Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm getting there... slowly, very slowly

BOOTCAMP: 60 minutes
Calories: 723

I have to say... although AWESOME, BOOT CAMP was a little disappointing. I felt like we did more on the first day even though we did less. Maybe I just didn't feel the pain, because even though I pushed it HARD. I am not sore this morning. I am sure tomorrow I will be, at least I hope.

Carrie is such a motivator I am glad she came into my life... with out being all preachy. She makes you want to do better and keeps things quick and fun. There is never any anger or disappointment. Everything you do she is proud of you. From the runners to the walkers, the young to the old and the able to the not able. It is an amazing environment to be apart of and I will genuinely miss it.

It also gets me out of the house, plus I can't blow it off. I paid for EACH session so I have to go... even if it did mean missing the LAST bike night of the season.

I weighed in this morning and measured. I am happy about the results, but I was honestly hoping for better. I wanted to hit 17 this week. I have been hovering about 15 for 3 months... its like my unattainable goal. I don't even want to stay at 15, but I want to get past it. 15 would also bring my overall loss to 30. That for me would be incredible, but I just can't get there! I have 3 more weeks of BOOT CAMP to get there and I better be there by the end. I did loose a few more inches, which is awesome, but again I haven't even caught up with my last attempts final product. I am feeling a little discouraged, but I know it will all work out.... haha get it?

I have to run sometime this weekend and then I am done for the week. Monday is a holiday, but BOOT CAMP is still happening SO is running. No rest for the wicked... what ever that means.


Pounds to loose: 18(-6) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.2% - Inches Lost: 3

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