Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So many things to discuss!!

First... Ow! I went to Muscle up at lunch (a 45 minute cardio weights class... there is a step and a bar and free weights... you get the idea). I try to take a break from cardio mid week (Run Monday, Spin Tuesday) and normally this class is a bird class... ie. you fly right through it, but at least I was at the gym. Not today, Anissa is very pregnant right now and opted out of teaching which left us with Angela... also know as the 'beast'. She used to compete in fitness competitions... and is rock solid. She is fantastic and her classes are tough as all hell. I am aching all over. Whewf. I needed a good kick in the ass, but wow she was rough!! I am hoping to get out for a run today, but the rain seems to be against me... we'll see.

I have a 'second' point, but its been lost in the process of writing this... damn.

I have another point, but it doesn't warrant a 'second'... I started another blog. I have intense, clearly insane dreams EVERY night. It's distracting and confusing most of the time. I decided to write a blog about them. I would love to keep track and see if there is any relevance to my day to day life.

Check it out...

That's it for today... I have a pile of paperwork on my desk and they just delivered kabobs! Mmm...


Monday, June 20, 2011


I think I am still drunk. I'm a mess. Its ok, my weekend was WELL worth it, but I am pooped.

And on the front of keeping this fitness... I gained 8 pounds. I know that isn't logical, but for 2 days I have been up 8 pounds. And I am ok with it... surprisingly enough I feel like I know my body well enough to know it is simply dehydration paired with a crummy weekend diet and WAY TOO much booze.

But as I said.... completely worth it.

What trouble did I get into? You ask.

Friday night I happily celebrated with one of my best friends, because you see (its also her birthday today, Happy Birthday!!) she is getting married and Friday the hens gathered for a ridiculous bridal shower which turned into more of a martini party... it was perfect. All of the ladies in her life, together in one place to celebrate, but no silly games or sandwiches with the crusts cut off. If anyone involved in my planning reads this please note... I am ok with a shower like this.
Cassy is the one with the tiara... ie. the bride.

To learn about my strong hatred of bridal showers, go here.

The boys joined us later for an even more explosive celebration of the upcoming nuptials. Saturday morning was a little rough, but I pushed through to Saturday, which was a lot of planning and preparing, because Saturday night was Katie's surprise birthday party at the pub. She had NO idea and the night turned into a huge drinking game including jager bombs, chicken wings, crispy crunches, buttery nipples, blow jobs and an array of vodka waters... it was a mess, but so much fun. 
Yup, that's a vodka cake.
I knew I had blown the diet OUT of the water, but I was ok... until the next morning, because on Sunday morning at 9am we were meeting our photographer (for the first time) for our engagement photo shoot... on the motorcycles. It was quite the feat, but we powered through and it was a lot of fun (we'll get the pictures in about 2 weeks).

Sunday evening was spent laying around complaining as our insides ached and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Its back to the gym today... argh.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

300 posts!

Its a BIG day... sorry I haven't been blogging. It's a HUGE deal to hit 300 posts and I wanted this one to be fantastic, but I couldn't think of anything and I really didn't want to do a '300 favorite things' or a '300 things i learned post' which seems to predictable (and I have done it... see here). So I drew you a picture... the evolution of Melanie. Enjoy!

I don't have a lot of encouraging news to report... we're still settling in the new house and my diet and routine are suffering, but my love life and wedding planning are blooming... you win some, you lose some.

I have discovered my new running route... which I LOVE! There is a running path the length of the city just a block south of my house. I have used it several times in the last couple weeks. Its nice... although I have to remember the run home. The first time I am running along enjoying the views and got to 4k, exhausted only to realize I have to run BACK... my legs were not happy about the stairs when I got home... in fact, in protest they kept me on the ground floor for an extra hour, before allowing me to move forward with my shower plans. I now know to run only 2.5kms in one direction before turning around and running back.

I am also playing with a new app... Run Keeper. My Nike Sensor finally died (battery life, 500 hours... I'm just saying.) Its pretty cool and works on GPS... it even gives you a map of your run and posts to Facebook. Its nice too, because when Richard teases me about running around the block I can show him the little map of how far I have been... its shuts him up really quickly.

All and all I am good... I don't feel obsessed anymore, but I am in control and enjoying my life. I never thought after 300 posts, 47 pounds and 18 months I would be where I am today.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yup! We are all moved in... sorry it has taken me so long to find my way back to my little BLOGGY-WOG!

I don't have much fitness to report. I did manage to get to spin yesterday, which nearly killed me. The move was a huge test on my fitness level with all the heavy lifting, sleepless nights and stairs. Did I mention the stairs?!??! Its 10 steps to get to the front door (its a 3-storey townhome) and another 6 once you're inside. Then another 16 to the bathroom... all that with heavy boxes in your arms. My legs are sore...

I also have no idea what I weigh or where my weight loss is... I don't have a scale and one just hasn't made it in to the budget... its freeing and unnerving. I like to know where I am at... I find it motivating.

Exciting news... about a block south of my new home is a fully paved ravine. Its  a great running path and runs the length of the city. I am hoping to test it out tonight... if its not too hot. I may be eager, but I am not stupid... its suppose to be over 40 degrees with the humidity today... ew!

The first day... even before we have tried the key. That's Richard's excited half face!

Our empty living/dining room

All my boxes to unpack.

Our first dinner... infamous CHAPS wings.

No, these are NOT detox or diet friendly, but they were SO good!

This is about 3am... I am covered in paint sipping champagne.

i <3 you.

After 7 hours of unpacking... its never ending and I carried those up ALL the stairs. I earned the wings!

My birthday present from the parents... my little island.
My little baking cuppboard, I hung the hooks myself...

Our BIG cloud bed... yup is KING SIZE!
The other wall... and my new TV... there is a lot of 'new' in this house. Yay!

Here comes the couch!

Our new living room set :)
Richard's Helmet Wall... pretty neat, huh?

Finally the bikes... and everything is home :)