Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's all in there, like riding a bike.

Which apparently I know how to do, but I was always a rollerblader, an underrated art IMO.

I filled the bag, I cleaned the space, I wrote the workout, I set the playlist. I finally found the time.

Zac hit the hay for nap number #2 and I fought the urge to nap along side him. I clicked on my interval app (it dings every 30 seconds and my workout was designed around it).


Punches started flying, incoherent at first, but then I heard it, I felt it... That familiar twang to go harder, faster. All of the training flooded back about stance and technique, style and consistency. It felt good. 

Today. Today doesn't feel as good, my forearms hurt...? Is that a thing? My hips burn...? I have muscles in new places and it's beautiful. I wish I could find time today, but it's only weight training with Thomas today (and his 1's). It's less sweat, but my trainer is intense 'push it, Mummy'!

Wish me luck!

Hopefully my body also remembers what it's like to be a size 8 ;)

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