Monday, December 26, 2016

Well Mr. New Year... we have things to discuss.

I can't believe I find myself here again. I can't believe I wasted all my hard work by letting things slide, small at first and then huge leaps of failure. I stopped even trying to be successful. I can fire off the excuses, but really I just gave up. I killed it in June and July, I dropped 20lbs. I ate well and worked out, I weighed in weekly and I was happy... clothes were starting to fit again. I felt good... then it plateau'd. It was 5 months of the same numbers on the scale, I could drink all the water, sleep all the hours, count all the calories and running all the kms... yet it wouldn't budge. I lost motivation. I lost it all.

I found burgers, cake and pies. Chocolate for breakfast, snacks in bed, milkshakes... everything I ever wanted, and always had a perfect excuse.

Now its Boxing day and I am here, with my new scale and my gifted gym membership wondering how to get back on track. What can I do to find the motivation? Set a goal? Find a teammate? Join a program? A trainer?


I don't know... I am eating chocolate as I read this, because... just because. Argh.

I hate myself. I hate how I feel, how I look in pictures... I hate it. HATE IT!

I don't have a solution in this post.

I do have a million new things to share...

I got a new job, I started last week. Zac started daycare. He started last week. So a new routine is forming, I just need to figure out where the gym and meal prep fit in.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

bricks or feathers.

So I am having this debate, mostly with myself, I mean Zac is here, but he's not all that focused on his side of the argument.

Which burns more calories... Running 3km or walking 3km? In theory it's the same amount of steps, but is it the same amount of calories?

Running is more rigorous and causes more exertion/sweat, but is condensed.

Running 3k = 20 minutes

Walking is more casual and causes minimal sweat/exertion, but takes up more time.

Walking 3k = 35 minutes

And if they are the same calories, which has more health benefits? Science (and the Internet) tell me interval training is the best for fat loss, which combines the two. But again... 3k is 3k.

Right? This might just be the, 'which weighs more a 100lbs of feathers or a 100lbs of bricks', all over again.

And also, this new happy water is making me tired.



Thursday, October 6, 2016

Stepping off the scale and fighting the lazy gene

I am driven by results, when something works I will do it and do it well. On the other side I am devastated by lack of results, when I am consciously eating well, hitting my daily steps, drinking water and going to the gym (especially after an exhausting rainy day with both boys) and then I step on the scale and its up (or the same which is more defeating sometimes)... That's when I quit, because doing nothing warrants the same results, so WHY DO ANYTHING?? Can you feel my frustration?? My day was determined in the first 5 minutes, because that was when the scale told me if I was a failure or not. 

So I decided to step off the scale, which is huge (typically I weigh in 3+ times a day... Obsessive, right??). To prevent cheating; my morning starts (while still in bed) with drinking a litre of water. This skews any scale read and is enough to disuade my from it (learning your quirks and what works for you is part of adulting). 

I'll let you know how that pans out tomorrow (Friday is weigh in). But as of now, I feel great, optimistic even. 

I'm realizing now, laziness is genetic. My Mum, Dad and Brother are naturally lazy, I'm very aware of that. It's highlighted by Richard, who barely sleeps. 

I feel my lazy gene kick in when spending all day in bed seems like a completely suitable way to spend a day. I have to make a conscience effort to take every step towards healthy. Literally EVERY STEP. 

It's not an excuse, just another realization about myself. 

I'd write more, but my lazy genes have overulled my desire to further explain.


Thursday, September 8, 2016


I am an unreliable old fart. Argh!

Nothing much to discuss... I have been keeping up with the schedule, but the scale hasn't moved.

I have been sleeping more, but that's about it.

Fun things to come :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Finally a step...

... Class!

I am a rare breed that freaking loves step! I love dancing along to music and bouncing all over the step. I like the rythym and flow of step, it's all fluent and predictable. There is no hang time to get bored, but lots of room for more.

I love it. 

I'm sweaty and about to have my THIRD shower of the day. Zac and I hiked in the heat and I woke up needing a shower... Now I need it worse than before.

Please god let the scale reflect my hard work this week. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Pondering, a slippery slope...

Today I thought about the best (read:easiest) solution to all my problems and the only solution I came up with was to stop eating. Not only did this free up all the time spent chewing, swallowing and digesting, but the time to journal my calorie intake and the time to meal plan (read: stress about what the hell I can eat), meal prep, grocery shopping... All time given back to me on this plan.

PLUS I'd lose weight, it would be inevitable... No calories in, means a daily deficit, means weight loss and at this point who cares if it's water weight, fat, muscle or bone. This is how badly I want to be skinny. 

My growing mountain of debt and lack of employment wouldn't be a concern either. My grocery bill would drop, my gym membership cancelled. I wouldn't need a new wardrobe... 

The stress associated with all of the above would be gone and the daily disappoint of not losing and/or gaining weight would be over. 

Sounds like the perfect solution, but I'm too damn responsible and thick headed to do it. These are the actual thoughts I have running through my twisted mind as I battle everyday to get fit.

I know there is a difference between skinny and healthy, but I am almost beyond the point of caring. I can worry about being healthy after I lose 100lbs.

I'm also struggling to turn this post around and make it light and funny when it still seems like the best option... Just for a little while. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Everyday posting is harder than I thought, especially during a low.

I'm feeling discouraged, Mother Nature hit me hard last week, the horomones of stopping nursing and that 'time', meant I was a big ball of tears. And believe it or not crying while working out doesn't burn extra calories like it should. 

I made mistakes out of frustration and I am feeling it today, bloated and sore. 

Isn't there a saying about getting up again? Well I'm going to do that. 

Peach festival today and then the gym.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Virtual Fitness?

Yesterday I headed to Grimsby to test out this 'Virtual Fitness', Goodlife is promoting.

First I walked in on the Yoga class, than the meatheads took the exercise room and I legit cried, then at 9:10pm under total exhaustion (I elliptical'd until I could make a new plan) I tried vitual fitness.

I wanted to step, that was the whole point. I love stepping, but can't ever make it to a class (who can at 5pm). They don't offer step in Virtual Fitness (of course). A lot of Zumba and Sh'bam, but I am not shaking my big butt around for everyone to see; so I settled on BODYPump.

It was only offered in 28 minute classes -- 19 minutes later I was done, wondering if anyone knew how to count. On the upside, having a class alone (without an instructor to judge) is great because you can move frantically and freely without recourse, the equipment is ready available and you're on your own time. The downside is no one to challenge (even if its just in my head) and no one to watch (we all do it, we watch the poor uncoordinated lady give it everything she's got, its ok to say this, because most of the time I am her).

I'll probably do it again, but waking up on the scale this morning, this week doesn't seem worth all the effort.


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Dragon Hike

Dora the Explorer is always getting me in to trouble... she found a waterfall and since then Thomas has talked about the waterfall, so this morning we went in search of a waterfalls -- and dragons, but Thomas added that detail last minute, so we're still looking for the winged beasts.

I took the boys up to Tiffany Falls, its in Ancaster and after a short hike; over bridges and through rocks (thank goodness for my all terrain stroller #Bobisthebest), it opens up to a tall waterfall, cascading down the escarpment.

Thomas loved it, Zac loved it and so did I. I worked up a sweat, got some sun and spent the morning showing my boys you don't have to sit in front of a screen to be entertained (The irony is not lost that since there nap I have been working on the computer *facepalm*).

The house is a mess, I can't work on it and myself... I chose myself. The house will survive, the boys will create memories and I'll fit back into my old wardrobe.

I am off to the gym tonight (Against schedule) to try a vitural class (details to follow).


Missed a post, but not a workout!

First the promised update from Monday.

I got to the Goodlife up on the mountain around 7:30 and started on the elliptical. I did their 'variety' plan with lots of hills. 22 minutes of climbing and I headed to the weight, quick full body circuit and the swimming! I climbed into my Mom suit, showered and headed to the deck, anyone that knows me, knows I hate swimming/water, but it works out new muscles and adds variety so... Let's dive in. 

I swim like a frog, it's weird, but that's how my Nana taught me and it gets me through, keeps me a float and doesn't put my face underwater. I call it a win.

I decided to add to the fun with a Sauna after my swim. It was delicious. I used their fancy swimsuit dryer and headed home ready for bed.

Now Tuesday, tricky day, because I had a date to see a movie in the evening (more to follow). So I loaded Zachary up and we headed for a 4.01k. It was great, sweaty and fun. I doubt Zac loved it. He, like Thomas, is not a fan of the stroller, but until he can voice his opinion it doesn't count #politics

I tried to keep my diet in check because I knew movie meant popcorn and there was a plan (might have been my idea) to go for dessert afterwards. After all this was a date with my favourite Moms and we needed a good catch up.

The movie, BAD MOMS was awesome. If you haven't seen it you should. We were literally laughing out loud through most of it. I only bought a SMALL popcorn, no drink (I snuck in a green tea, shhhh!), no treats; still 340 calories *eye bulge*, but I did skip dinner so maybe it would be ok.

And then dessert, splurging is a part of living. I got the Fork Awakens and Sweet Mary of Jesus is was delicious, not to heavy and just-- fucking good.

I even logged my calories for the evening at well over 1200... I ended up hitting my 10,000 steps and went to bed feeling satisfied.

Less so on the scale this morning...


Monday, August 22, 2016

How is day two?

I am eating a bowl of cupcake goldfish as I type this. It's been a long day, but despite this 'dessert', I'm doing great. A long walk with the boys, a reasonable diet and a plan to hit the gym for a run/weight and swim. Yup... I am going swimming, at least that is the plan (Richard ducked out after dinner and has yet to return, in fact I am only typing this because I am sitting with a whiny toddler waiting for him to finish his dinner... it's been an hour. Eat the damn chicken. It was a fight to eat the broccoli (previously his favourite until Justin Time told him it smelled like dirty socks. Thanks Justin.) We got through that hurdle and now its chicken... the best chicken I have ever BBQ'd, juicy and delicious, neither man finished (sometimes I feel so appreciated).

Anyways... I think its been a good day, despite having no sleep and a wicked cold. Poor little Thomas was up all night with a dirty smoker cough and just wanted to snuggle (melt, which is hard to type because as we speak he is telling me he is very mad with me right now, because I am insisting he eat his dinner). Zac is so congested you can tell he is frustrated and claws at his sweet baby face and only really gets sleep when propped up on my chest... two kids, one Mum, you do the math #sotired

BUT I am going to the gym! I am going to go as soon as I can. I am going to run and read my book (Thank you Sophie for writing something I want to read) and then lift some weights and after a quick shower i am going to swim laps! woot! God, I hope I remember how to swim and I also hope there is not a crowd, because a more 'Mom' swimsuit does not exist... its that or wear a t-shirt in the pool, which I think draws more attention than owning the MOM suit.

Gah! As I type it I think about cancelling... I was hoping to be at the gym by now, but here I sit pleading with a toddler to EAT YOUR CHICKEN as tears stream down his cheeks (I am not demanding he eat it all, or clear his plate, but try it and actually swallow it, toddlers are so damn literal).

Times up... bath time for Thomas.

More to follow post workout... if I make it there at all.


Update; Monday circuit complete, details to follow in day 3s report #cliffhanger

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Can't vow to post and skip day one!

Today I walked, slowly with a stroller and then I napped for 4 hours, because whatever germ invaded my toddlers sweet little body yesterday, moved on to me today. 


This brings me back to sleep is good for me, right? 

Stoked for swimming tomorrow! 


Saturday, August 20, 2016


I am, apparently, the queen of starting a story and forgetting the ending. Please know it drives me crazy too... Especially when I'm back-reading to compare progress and I post, lead up, progress and NO follow up.

What happen on my *bike trip in 2010? Did I get my **thyroid resolved? Did I have a ***baby? Did I finish or win any challenges?

All loose ends... 

The challenge are the most relevant so let's make this post about them.

Challenge #1 - hosted by me, ran for 12 weeks and was a moderate success. I lost 20lbs and came in second overall, but it kind of went south at the end and only 2 competitors submitted their final weights (I had to cancel the final in person weigh in because of family issues, that got cancelled last minute anyways #drama). So Im not sure I will do it again. It was fun to play host, but not sure the participants enjoyed it as much as possible.

Challenge #2 - hosted by one of my darling (and competive) friends #youknowImright. It lasted for 4 weeks and I lost that one, I shed 13 pounds, but started over 100lbs heavier than my competitors (it pains me to say that). So my pounds lost had to be maginified to compete for percentage lost (sounds a lot like excuses). Our gracious winner is a beast so I am ok with losing to her, she killed it.

What else did I fail at? Running... yup, that didn't last. We had a huge heat wave and the interval running turned in to real running and I got bored (secretly I know my boredom stemmed from my inability to actually run for 28 minutes straight #moreexcuses).

I kicked Jillian, I had added her to my routine for some weight work during the day, but couldn't keep up-- oh god, I am noticing a pattern. I am never going to get somewhere I've never been, without doing something I have never done before #truth

Ok... not that I need to justify myself to anyone (yet isn't this the whole point of the blog?) but its time too. I don't prioritize my fitness/diet. I am a Mom first, a wife, an employee, a friend and then a gym rat. I also enjoy sleep and sometimes when I am up all night I skip a workout to get a nap (Sleep is vital to weight loss... right?)

I am now on another schedule (you're thinking oh geez, another 'plan' she is going to fail at),but this post may be the very reason I don't fail at this one. I have 6 weeks of workouts scheduled (across 3 gyms) and I am hoping a schedule will work. I want to lose 15lbs by the end... a wedding with some old friends that I want to look flawless at (Nothing motivated like having to dress up).

There she is... wish me luck. I am vowing for daily updates #yearight

The only thing I did hang on to were my rewards, which I am yet to reach but goal # 1 includes an entire day at the salon, which I desperately need #idontknowwhatmyhairisdoing #messyhairDOcare


*We rode over 3500km in 9 days, through snow, rain and tornadoes. I dropped my bike twice and ripped my rain suit. I shared a hotel room with three men, and survived. I tried a McLobster. Ew. I dragged my knee and lost my Nana's earring. It was awesome!

**I'm still 'hypo' despite being 'hyper' while pregnant. I take daily meds and am in the normal range #whateverthatis

**Actually TWO babies, but introduced over here, but never in a blog. Zac joined the team December 16 and might deserve his own post with all the complications that are relevant to my fitness progression. Do I dare at another 'stay tuned'? 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Mid weigh point #seewhatididthere

I have been a busy little girl, hosting challenging, launching businesses, returning to school, raising babies, training for a 10k and working on my diet. 

Blogging just didn't make the cut, when 10pm rolls around I am ready for bed. 

Oh and teething... My little monkey is up every couple of hours lately so I am pooped.

Who ever said sleep didn't affect weight loss is full of it. 

I can easily drop a pound of water weight after a full nights sleep (read; any duration, just uninterrupted).

Ok... It's been 4 days since I have gotten sleep hence the scattered nature of this post. 


It's the mid-way weigh in this week and I am excited to see the results. I am currently(as of last weigh in) down 13lbs and 4.6% body weight. Inches come on Wednesday, I am hoping for huge numbers as I feel smaller. 

BUT as if I don't have enough, I joined a second challenge; a pretty serious challenge with a group of highly competitive and successful Mamas. These are the women that make me better, not only are they raising babies and working, but they all kill it at the gym, eat clean and look fabulous. 

When they say, 'surround yourself with people better than yourself to be better', these are my people. 

So I forgot about challenge one and relaxed this weekend with all my favorite snacks. I forgot the rules and enjoyed the weekend, did I ever pay for it today with a 6lbs gain! How is that even possible??? 

Now I need to hustle for 48 hours to get back on track for Wednesday (mid weigh in challenge #1) and and then kill it for Friday (first result weigh in for challenge #2).

Water, I need water. It makes me feel little woozy, but the competition is just what I need. 

Wish me luck of Wednesday and stay tuned for my Friday update.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Running week 2; epiphany

Where do your eyes fall when you run/walk/jog? 

A. Down at your feet. No one wants to trip and be 'that girl'.

B. Eye level, straight ahead. Watching the buildings/people/things pass. But still avoiding all eye contact with anyone other than runners.

C. Up. At the sky.

Typically it's a toss up between a. and b., but tonight I looked up. What a difference it made. I watched the clouds rolling across the sky as the sun made its decent. The pale blue sky melted into a deep lavender and my breath became deeper, my stride wider and my perspective improved. I felt lucky to be able to run, lucky to spend the day with my kids and proud of my progress so far.

Maybe all we need is to turn our look away from everyday life and look up, because as Fifel said 'we're all under the same big sky.'

I'm am going to sleep tonight! Peacefully. 

I hope that for anyone reading this as well. 

Funnily enough my muscles still hurt the sane, but I'm ok with it. Ask me again at 4am.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week one

Week one is wrapping up, I had a rough start as I didn't actual do anything, but I've been tracking my food and working out hard the last 3 days. I hoping that's enough to show a loss for my weigh in tomorrow. 

I started my 10k training last night and woah. 

It's an app with 3 weekly workouts escalating each week to include more running and less walking. Last night was 8 intervals of 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking. Let me 'walk' you through it.

1st interval of running - this is great, god i missed this. I could run all night. 
60 seconds later
Already, well ok. I could walk for a bit. 

2nd interval of running - this is great, god i missed this. I could run some more. 
60 seconds later
Yea, I could walk

3rd interval of running - this is alright. I'm at least half way. I can run. 
60 seconds later
Yes, please

4th interval of running - Come on Melanie, you missed this. There are so many bugs. Try not to breathe deep.
60 seconds later

5th interval of running - where the heck am I? I've been running forever. My shins burn. Feck, ate a bug.
60 seconds later
Oh. God. Yes.

6th interval of running - I should turn back, I'm so far (please keep in mind it's only been 20minutes at this point and I can see my house). Burns. More bugs. 
55 seconds later
I'm going to walk now. I'll make up
The difference.

7th interval of running - everything is riding up, my knees are wobbling. I still have one more set. I'm pooped. I can't do this, I am out of shape. I can't even spit out the bugs anymore, but luckily they see me coming and get out of the way, although the suction of my deep breaths drags them back. 
60 seconds later
Sweet relief

8th interval of running - this is great, god i missed this. I could run all night, but I better head home. 
60 seconds later
That wasn't so bad, I can't wait till tomorrow. 

Running, like pregnancy, only happens again because you forget the pain of last time! 

Running tonight after Thomas goes to sleep.

Wish me luck on my weigh in!


Update: I lost 4.2lbs the first week! Woo!

Saturday, May 7, 2016


I'm hosting a challenge... a Biggest Loser-Esque challenge on Facebook, with a great group of Mom's who, like me, are looking for a challenge and some accountability. 

We're deep into week one and I'm sucking. I'm hitting the workouts, drinking tons of water and watching my snacks, but mmmmm... I love bread and cookies and chocolate and cinnamon buns and... Gah it's worse than i thought.

Running starts tomorrow and hopefully that licks things up.

Please repeat: I can do this. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's all in there, like riding a bike.

Which apparently I know how to do, but I was always a rollerblader, an underrated art IMO.

I filled the bag, I cleaned the space, I wrote the workout, I set the playlist. I finally found the time.

Zac hit the hay for nap number #2 and I fought the urge to nap along side him. I clicked on my interval app (it dings every 30 seconds and my workout was designed around it).


Punches started flying, incoherent at first, but then I heard it, I felt it... That familiar twang to go harder, faster. All of the training flooded back about stance and technique, style and consistency. It felt good. 

Today. Today doesn't feel as good, my forearms hurt...? Is that a thing? My hips burn...? I have muscles in new places and it's beautiful. I wish I could find time today, but it's only weight training with Thomas today (and his 1's). It's less sweat, but my trainer is intense 'push it, Mummy'!

Wish me luck!

Hopefully my body also remembers what it's like to be a size 8 ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Favourites are...

Richard asked me a good question about my workouts, what is my favourite workout to do? His logic is finding something I love will motivate me to do it. Lots of time I get bored, it's too easy or too hard (not cause I am weak, but things that hurt my body). 

I thought it was an interesting question (interesting enough to write a blog post about). I came up with 3 workouts, all of which kicked my ass and left me begging for more. 

#1. Borelands School of Karate in Georgetown. A family run dojo that offered kickboxing classes. This was my first introduction to fitness. I was 18 and the classes were hard as hell. I ached for days and soaked through my clothes. It was a fighting style technique that was important. I felt challenged and exhilarated. It was a lot of work, but it was real, not the women's cardio kickboxing most gyms now offer... including Borelands. I tried to go back, but as they say you can't go home again. The classes are still there, but the format shifted and the focus changed, even the layout of room changed. I barely lasted a month before calling it quits the second time. 

#2. Georgetown Bootcamp with Carrie. Carrie was a fire cracker who had actually fought the battle of the bulge and won. She ran a killer bootcamp that worked every part of you and she ran it in a way that made you want to be better. Your legs burned and your lungs bleed but you pushed harder because that's how good she was. It was outside and never the same. It was a competitive environment and if I still lived in that area I would still be going, but I moved. 

#3. Cardio Step Class with the Beast. Angela was an incredibly fit trainer at the Rogers campus gym. Thursday's at 11:45 the class filled, people were turned away. Angela had a killer playlist, intuitive routines that left your legs wobbly for days. I never missed a class, I scheduled meetings around her class. Then she switched gyms and ruined step class for me. No one has ever competed with her and I have done a lot of step classes as a general favourite of mine.

The only similarity between these are the people involved, not the actual workout. I worked hard for Pam (kickboxing), Carrie and Angela. 

I need to find my next muse or become my own.

What are your favourite workouts? Classes? Trainers and why?

It's a challenge-esque thing.


This is it. 

The motivation to get this done!

After a lengthy competition with some of the Moms, I decided to create the challenge I need to be successful.

I need competition and accountability, like the Goodwill Hinting guys... I couldn't find what I needed so I'll make it myself.

Enter The Biggest Loser-Esque challenge. Detail details are available on my Facebook page, but the gist is 12 weeks of sweating and a cash prize.

You can lose anyway that works for you... I'm hoping a couch to 10k (prep for Mud Hero in August) and kickboxing will get things done.

Good Luck and let's do this!


Monday, March 28, 2016

Day 1 - operation bonding

I don't have a hobby beyond drinking tea, well that and working out, but people are more quick to dismiss the latter. Because I don't look it. And I haven't felt it lately... Life just seems to be weighing me down, literally and physically.

I came downstairs after bedtime last week and my husband dropped hints he's started 'working out'. He doesn't need to. He was blessed with an incredible physique. He looks great, but often feels crappy. So I pounced. 

And tonight we started the 90 day revolution. The same one I did after Thomas and lost 35lbs.

It was an introduction to fitness for my hubby who admitted he just wanted to spend sometime with me #swoon.

We will finish up a week before our 4th wedding anniversary.

Wish us luck! Xo

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I read this great article (and didn't save or share it #facepalm) about weight loss. A woman lost 80lbs in one year. It wasn't about magic pills or crash diets, just little tricks to help you eat less. 

- use a smaller plate to curb portion sizes
- drink water 30minutes before a meal to help you feel full and eat less
- don't drink with your meal or 30 minutes after; this dilutes your stomach acids that are working to digest your food 
- nothing to eat 3 hours before bed
- put an effort into breakfast
- eat every meal at the table 
- always eat your protien and vegetables first, this should curb your starch intake

And many more, it might seem silly, but these make sense. 

Oh and go to the freaking gym, quit the excuses!

I have 60lbs to lose in 8 months. 


I'm also giving up fast food and still on my chocolate hiatus. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

One person

It's amazing how the simple words of one person can change things. Good or bad.

This round has yet to gain traction; nothing seems to 'work'; to lose weight, to feel better, to fit into my life. 

I keep trying, but it all feels half assed, because nothing has worked well enough for me to hang on too, I am results driven.

Today another mother, and good friend, said 'you look great, have you lost weight?' I stifled a laugh (because despite 4 weeks of effort all I have managed to do is gain). She continued, 'it's really showing in your face'. My hand automatically reaches up to feel this face weight loss and for the first time in months I feel lighter.

Tonight I didn't reach for a snack or a treat, because it finally felt like progress, momentum.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Old lady part 2

It's becoming more and more true.

So I am still off of heavy cardio, I made it to the gym today for a new class promising sculpting and low impact #perfect

I get there and... It's all mature ladies. They were wonderful and friendly, but I missed the age restriction by 45 years.

I thought about skipping class and doing my own thing, but the music started and the door was so far away.

Can I say.... I wish I had the energy of these 'old ladies'? They killed it, most of them using heavier weights than me. The high knees, the lunges, the punches. 

I almost started a slow clap with the other whippersnappers in the class (there were 3 of us under 35). 

Because I am all about goals. Goal number 2; keep up with the mall walkers.


Monday, March 7, 2016

Old lady

I'm an old lady, I don't know when it happen, but I'm old.

My hips hurt, my knees ache and something is pinching in my back. 

What do old ladies do to stay active? We walk. Today I loaded up the boys and hit the road. Thomas was all in running a head screaming 'fall-a me' and 'come get me'. I thought I'd see how far we could get before turning back.

We. Didn't. Turn. Back. 

Thomas walked the entire 3k to the park; running most of the wa,y while Zac and I tried to keep up in the stroller,

We played at the park for a bit and then headed for home taking Mum's 'shortcut', which involved crossing a highway, navigating a swamp and scaling (falling through) a ravine. It was beautiful chaos.

My hips and knees still ache, but I'm
going to sleep knowing I did everything today.

I lived a day with two kids, I didn't just get through it.

Tomorrow the gym. Weights and cardio.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sod's law

Because everything that can go wrong, will. 

Fitness is on hiatus again. My strenuous workouts and required under garments damaged my milk duct, yes that's a thing... A complicated thing that causes a bleed and prevents baby from getting anything other than a mouthful of blood. 

So my little vampire and I have to rework our routine to fit everything in, 

I'm still going to go to the gym on Tuesday with hopes of doing some weight training and light cardio. I missed step this morning for reasons besides my health/milk production. 

I went re-wedding dress shopping! My best friend is celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss with a formal party. I am so excited! She said yes to a dress and made me want to reach my goal that much more! I have 6 weeks to lose 15lbs, to meet my first goal and spend a day at the salon #hotmessnomore

Wish me luck!


Thursday, March 3, 2016

New gym

We're back at Goodlife. Finally.

But today Zac and I challenged a new gym in Grimsby... Only 7km away, versus our current gym (burlington), over 20km.

Burlington is a premium gym; hot yoga, massage chairs, TRX, premium equipment and constant upgrades... The best instructors, trainers and routines. It's huge. I love it. 

Grimsby is a basic gym, simpler and smaller, slower and more friendly. I felt more comfortable leaving Zac with the sweet older lady in a smaller room, than the decked out, premium room with dozens of kids running around. 

The class was good, the instructor was friendly and motivating. It was a power packed 30 minutes, which helped with my anxiety of leaving Zac alone in a new environment. 

I feel good. 

I hit my 3 times this week! Yay! I'm optimistic about one more class on Saturday. Hopefully for a hot yoga, to stretch out this old body. 

I'm going to weigh and measure tomorrow.

Wish me luck!!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

And so it begins...

It's like a breath of fresh air... sweet sweaty air. Today I went back to the gym after taking 6 months off to be pregnant and stuff. 

I missed it. The excertion, the struggle, the sweat! I freaking love the gym. I feel most like me at the gym. 

I hid in the back of the class, not really sure if I could step for 45 minutes at full capacity. Boy, did I! The instructor (always my fav) even gave me a shout out half way through for killing it. That's motivating... Everyone looked as she yelled 'I don't mean to call anyone out, back in the back row is a new Mama and she is killing it! Just try to keep up'. 

Even exhausted I tried harder knowing she noticed.

Now I am back home with my boys. We're snuggling.

What a grateful moment. 


Ps. Zac has his own membership do on Tueaday we're going to class together