Monday, August 9, 2010

Again with the running...

Running: 52 minutes (15 run - 25 run/sprint/walk - 2 walk) 7.4km
Calories: 761

I always feel like I spend Monday getting caught up from last week (in today's case the weekend). I do it at work "Oh, I can leave that till Monday... and that... this too". Why does Friday-Melanie HATE Monday-Melanie??? The same process happens with my workouts. I fudge everything up on the weekend (that doesn't mean I add FUDGE to all my recipes (although brilliant) its a polite way to say I 'F' everything up.) I forget about running, stretching and good eating. I return to my old ways... not the really old ways of eating everything in sight, but the old 'like-a-month-ago' old... that skips breakfast and snacks along side Richard for most of the weekend.

I was doing SO good on Friday, but when I am bloated and cranky I justify any AND everything I can. I even had a Klondike Ice Cream sandwich (the BEST ice cream sandwiches ever made). it was worth it (only 210 calories and shared), but it doesn't help with the 3 pound gain over the weekend.

Rationally I know its water weight... its that time of the month and my weight has HUGE fluctuations, but its still no excuse.

I have BOOT CAMP tonight and I had a great run earlier... so hopefully I can undo MOST of what I did and be back on track for a 2 pound weight loss this week. I can't wait to see the scale read 14 POUNDS to GO!

I have a short week with lots going on. My routine is all over the place, but I have managed to keep all my work-out obligations.

 even scheduled a trip to Ikea with Cheryl - woo! Walking around that place is a great NON work-out, work out (my favorite kind).

I have LOTS of 'this-can-wait-till-Monday' work to do so I will keep this short.


PS - I met Richard TWO years ago yesterday, but we don't celebrate until the 15th of September... we can't make anything simple. Anyways the POLL: The majority of readers think I should take him away somewhere... I wish I could!

Pounds to loose: 19(-5) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 4

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