Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Squat and LIFT!

Muscle Up: 60minutes
Calories: 500 ish

I have gotten into 'ish' because even reading (or re-typing) the exact number calculated by my iPhone is still only a little bit accurate.

I also felt like doodling vs. googling my picture for today's post.

I am not actually that skinny... if I was I wouldn't need this blog... now would I? I just couldn't accurately draw the rolls of fat around my middle. You could say I 'ish'ed' the picture like the calories.

Today's class was good... Anissa taught instead of Angela and although its very different I enjoy it. It's more like aerobics then weights, but with sore muscles from yesterday I welcomed the cardio.

She also (she's the gym manager or the 'GM') told us that the schedules were shifting... that's going to much up everything! I just got into a routine that works and they change it. Oh well... such is life.

Not much more to report... no silly thoughts or weird ephinany's... just me today. I might run tonight, but probably not. Probably a little R & R with Ricardo... well earned.


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