Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am ALL over the place!

So I did decide to continue with my hiatus... I have so much going on in my pretty little head I can't focus, but an epiphany happen today. I have that cloud of haze around me because of this hiatus. My body thoroughly enjoys working out and is punishing me with sleepless night, irritability and bloating should I attempt to continue said hiatus.

I also feel the need to share the details of what is confusing me and throwing off my routine... this is, after all a fitness blog and a lot of my emotional issues relate directly to my fitness level.

**I will return to my new found motivation and game plan further down...

Item #1 - Work. I may or may not be considering moving within Canada, but not within Ontario. I won't elaborate for fear of jinxing anything or confusing fate with too much discussion, but it has been a key player in my lack of motivation... mainly because of the time it takes to go through the process; not to mention the endless discussions at home, righting pro/con lists and hearing, from everybody and their sister, why it is a good or bad idea. It's simply exhausting to have to consider so many opinions... I remember the simple days of doing what I wanted, when I wanted... why did I ever give up those days???

Item #2 - The unexplained black-out, dizzy spells have returned and I can't for the life of me figure out why. I am not hungry... although I am keeping to my low-cal diet (most days). They come at varying times during the day ranging from forgetting my name to seeing spots.

***I am on meds to resolve this spells, but its not working anymore.

Item #3 - The workload has tripled. I take things home to work on... I having mini brainstorming sessions over dinner. I have less time to hit the gym on my lunch break, because typically I don't get one.. yea, I am THAT important (a joke, for all of those you DON'T know me).

Item #4 - I am house sitting a bunch of monkeys!! I don't ever remember being SO stupid. Their intentions are good a lot of the time, but their plan of attack is terrible. I come home to 6, 16 teen year olds bleeding the kitchen dry of nourishment. I can't keep up and find myself resigned to boxed, frozen and fast foods. I also don't sleep... either they're making noise or TOO quiet and obviously up to something! It's not my normal routine for commuting or preparing lunches... in short it is a mess and thankfully over this Sunday.

Speaking of Monkeys... worth clicking.

Item #5 - I am combining 5&6 to save time, because they are huge factors in my mood lately, but not directly effecting me. My brother and my sister in law are dividing their lives - scary and too real. I also had to find a home for my cat... Satchmo. Giving away a pet sucks!

Item #7 - Can't be discussed, buts its a doozy!!

Now let's move forward with 'The Plan' to leave the dreaded (and lengthy) plateau...

First (to commence as of July 12th... ie. end of insane babysitting) - A new running schedule...

Ok... so it's NOT new, but it's good and I am starting at the beginning again, since I let the running slide...(slide right out of my routine). I supplemented their strength training exercise with group fitness classes at my gym and I opted to start this 6 week program on Monday.
Second (directly following the first step) - Boot Camp!

This is also not NEW, but it will be the first time I can commit to this program. I found this site (the actual boot camp site is searching for Boot Camps in my neck of the roads. I found a few, but this one stood out and after emailing with Carrie Burrows (the creator) I couldn't wait to get started. The problem... I never made it back to Georgetown in time for the night camps. I no longer have that excuse... I switched shifts and have more than enough time to get home (pick-up Richard... yes, he is doing it with me) and head to camp. It is a 4 week program which should carry me into the fall. I am just waiting on actual dates as I am guessing right now.

Her blog is worth the read too... I felt like Carrie was telling the story of me ONLY she knew the ending.

So there it is. Simple TWO step program to getting back on track and get in shape before the first snow fall. I want to loose another 17 pounds before November (that's when Christmas baking starts and it is ALL downhill).

I want to finish this year in the best shape of myself and make my resolution for 2011 something more exciting than 'to loose weight and get in shape' been there, done that!

Ok... if you are paying attention I also can't do my 2 steps if all of my items don't fall in to place as well... but I can't spend my time planning... I hate it and it doesn't work. So off I go on an adventure.

I will blog everyday... that is my motivation to stick to it... sharing my journey with you.


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