Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Monday... not really!

Week 3... Day One as the running schedule goes, but really it is DAY ONE of BOOT CAMP (that should be said with a BIG voice and a lot of echo!)

I think I need it... I gained 4pounds while I slept last night. Seems unrealistic, but I shit you not... I tucked myself in at an exciting 18 pounds remaining (-7) and woke up at a whopping 22 pounds to loose (-3). I must have sleep walked to the kitchen and MOWED down on ALL the junk I could find. How else do you explain it??

The weekend was good. I managed to get out for a run Thursday night, but not Friday or Saturday because of weather and honestly, on Sunday I was in NO mood. I am NOT your standard girlie girl who jumps up and down and screams when she sees her friends, I don't care much about make-up or hair (I am a natural beauty), I don't make a big fuss over babies and I DON'T LIKE BRIDAL SHOWERS! I think it is all a scam - yup, I said it. Bridal Showers are a SCAM.

Now i realize that it wasn't MY bridal shower so I did put on the frilly outfit, buy the BIG present and fain excitement, but 3 in 2 weeks?? Are you kidding? It is the summer - MY weekends are MY TIME and Sunday was the perfect riding day; in fact, ALL of the men went riding while all the crazy women played party games. Which brings me to my conclusion... Why do boys get to have MORE fun?? What benefit is there to being a woman??? Yes, we create life HUGE benefit, but beyond that, what is the perk? The cramping, the bloating, the mood swings??? How about trying to cram into stupid little outfits or being proclaimed the weaker sex? Do we benefit in the work world any better? No. We gain weight easier and find it harder to loose. We're expected to multi task all the time. There are more physical expectation on women and on top of ALL that we are forced to attend stupid little parties with stupid little, crusts cut off, sandwiches! (and NO I didn't indulge so that isn't where the extra 4 pounds came from).

Whewf! Sorry things got away from me there. I just hate all the hoopla. I propositioned Richard with an elopement in Hawaii... all the benefits - none of the fuss and he said 'No, I want a big wedding and I think YOU will regret not having one'. Right, I will regret NOT fighting with my mother-in-law to be over table linens. I will regret NOT going into debt so our friends can drink for free. I will regret NOT having to choose between my BEST friends for Maid of Honor. I will regret NOT starving myself for weeks to fit into a stupid dress that took weeks to find and cost more than my car. I will regret NOT picking out flowers, centre pieces and name tags. And of course I will regret NOT going to ALL my showers, because we know how MUCH I will LOVE that! Isn't the wedding all about the bride - ie. ME? And wouldn't most men be thrilled to NOT spend the money and still get the honeymoon?

Wait - I have to stop there. I am not engaged. No, you didn't miss a BIG milestone in my life... I just got all wrapped up in the wedding talk from the weekend. Maybe I did scare Richard when I came home clearly pissed off at the world and starting making wedding demands.

Let's get back on track with the fitness-esque stuff. I just needed to get a few things off my chest. Thank you.

I am running today at lunch (as the schedule insists) and heading to BOOT CAMP tonight, we'll see how tired I am tomorrow on whether I double up like that again. I need to do something, but I don't want to kill myself over it. I need to make it realistic so after I do loose all the weight it is a lifestyle I can maintain.

I have pictures and I bought a NEW toy... actaully Richard bought it for me, but it is VERY cool and I will share it with you in my next post.


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