Saturday, July 3, 2010

Setting up a new blog...

Running: 45minutes (6km)
Calories: 578

We continue down the path of house sitting and Richard has decided to start a blog - yay! He really needs to share his motorcycle knowledge... its quite impressive. - go there NOW! Actually give him a minute to finish his first post and THEN go there NOW! Thanks!

As for above... I did make it out for a run. It is nice to get back on the road in fact I wish I was running right now, but MY GOD it's hot. I actually had to go buy shorts... there is a first time for everything. I have never owned shorts - thunder thighs and all, but am old enough now to appreciate comfort over style and I happy to say I love my legs... they're very full of muscle, but that is not apparent just from looking at them.

I am hoping to get out more often... now that my commute is 35minutes I can come home and hit the pavement.

I finally figured out my lack of motivation... I have nothing to look forward too anymore. I worked so hard at the beginning of the year, because I had to get in shape for the rally, but what the hell am I working towards now... I have NOTHING going on (can you tell I am upset about this??) I feel like my life is in limbo and I am just waiting for everything to happen, but its all out of y control and mainly in Richards... that I am bored.

Umm... I do have HUGE news coming up, but I can't even discuss it, because it is SO TOP SECRET I could share, but I would have to hurt you... maybe even kill you - and who wants that??? Not me.

Ok... I am rambled long enough. I have to go prep for a yummy-steak filled BBQ with friends and a lot of drinking... I will work off the calories tomorrow... hopefully.


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