Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day TWO... and I am still GUNG-HO!

Spinning: 45minutes (... of INTENSE cardio)
Calories: 739 (ish... I think I worked harder!)

Whewf!! I am glad it is over! I mean I am GLAD it happen, but I am even more glad it is over. I am motivated and excited to get to the gym... I feel relaxed and energized afterwards, but in the middle... the part while I am sweating my face off, that's the part I don't COMPLETELY enjoy.

Kerrie was on her GAME today. (You can tell I am excited or wound-up when A LOT of things are capitalized!) She attended the Lady Gaga concert last night in Toronto and let's just I have NOW heard enough Gaga for the day and I like Gaga, but I have never had such an intense track mix of ONE artist. Kerrie even referred to us as 'her sweaty little monsters' it was too funny.

I skipped ABS today, because ONE they still hurt from yesterday and TWO I have a date tonight (yay!) and needed to use ABS time to shower. I am all fresh and clean AND even wearing make-up... The air pressure in the room just shifted with all the GASPS! Yes, I wear make-up, but only for VERY special occasions. Richard is coming to Toronto and we're going to the thee-ATE-are (must be said with snobby British accent).

I love anything (and everything) live! We're going to see Rock of Ages and I have heard it is fantastic. I am sure you will hear about it tomorrow... if I am awake enough to hit the gym... YAWN!

Side note... why do I feel EVERYONE is trying to sabotage me?!?! Has anyone else ever felt like this?

Case in point #1 - Lunch dates, everyone wants to go on a lunch date. This is great, except I go to the gym at lunch and honestly love it. Yet when someone wants to go to lunch I get a puss face when I explain I will be at the gym. Like I have ruined their entire week by declining... and trust me guilt works on me. Only now (in round 2) am I putting my foot down and turning down offers... heck, I am turning down offers all over the place.

Case in point #2 - Dinner (all things focus around food) I live with a family - not my family. This family is close knit and loving. They do EVERYTHING together and you guessed it... family dinner is EVERY night and I am expected to attend. Don't get me wrong I enjoy family dinner AT dinner time. This family dinner is often after 10pm (and past my bedtime). Which means I snack all evening, because I can't eat before... that is considered rude AND I can't make my own (before you consider me a brat) the Mother of the house enjoys having things her way and makes it VERY difficult to infiltrate the kitchen let alone prepare a meal. I will get back to snacking. Then at 10:30 dinner is served and it is FULL of fat and typically not in my calorie budget so I eat a bowl of cereal and take part in conversation, but the looks I get when I decline the home cooked meal are intense... the guilt I feel when I want to go to bed early and attempt to eat my bowl of cereal early. The worst part is EVERYBODY at the table knows I am trying to get fit. I also don't think its good to eat that late... but what do I know!

Case in point #3 - Snacking. I live in a house with a family. All in the family are attempting to get fit YET the cupboards are STOCKED with cookies, crackers and chocolate... I find it SO difficult to be near the kitchen without snacking, that I spend most of my time UP stairs which is considered rude. Snacking also happen innocently enough when my MANfriend (boyfriend seems SO high school and he is OK with being my MAN friend... one (small) step closer to commitment, ladies) open his warm, squishy heart and brings enough snacks for both of us upstairs. He has the best intentions I am sure, but I don't want an ice cream cone at 11pm (well I do, but the diet doesn't). I try to turn him down, but the ice cream is already here and the thought is very sweet that I EAT it! And I like it... and then... down hill...

Does anyone else fight this battle?!? Help me, NOT help myself... please.

That's it for today... tomorrow is MUSCLE UP and a running in the evening.

Check out below for my stats.


Pounds to loose: 23 - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0% - Inches Lost: 0

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