Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Favourites are...

Richard asked me a good question about my workouts, what is my favourite workout to do? His logic is finding something I love will motivate me to do it. Lots of time I get bored, it's too easy or too hard (not cause I am weak, but things that hurt my body). 

I thought it was an interesting question (interesting enough to write a blog post about). I came up with 3 workouts, all of which kicked my ass and left me begging for more. 

#1. Borelands School of Karate in Georgetown. A family run dojo that offered kickboxing classes. This was my first introduction to fitness. I was 18 and the classes were hard as hell. I ached for days and soaked through my clothes. It was a fighting style technique that was important. I felt challenged and exhilarated. It was a lot of work, but it was real, not the women's cardio kickboxing most gyms now offer... including Borelands. I tried to go back, but as they say you can't go home again. The classes are still there, but the format shifted and the focus changed, even the layout of room changed. I barely lasted a month before calling it quits the second time. 

#2. Georgetown Bootcamp with Carrie. Carrie was a fire cracker who had actually fought the battle of the bulge and won. She ran a killer bootcamp that worked every part of you and she ran it in a way that made you want to be better. Your legs burned and your lungs bleed but you pushed harder because that's how good she was. It was outside and never the same. It was a competitive environment and if I still lived in that area I would still be going, but I moved. 

#3. Cardio Step Class with the Beast. Angela was an incredibly fit trainer at the Rogers campus gym. Thursday's at 11:45 the class filled, people were turned away. Angela had a killer playlist, intuitive routines that left your legs wobbly for days. I never missed a class, I scheduled meetings around her class. Then she switched gyms and ruined step class for me. No one has ever competed with her and I have done a lot of step classes as a general favourite of mine.

The only similarity between these are the people involved, not the actual workout. I worked hard for Pam (kickboxing), Carrie and Angela. 

I need to find my next muse or become my own.

What are your favourite workouts? Classes? Trainers and why?


  1. Great Question!!!!! I love anything with Justyna - Inanity is the best but her weight training is like no other too!!!