Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Update from the unknown - land of pregnant


It has been entirely too long since I have posted… or sweat… or ran anywhere. I am still pregnant; which is a beautiful magical disgusting thing that all mothers must go through to get to the glory of motherhood. I can honestly say it is all worth it… 2-3 years later. I am not a baby person; I am a kid person and very quickly becoming a toddler person. Thomas is 26 months (2, he’s 2 years old) and he is a good freaking time. Yes there are plenty of tantrums, but most of that is knowing what he wants and being unable to get it or ‘keep it’. I say, preach it. There are plenty of things I want but can’t have or keep, like a waistline. I would love to throw myself on the floor, but as an adult I know about consequence and reasoning… he doesn’t. So he cries. I let him. When he puts on his ‘happy face’ and asks me nicely we always find a compromise.

So here I am fat and glowing in all my glory. I miss running and the gym, I miss sweating (on purpose being mid pregnancy through a heat wave is the worst). I miss feeling good, refreshed, happy. I have been so down and out this pregnancy, I can barely do a flight of stairs without gasping for breath AND by 7pm I can’t walk, the muscles in my lower half have given up for the day and I waddle, hobble and crawl to my bed.

I was able to put my gym membership on hold, it’s up three flights of stairs and I had to take a few breaks, but it helped in my ‘medical hold’, because I could barely breathe to tell the girl I needed to put my membership on hold.

It will be reinstated February 22nd. I figure that is more than enough time to recover and get back at it, she says optimistically. I am still hoping to pop this bundle out in December, but who knows. I feel like December 28th is right, but we won’t know until we get there. I think that is my Grandpa’s birthday, which would be amazing.

We still don’t have a name or a nursery design, as everything was all prepped for a little lady to be joining the family. This little guy is continuing to surprise us. Thomas still cries for baby sister, I get it buddy, but girls aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, ask my brother, he hates me almost as much as my father does. Maybe boys are the way to go – there is no turning back now. So another little motorcycle racer is joining our team in 3 months.

As for my fat and how it is proportioned, because isn’t that the whole point of this blog and this post. I am lucky this round, being so sick I have only gained 16lbs at 25 weeks and most of that seems to be in my belly, it is round and clearly a baby, which has made it easier for gawkers. No wondering… is she fat or pregnant? This beach ball announces itself and arrives a full 5 seconds before I do. Story of my life, always chasing after my boys.

So I am allowing myself a FULL 20lbs in the next 15 weeks, but let’s hope we can stay healthy and keep it closer to 15, which is insanely optimistic based on the 75lbs I gained with Thomas.

With that rough numbers I will have 80lbs to lose by January 2017. I can do this. Again.
I have my Nutritionist on standby and my gym member on hiatus, Jillian Michaels in the DVD player and water on tap.

Wish me luck, I might not be back until it is time to introduce 3.0…. so, happy Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas (or Hanukkah). I am not wishing Happy New Year, because I will have a baby before 2016.