Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I ran... sort of.

I am not even going to mark the calories... or even count this as a REAL blog. I am entering because I did go to the gym with EVERY intention of getting a good work-out, but when I found out my class was cancelled... well it all went down hill from there.

My MUSCLE UP class was cancelled because of a guru visiting. He was performing a meditation ceremony for all those that paid extra... doesn't seem very 'yoga-esque' but still he has to make a living. Anyways without any notice MUSCLE UP was cancelled and already at the gym I was determined to get a work-out.

I didn't know what run was up next, but I hit the treadmill anyways. I set it for 45 minutes and starting running. I don't even think you can call it 'running' I was hobbling like and injured rhino. My muscles are STILL sore from Monday/Tuesday. I got to 13minutes and died. I stayed on the treadmill for the entire 45minutes, but did walking hills instead. I am sure I burned calories, but no where near what I wanted and with how the scale is behaving this week I should have ran; I should have ran hard.

I got off the machine and stretched... my GOD, did it feel good! I love BOOT CAMP, but we don't stretch nearly enough. I think after BOOT CAMP I will go to ONE hot yoga session to smooth things over.

I have BOOT CAMP tonight! Circuit training again - yay! I hate it, but its a KILLER work-out.

Wish me luck!


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