Monday, August 9, 2010

Has anyone seen this?!?!

In an effort to make this BLOG funny... look what I stumbled across this weekend. I had to share... Richard and I actually stopped cuddling to focus on this TV commercial and all its ridiculous-ness. I can think of at least ONE exercise that will target those muscles, but it is A LOT more fun... for him anyways.

Do people really buy into this?? If Boot Camp has taught me anything... to loose weight you need to WORK HARD... you don't need any weights. You're own bodies resistance is enough, but companies will do anything to make a quick buck.

Good Luck to you if you have already ordered this... I, too, at one point ordered the electrocuting AB BELT, but quickly realized my mistake and returned it. It will never cease to amaze me what they will come up with.

Hope you got a chuckle out of this.



  1. One of my friends mom bought this at bed bath and beyond and it makes your muscels burn but i'd rather do push up and work up a sweat than do something i know a lot of guys would think is fun!!

  2. Hahahaha! Yeah, save the money and do this the more fun way.