Tuesday, July 6, 2010



I am taking a hiatus from eating right and working out... not that I have earned it, but with the weather (heat alerts with temperatures over 43 degrees) I can't run outside and I have little interest in getting sweaty at the gym... only to know I have no way to cool down.

I also gave up tracking my food intake, because I eat some weird shit that is hard to follow and its only going to get harder... as I implement my NEW budget, which doesn't leave a lot of breathing room for grocery shopping.

I have to do something to re-gain control of my life. I gave away the reigns and I feel frustrated and alone. Independent Melanie has returned. This new budget is exciting and puts me in a GREAT place to house hunt, take care of myself and stop constantly waiting for someone else to step up and take charge.

Once the weather regulates I will be back on the road and at the gym. I haven't found my motivation yet (obviously!), but it will come. Isn't there a saying about patience being a virtue??? I have never been good at patience, but I am working on it.

Stay tuned... it will get interesting as I try to live life to the fullest on a SMALL budget.

I leave you with this... no more exciting news to share. It dissipated before it blossomed... sorry to get you excited for nothing.


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