattling in the ceiling above my desk.
146. Cheap pencils. The ones that break easily and NEVER sharpen right.
145. Ribs. Not because of their rich, gooey, BBQ-ey goodness, but because I love them SO much and they are SO fattening.
144. Popcorn shells. The little brown skin that gets caught in your teeth after eating popcorn
143. My arms. Will they never get toned!
142. Weddings. Most days I don't want to BASK in someone else's happiness
141. Bridal Showers (you knew that was coming)
140. The lack of windows in my office. I have NONE. It's like working in a timeless, seasonless vault of unhappiness.
139. Eyebrow hairs. I have been ripping you out for 11 years, don't you get it? I don't want you there!!
138. Tea. It never tastes as good as it smells.
137. Living in Acton. It is so GOD DAMNED far from EVERYTHING!
136. Traffic.
135. Bad Drivers... the ones that don't signal, hover over the break and NEVER drive the speed limit.
134. This unreachable itch in the centre of my back.
133. Cake. **See 145 for explanation.
132. Stupid people. If you don't know tell me and I will help you! Trying and failing only leaves me to clean up your mess.
131. Know-it-all clients. No you're right... I have worked in this industry for 10 years because I DON'T know what I am doing.
130. Planning. What happen to Spontaneity?
129. Money and my LACK of it.
128. Jealousy. My jealously of EVERYONE around me getting what I want.
127. Fish. What is your purpose? You taste foul and smell even worse.
126. The distance between me and my family.
125. Being patient. Why the hell can't I have what I want RIGHT NOW?
124. Brussels Sprouts.
123. Beets
122. Someone else cooking for me.
121. Dependency of others. DO IT YOURSELF!
120. Tofu.
119. Salt. The movie NOT the mineral.
118. My longing for adventure. Why can't I just be happy with my life?
117. When your metal fork scratches on your plate, your teeth or anything else that is metal.
116. Not having my OWN home.
115. Missing my Nana. I miss her EVERYDAY.
114. Old Mill Cadillac.
113. When people question my intelligence.
112. The unrealistic physical expectations forced on women.
111. Overly happy people. Who is REALLY that happy about life?
110. Whiners.
109. Shorts. I have never worn a pair of shorts that DIDN'T ride up.
108. When you're right.
107. When I am wrong.
106. Mornings.
105. Not being on vacation.
104. The unknown. Tell me where you are. I worry.
103. Having to PEE sitting down.
102. Pills.
101. The cost of above pills.
100. Lazy people.
99. Being unable to perform, sing or dance. I wish I had a talent.
98. Skinny people. Do you they know how lucky they are?
97. People who spit when they talk.
96. Close talkers.
95. Close talkers that spit.
94. Lack of respect in today's youth.
93. The inability to make people change.
92. I hate that I miss you.
91. I hate that I need you.
90. the control you have over my personal emotions.
89. Being fat!
88. Not being skinny.
87. Having to WORK so HARD to have less than everyone around me.
86. Dentists.
85. Construction.
84. Centipedes. Ear wigs and Silver Fish... they are all in the same category of GROSS.
83. Regrets.
82. Goodbyes.
81. Dogs. I think I hate dogs.
80. Being controlled.
79. Being offered advice from someone who can't get their own life in order.
78. Watching people make mistakes.
77. Sports on TV
76. The Olympics.
75. Politics.
74. Cumin.
73. Bad Grammar... ironic, I know.
72. Not knowing everything.
71. Feeling inferior.
70. Watered down beverages.
69. Gin.
68. My teeth. They're bad... oddly straight and very white, but VERY brittle.
67. Having NO fashion sense.
66. Smug people.
65. Panty Hoes.
64. wanting to be someone else.
63. never being good enough for you.
62. not travelling.
61. sitting still.
60. waking up.
59. The VERY short life span of CELL phones.
58. when no one takes me seriously.
57. Questions. Stop asking me Questions!!
56. Not being able to figure out my daily readers on this BLOG!
55. Not being funny.
54. Time. It crawls when I want it to run and sprints when I want it to slow.
53. My addiction to Facebook
52. Space Balls.
51. Lost. Thank goodness it is OVER.
50. Living away from my friends.
49. Not knowing if I will ever see you again.
48. feeling under appreciated.
47. being self conscious.
46. my NAKED ring finger!
45. Playing cards.
44. Steal my Sunshine by Len.
43. Waiting for mail.
42. fattening RED VELVET cake.
41. The cost of concert tickets.
40. Clutter.
39. Complicated Math.
38. Billboards.
37. My lack of ME time.
36. the feeling of disappointing those around me.
35. Gas. Having it, paying for it, pumping it, needing it.
34. Cold rain.
33. Humidity.
32. Doing the dishes.
31. When friends move away.
30. The fact the 'mycrazymotherinlaw.blogspot.com' is taken.
29. Non-sentimental gifts.
28. Buying gifts... not because I am cheap, but because I NEVER know what to get.
27. My inability to trust everyone.
26. Naive people.
25. Paying for parking.
24. Wanting to run away.
23. keeping secrets from you.
22. being unable to trust that you love me.
21. Running out of time to finish this BLOG.
20. Not being the coolest person I know.
19. Milk.
18. Poison Ivy.
17. Camping. I really hate it.
16. Being PALE.
15. Mushrooms.
14. Pasta and anything in a RED sauce.
13. Oily hand cream.
12. Germs... yours, mine and everyone's.
11. Cheap Lip balm.

Let's finishing up with 10 things I love... writing a list is VERY therapeutic and I feel good now. So, on to the 'I love's...

10. Lazy Sunday's in bed.
9. Fresh Bread... the smell, the taste... toasted or plain.
8. Solstice. My favorite Niece!
7. Shooting stars and the magic in them.
6. Being able to see beauty in ordinary things.
5. Making my friends laugh.
4. Writing.
3. Getting mail (emails and snail mail).
2. Working up a GOOD sweat.
1. Richard. I love him more than anything and I love him in a way I never thought possible.

That's it for today... my second last BOOT CAMP is tonight. Let's hope its a doozy!


Pounds to loose: 19(-5) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.3% - Inches Lost: 4

Thursday, August 12, 2010

a bit better...

Body Blast: 45minutes
Calories: 724 (ish)

I went. I didn't want to, but I knew if I didn't I would feel gross ALL day and I wouldn't enjoy myself. I also knew I didn't have the motivation to do anything on my own. So I tried a NEW class. It was good. I am glad I went. I don't feel completely better... considering they were serving a completely delicious looking cake when I got back upstairs. No. I didn't have any. I wanted to BUT it appears today isn't about doing what I want.

'What is BODY blast?' you're wondering. Well, its a GROUP exercise class that runs from 12pm to 12:45pm. It is taught by Anissa... the manager/co-ordinator of my gym. On paper it looks promising, but the with any new class you wonder if it can deliver. Oh it can.

It starts with a warm-up... some marching and jumping around. Then we introduce the step and it takes a turn. You start to sweat... marching up and down. Bouncing up and down. From there you get into routines... I am not co-ordinated, but certain people in class we're worse than me AND very distracting. Once we had a great sweat going we slowed it down and focused on weights... then its done. 45minutes flew BY!

I am back at my desk... hungry, but satisfied. 


Pounds to loose: 17(-7) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.3% - Inches Lost: 4

When nothing is happening I have NO motivation to continue...

... its all in the title.

I weigh more today then this time last week. WTF?? I am busting my ASS and not getting anywhere! ARGH! Boot Camp is almost over and I am NOT going to hit my goal. Damnit! I can't win!

Sorry... just angry today. Boot Camp was NOT as amazing as I thought it would be. Before I even worked up a sweat it was over.

I have a dinner tonight... I don't want too, not because I don't enjoy a FREE dinner and a swank restaurant, but because I don't want to eat, drink and be merry -- and my 'merry' I mean FAT!

I am supposed to do something today, but my legs (and chest) is SO sore I shouldn't run and spinning is terrible today.

And I think I am going to be sick... Ew!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I ran... sort of.

I am not even going to mark the calories... or even count this as a REAL blog. I am entering because I did go to the gym with EVERY intention of getting a good work-out, but when I found out my class was cancelled... well it all went down hill from there.

My MUSCLE UP class was cancelled because of a guru visiting. He was performing a meditation ceremony for all those that paid extra... doesn't seem very 'yoga-esque' but still he has to make a living. Anyways without any notice MUSCLE UP was cancelled and already at the gym I was determined to get a work-out.

I didn't know what run was up next, but I hit the treadmill anyways. I set it for 45 minutes and starting running. I don't even think you can call it 'running' I was hobbling like and injured rhino. My muscles are STILL sore from Monday/Tuesday. I got to 13minutes and died. I stayed on the treadmill for the entire 45minutes, but did walking hills instead. I am sure I burned calories, but no where near what I wanted and with how the scale is behaving this week I should have ran; I should have ran hard.

I got off the machine and stretched... my GOD, did it feel good! I love BOOT CAMP, but we don't stretch nearly enough. I think after BOOT CAMP I will go to ONE hot yoga session to smooth things over.

I have BOOT CAMP tonight! Circuit training again - yay! I hate it, but its a KILLER work-out.

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

THREE posts in ONE day!!

Spinning: 45minutes
Calories: 723

Three TIMES... I am a POSTING machine!

Just got back from Spinning and again Kerrie wasn't there. Nicole is awesome and actually popped my spinning cherry how every many months ago, but Kerrie is my favorite.

I probably shouldn't have participated today. My legs, back and shoulders are in pain from last night and I didn't go nearly as hard as I typically do, but I don't want to hurt myself. After all its better to go and sweat a little less than to sit at my desk and work on the -- who are we kidding? Three posts in one day means I have VERY little work to do.

My thighs were burning, but in a good way. I can feel my body getting stronger even if I am not loosing as much weight as I would like. I am hoping to hit 14 this week... 2 pounds per week would allow it, but you never know.

I am really looking forward to this weekend... Solstice is coming for the WHOLE weekend. Solstice is my very special, very adorable, love of my life niece. She doesn't get to come very often (her Dad lives 3 hours east of me), but when she does its a MESS. We play, bake and shop! This visit she is determined to stay up ALL night! How am I going to do this?!?! We're going to rent lots of movies and see how it goes... I like my sleep, but I love her even more and what ever she wants... is hers. I am the only one that spoils her rotten. She is the oldest of 5 and often plays the part of a parent (just so you don't get the wrong impression).

OH YEA! And great news in the odd to measure arena... my BELT! I have left whole number 4 (and sometimes 5) and moved forward. Remember, I started on hole number 3 (sometimes 2).
So even though the weight isn't coming off as quick as I had hoped. I am still making GREAT progress.


Pounds to loose: 17(-7) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.3% - Inches Lost: 4

Its that time AGAIN!

Yes, ladies (and gents) it is happening again.

The link above will lead you to a page that allows you to be generous and sponsor me.

For anyone unsure what this is...

"The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure is Canada's largest single day, volunteer-led fundraising event dedicated to raising funds for breast cancer research, and education and awareness programs.

Each year, thousands of Canadians of all ages and from all walks of life unite to participate in the Run. Their reasons for participating vary, but they all have the same goal; to create a future without breast cancer.

On Sunday, October 3, 2010, Run, Walk and Give Generously."

This is what started me running last June and kept me motivated through out the year. It is a cause I really believe in and an event I am thrilled to be a part of. Any help would be amazing!


Circuit Training at BOOT CAMP

BOOT CAMP: 60 minutes (Circuit Training)
Calories: 1000

Wow. Simply Wow. I was nervous about BOOT CAMP. This week is circuit training and I feared I wouldn't see the results I wanted (I have a lot of weekend mis-happenings to undo). I thought circuit training would be ALL weights and I needed cardio.

I. Was. Wrong.

Every part of me is sore. Carrie had us running all over the place. TWO warm up laps and a running station within the circuit. There were TEN stations and we spent about 3 minutes at each.

1. Sit-ups/Crunches with a body bar... 20 of each and switch, until the whistle blows

2. Running with a twist. You start with 2 jumps over a pylon. You run to the next pylon and drop a knee, alternating at the next pylon. Run to the next and squat. Run back. Continue until the whistle blows.

3. Tire run. Pick up a tire (motorcycle) and with it over your head do walking lunges to the end of the curb and, with tire in tow, run back to start. Continue until the whistle blows.

4. Skip.

5. Lift the GAS CAN. First with a squat press and then a bicep curl. 20 of each and repeat.

6. Run.

7. Elastic Band lunges. With an elastic band wrapped around a light post doing forward lunges with a forward press.

8. Ladder run. Ladders are laying flat on the ground and you have to 'hopscotch' through them.

9. Sand Bag Twist. Pick up the 20lbs sand bag and do 20 twists and run up the hill with the bag. Repeat, until the whistle blows.

10. With a 15lbs weight squat and swing the weight to eye level. Harder than it looks.

Then we RAN another lap and hit the circuit again, for a minute each station.

On top of sweating in the humidity it was rain... not BIG FAT fun rain, but misty make-everything-slippery-rain.

I got into my car and sunk into the seat. I was sopping wet and ready for a goods night sleep. I got a good nights sleep and today I am tired and happy; only one pound up from the weekend - woo!

I have spinning today... scary. I don't know how my legs will fare, but we're going to but them to the test.


Pounds to loose: 17(-7) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.3% - Inches Lost: 4

Monday, August 9, 2010

Again with the running...

Running: 52 minutes (15 run - 25 run/sprint/walk - 2 walk) 7.4km
Calories: 761

I always feel like I spend Monday getting caught up from last week (in today's case the weekend). I do it at work "Oh, I can leave that till Monday... and that... this too". Why does Friday-Melanie HATE Monday-Melanie??? The same process happens with my workouts. I fudge everything up on the weekend (that doesn't mean I add FUDGE to all my recipes (although brilliant) its a polite way to say I 'F' everything up.) I forget about running, stretching and good eating. I return to my old ways... not the really old ways of eating everything in sight, but the old 'like-a-month-ago' old... that skips breakfast and snacks along side Richard for most of the weekend.

I was doing SO good on Friday, but when I am bloated and cranky I justify any AND everything I can. I even had a Klondike Ice Cream sandwich (the BEST ice cream sandwiches ever made). it was worth it (only 210 calories and shared), but it doesn't help with the 3 pound gain over the weekend.

Rationally I know its water weight... its that time of the month and my weight has HUGE fluctuations, but its still no excuse.

I have BOOT CAMP tonight and I had a great run earlier... so hopefully I can undo MOST of what I did and be back on track for a 2 pound weight loss this week. I can't wait to see the scale read 14 POUNDS to GO!

I have a short week with lots going on. My routine is all over the place, but I have managed to keep all my work-out obligations.

 even scheduled a trip to Ikea with Cheryl - woo! Walking around that place is a great NON work-out, work out (my favorite kind).

I have LOTS of 'this-can-wait-till-Monday' work to do so I will keep this short.


PS - I met Richard TWO years ago yesterday, but we don't celebrate until the 15th of September... we can't make anything simple. Anyways the POLL: The majority of readers think I should take him away somewhere... I wish I could!

Pounds to loose: 19(-5) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 4

Has anyone seen this?!?!

In an effort to make this BLOG funny... look what I stumbled across this weekend. I had to share... Richard and I actually stopped cuddling to focus on this TV commercial and all its ridiculous-ness. I can think of at least ONE exercise that will target those muscles, but it is A LOT more fun... for him anyways.

Do people really buy into this?? If Boot Camp has taught me anything... to loose weight you need to WORK HARD... you don't need any weights. You're own bodies resistance is enough, but companies will do anything to make a quick buck.

Good Luck to you if you have already ordered this... I, too, at one point ordered the electrocuting AB BELT, but quickly realized my mistake and returned it. It will never cease to amaze me what they will come up with.

Hope you got a chuckle out of this.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Yay! Out of RESTART mode... back at original goal!

Boot camp: 60minutes
Calories: 1000 (or so Carrie says)

Why am I not MORE excited? I am the lightest I have been in years. I am out of the re-goal (to loose anything I had gained over holiday) and back on track. Yet I am in a FOUL mood this morning.

The important stuff is... I am down 8 pounds (29 in total). I measured quickly and didn't bring it with me, but I think I am down at least another inch. And the scale wouldn't give me body fat % this morning. See... everything isn't going well and its not even 9am.

I just get so involved with the drama in my house... its like house school, but with adults. It is exhausting... some one is always cranking AND I planned a night away, by myself. I organized with my Aunt and cousin to have a relaxing night in. That blew up when people wanted to invited. The very people I am trying to get a break from. Looks like Melanie looses out again and her night off is now about some one else. Its just upsetting because I was SO excited.

I guess that is what rained on my weight-loss parade.

Although this blog is about fitness and drama at home doesn't burn calories so I shouldn't even be discussing.

BOOT CAMP! Carrie has returned and in traditional fashion beat us up last night. I love BOOT CAMP... honestly I hate it while I am there, but I give 100% and love the results. We ran all over the place last night....  did a million sit-ups and squats. I am not sore today, but will be tomorrow.

Lots of work to get done.


Pounds to loose: 16(-8) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 3

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So I was running...

Running: 45 mins. (10 run - 35 run/sprint/walk)
Calories: 657

In the heat I ran. When I am determined to do something I am GOING TO DO IT! No matter the uncontrollable variables. Yes, it is hot BUT I want to stick to my 2 pounds a week decline and I can't let it slide now.

The run was challenging. It was hot and humid... 42 degrees with the humidity, but I wasn't the only runner out there so I knew I wasn't completely CRAZY! I ran the first 10 and felt good. I started on the 35 minute intervals and it got tough. The breeze, that was making it bearable, quit on me. The rain that followed ALSO quit. I was drenched in sweat and when I went for my sprints people looked at me funny. Happy to say that I can get up to 4 minute KMs in my sprints. Yay!

I finally called it a day at 45 minutes. I declined the offer (or suggestion) of 5 minutes of walking that my schedule insists, because I was standing at my front door with water and didn't want to walk around the block. Call my lazy... lol

I have a client lunch today at a Pizzeria (YUCK!), but BOOT CAMP tonight to sort it all out. My official weigh in is tomorrow (with measuring) BUT this morning I weighed in at my lowest weight in years (yay!).


Pounds to loose: 16(-8) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 3

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I finally GET IT!

MUSCLE UP: 45minutes

I feel like a NEW person... weird and VERY cliche, but I don't know where it came from. I am oddly motivated and finally realized 'you get out, what you put in'. Meaning if I half ass a work out and don't really commit the results aren't going to AMAZE me. And if I am going to spend an hour at the gym, why not make every second of it matter.

Today, for instance, I did muscle up. I typically work with 5 and 8 pound weights, plus a 12 pound body bar. I always pick the easy route, choosing to use the 5 over the 8. Today I thought why the hell am I spending time here slacking? No one is forcing to be here. I chose to be here... so today I took ONLY 8s and a 15 pound body bar. Everything burned and my arms shook, but I kept up. I was sweating more than I would like to admit too, but it felt good.

My point is... If you're going to run, RUN. If you're going to spin, SPIN. And if your going to work-out, WORK OUT! I hate those fakers... the pretty little girls with perfect make-up. You know the ones, they never break a sweat and leave 10minutes early. They drive me crazy, because they are the first to complain and not seeing results. I don't know why only NOW am I thinking about these things. Maybe because I am BACK on track... I am at my lowest weight in years and I can't wait to push through and get to my goal. I am recharged and excited to hit the gym (or pavement).

I am hoping to go for a run tonight... but it is almost 41 degrees and humid as all hell. I won't risk my health, but I won't risk my progress either.

I also need to say I am NOT hungry today... I packed a bigger lunch, mainly for variety, but I can't get through it. I want too... its all great food, but I am NOT hungry which is odd for me.

My extra snacks... Cashews (my fav) and deviled eggs. Yum! Recommended by my BOOT CAMP instructor, Carrie as a great source of protein, which I can NEVER get enough of and low in calories.

I didn't really have a recipe, but I knew what they were suppose to look like and Carrie mentioned something about mustard.

Deviled Eggs a la MOI!

Boil 2 LARGE eggs for 8minutes. Drain water from pot and fill with COLD water and ICE to chill. After 3 minutes de-shell eggs... carefully (I made four, but could only use two). Then with a sharp knife slice in half, careful not to split the white. Dig out the yolk and place in BOWL. Set WHITES in container, (preferable your transportation Tupperware to avoid extra moving). Mush the YOLKS into a thick paste. Add a half tablespoon of LITE mayo, a SQUIRT of mustard and a dash of pepper. Once smooth spoon into whites. Sprinkle paprika on top and ENJOY!

Calories: 160

Ok... It's home time and I am trying to eat my fresh cut fruit before I call it day.


Pounds to loose: 17(-7) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 3