Monday, July 12, 2010

Day ONE the workout...

Running: 30minutes (+5 walking)... 4;52km
ABS class: 15minutes
Calories: 645

** Yellow is the colour of work out phase TWO (see below for headway on my goals... )

I am writing this with sweat dripping on to my keyboard (gross, but effective way to paint the picture of today's workout). I wanted to write RIGHT after my work-out to prevent lost information in regards to 'my feelings' about today's work out.

First... Holy Mother of Frank I am tired.

Second... 2 weeks... that is all it took to loose EVERYTHING.

Third... I successfully finished DAY ONE.

It felt SO good to get back on the treadmill... I remember hating the treadmill and longing for the summer months so I could run outside. Than I got used to the treadmill and fell in love. You can watch TV, read or gaze out the window in any temperature. You can regulate your speed and you can point a fan at you.... right in your face, barely inches from your nose, if you want. It is fantastic. I felt good about today's run... I wasn't side tracked by sleeves or drama in my life. I ran with a clear mind simply counting until it was time to turn it up... (every 5 minutes or 300 seconds I up the tempo once...)  I enjoyed the run and despite the frustration of barely making 30 minutes (after previously running 7k non-stop).

Everything timed out perfectly and as my NIKE voice was announcing I completed my work-out it was time for ABS class. I love ABS class... it's like work-outs for ADHD victims... its 15minutes, no stretching, no waiting and no BS. You're doing crunches for 15minutes straight... which doesn't sound like much, but you try it and we'll see.

I have a dull ache from head to toe and I love it. Glad to be back.


Pounds to loose: 24  -  Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0%  -  Inches Lost: 0

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