Monday, December 11, 2017

My plunge into the world of Chiropractic-esque

So I am a skeptic, that’s not a surprise to anyone that knows me. I am cool with rearranging the furniture, changing the wall colour, but when it comes to moving the structure, I didn’t understand how that could help. I have been up right for 34 years... now someone is telling me I am doing it wrong?

Well, I was doing it wrong.

Did you know your neck is supposed to move, freely... all over the place? Like for real.
And you’re thinking, my neck moves, turns and swivels, but does it? Does it really? I thought mine did.

It does now.

Now.  I have to betray my chiro’s confidence for a second as I tell the true tale of my first adjustment.
I work as a CHA; Chiropractic Health Assistant and an office manager for a renowned clinic older than I am. I am the new girl swinging through the door with no idea what goes on in those little yellow rooms.

Its magic people, magic goes on within these walls.

I hurt my shoulder in the summer and like most I said, ‘it’ll get better on its own.’ I pulled back from training and anything that irritated it. I grumbled every time I tried to lift, move or carry something... including poor, sweet Zachary.

Fast forward a few months and the pain/burning nags, but is just something I have gotten used to.
Then the fates throw me in line for an opportunity in a chiropractic office. The hours are better; the location is amazing and its only 4 days a week. I think its kismet and after a couple interviews, accept the office manager/CHA position.

Still at this point having no idea what goes on in those little rooms.

I obliviously work for 2 weeks; training and helping patients, no idea what is really happening around me.

Then I remember my shoulder pain, I joke with my chiro about squeezing me in between patients and in that moment I am in the yellow room.

“What can you do in 8 minutes to help my shoulder?’

“What can I do in 3 minutes?”He laughed and I lie on the table while he poked around, finding the sore spot. He patiently explains the diagnosis several times, after answering all the questions. So many questions.

The first diagnosis, things are tight. My muscles are flexed and pulling on my bones; my infrastructure, wreaking havoc, hassling nerves and being a general nuance. He works to loosen them while I lay face down and jiggle. It hurts, but call sadistic is also feels good.

Then he brings up the adjustment and watches me flinch, I have to admit I was caught up in the old way of thinking scared of the ‘crack’, but we’re still bonding so I agree, based on the logic provided. The tight muscles on my right side have been pulling on my spine for the past month; this has rotated my spine causing pain. There is so much logic I smile politely and he folds me up and tells me to take a deep breath and when I let it out --- whoosh.

He pounces in a well practiced movement and I feel all the air leave my body and a small pop in my back, it doesn’t hurt, but catches me off guard and I start to laugh, awkwardly and intensely, even he starts to chuckle.

I ask, “Is this normal?” His smile says it is and we move to the other side. I think I am ready for this one, but the same laugh falls out of me as the air is squeezed out of me.

Then it happens, has asks about my neck, can he adjust.

I pause. It’s my neck. But I am all in, I am a 100% type person so I smile and nod.

He tells me to relax into hands and warns that I will hear a tiny ‘pop’, it’s just the gases releasing.

It is not tiny.

It is not a ‘pop’.

It sounds like I just walked barefoot of a bag of Fritos (out of bag, obviously). I expect pain, but it doesn’t follow, what does follow is a howl, from me. I have spent 34 years believing my neck should not make that noise.

Then he tells me he has to do the other side and cautions the same warning.

I don’t relax. I try.

The movement is the same, but the sound is a tiny ‘pop’.

“There is the tiny pop,” I joke.

“You didn’t relax as much.” He smiles.

“Well, I knew was to expect this time”, but even as I am saying it I swivel and turn my head. It feels different, loose – free. “My neck moves”

“It’s supposed too.” He laughs as he watches me bobble around; taking my new found movement for a test run. Quick left, lazy right... it’s so different. I like it.

And all of this in less time than it took you o read about it.

The best news is the next day I felt bruised (keep reading), but the soreness I have felt for weeks is gone. And within 48 hours the bruising sensation goes too.

So yes, I have been upright for 34 years, but I haven’t been doing it right.

Now I am. Mostly. 

Friday, October 13, 2017


Finally Richard is on board. He is doing something WITH me! He is always supportive of my chaos, but recently he decided to join in the fun. No, I haven't gotten him to the gym -- yet, but I did rope him into a 30-day cleanse.

We're cleansing together, me to continue the weight loss after a lengthy plateau and him to kick some old habits and lower his blood pressure.

Wish us luck! It is day three and he's gone through the headache stage (where I am today) and his mood has improved (even if he hasn't noticed, I have).

27 days to go!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Badass Dash - Kitchener

I am a Badass. Also, Vanessa and Kim... they are Badasses too!

We ran the Badass Dash in Kitchener this past weekend and it kicked my ass.

7km. 40 Obstacles.

I am covered in bruises, but I loved it and would gladly do it again every weekend.

You arrive to the ski hill with all the other runners, everyone is costumed and ready to go. The energy is infectious. Everyone there is an athlete. Everyone there is a team.

We registered and received our arm sleeves/sock thingy, which was the first oddity.

Then we were corralled to the starting line, literally a coral for cattle. The music was loud and everyone around us was having the same conversation... the 40 degree heat, the excitement to get moving, the massive hill to climb. Which isn't even an exaggeration...

Obstacle #1 - The ski hill. Run up the ski hill, full of naivety I said 'My first goal is to run the entire way up!' Which didn't seem ambitious until half way when my legs quit and I debating crawling.

I did not crawl. I walked. Slowly.

Also, it should be noted that we climbed that hill 4 more times, probably more, but that was as many as I counted. Also, we climbed the hill to immediately climb down the hill.

We had to do a round of 15 push-ups and then we headed back down the hill, around the half way down point there were tubes to crawl through, not the claustrophobia tunnels (they come later), but squishie dog tubes.

Note: There were not as many inflatables as promised -- more on that to follow.

The obstacles we're perfectly based every couple of hundred meters, which meant very little running. There were chin-ups, I did burpees, there were wall climbs, I did burpees. That seemed to be the favorite punishment for the inability to complete an obstacle.

We climbed a cargo net.

Ran across water (mostly successfully)

Monkey bars, chin ups, Potato sac races, hurdles, walk climbs, beam walks, human car wash, rock climbing, spider webs, tire carries, burpees, sand bag slug, wicked walls, pole climbs, over-unders and the Australian back crawl. 

I survived, the last hill climb was questionable and the after math felt like death (full blown panic attack over lunch as I quietly filled up on ice cold water and french fries), but I did it. I can walk away knowing I am Badass!

Thank you to Vanessa and Kim for dragging me along for the ride.


Monday, August 21, 2017

The next cleanse

I started my second FULL 30-day challenge on Sunday (Sunday!? Who starts something on a Sunday), I didn't want to wait any longer. I enjoyed a relaxing Saturday, complete with ice cream, with my family and then decided it was time to be serious. The continuous chest pain is enough to want change; so this is it... 30 days.

Now the irony is, I thought this would be a cake walk (or a veggie walk?), a bit of will power and I would lose another 20lbs (my 2017 goal).


I was not as thorough with my maintenance as I thought... because it's day 2 and the sugar withdrawals are making my knees buckle and this migraine has lingered since last night. I am sluggish and cranky.

I do feel motivated... I can control the cravings, even with Zachary trying to share his graham cracker with me, mostly by forcefully shoving it in my mouth.

The catch I have given myself for this challenge is no scale. There will be no scale until day 30. I think that alone will be motivating, because I will be working towards that end goal... not the daily up and downs.

Skipping the scale in the morning is going to be more of a challenge than skipping that chocolate cake. I already buggered it, on autopilot I hopped on this morning. Happy to see a 5lbs loss, but than angry that I buggered my first challenge. So starting TODAY I will no longer weigh in.

I have 22lbs to lose before December 31st (good thing I already got 5 out of the way).

Wish me luck!


Ps - I have to delay my cleanse day, I am listening to my body and it says no deep cleansing with a migraine. So I will leave it until I wake up ready for it.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

... but I do it anyways.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

I am insane.

Before starting Isagenix and working on my clean eating, I would wake up with chest pain. I always attributed it to how I slept, but then we bought a new mattress. Some days were worse than others, but overall I had this heaviness in my chest every morning. I believe, 'hey I am fat, this is what fat feels like,' but its more than that.

Then I did Isa and it stopped, I didn't even notice that it had stopped until it happen again and I remembered the pain or the lack of it over the first 30 days of cleansing.

What the hell is going on?

I started to think it was something I was consuming, because it would come back without warning and linger for a day. I couldn't put my finger on it, my diet is pretty basic.

I went to my GP and they ran a battery of tests; blood, x-ray and ultrasound to find nothing wrong.

They chalked it up to Costochondritis; inflammation of the junctions where the upper ribs join the costal cartilage that attaches them to the breastbone (sternum). Costochondritis causes localized chest wall pain and tenderness that can be reproduced by pushing on the involved cartilage in the front of the rib cage. And suggested I take an Aleve every night before bed to bring down the swelling and prevent future pain. They didn't even acknowledge my thoughts on a food sensitivity.

So... I could take a drug forever or OR I could go on a quest to figure out what is wrong and fix it.

I am writing this post realizing you are looking for answers, well me too. I am currently searching for a naturopath to help with the riddle.

In the meantime, the insanity is surrounding my eating habits. I know it hurts when I eat crap, I don't know what kind of crap, but all crap. So don't eat crap is the easiest solution, right?! Well, why can't my brain work that out??

When I am faced with a dessert or delicious treat I have zero willpower... I eat and eat. At home I can keep it at bay as I don't bring it in to my home and surround myself with healthy options, but then I am out in public and deliciousness is presented and I gorge myself.

Case in point this weekend I got to go to the most delicious house I know; a talented smoker mans the grills with ribs, chicken, brisket and steak* and then there are desserts I can't refuse and appetizers and treats. This doesn't even include the wine I managed to avoid, despite my desire to liquidate my afternoon.

So I spend all of Monday struggling to breath because the chest pain was so intense, several times running from my children to throw up. It was gross, but I did it to myself. I knew my previous days consumption was not only going to tip the scale, but it was going to hurt. I jeopardized an entire day with my kids, my weight-loss progress and everything I have worked so hard for, for sugar.


I am so disappointed with myself.

*These are not the culprits

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Healthy Fats




Olive Oil.

I know every diet is different. I know you need to find what works for your system, but listen - - I don't like fat; the good, the bad or the ugly. However... my body seems to react the best to healthy fats. Every time I edit my diet to include healthy fats the scale shifts. I just hate them.

Avocado tastes, smells and feels like mother natures boogers and we shouldn't eat boogers.

I'll make it work...


Friday, July 21, 2017


I have spent the last 4 months working on my health. I focused first on my nutritional intake. I started Isagenix to regain control, up my energy levels and simply fix my broken diet. It worked. I lost 40 pounds and 60 inches. I slept better, I woke better and I kept up with the boys better. I felt better.

I didn’t feel good enough.

My News Years resolution is always to ‘be better’, there is always room for improvement.
I needed to improve my loss and hit loftier goals. I have another 45lbs to lose before the end of the year.

Motivation: I needed something to work towards. I entered the Isabody Challenge through Isagenix. It’s 16 weeks and comes with a $25,000 prize. The winner is chosen based on pictures, results and a 250 word essay. I can write an essay like a champ, I need to work on my pictures and results.

Method: Keep up with my nutritional goals/schedule, but add workouts – heavy, intense workouts.
Enter Crossfit. I have heard so many things about Crossfit, I have always been intimidated – by the workout and the cost. It is not cheap. I thought it could work, because it is scheduled gym time. It is a commitment. Twice I should have skipped, because the timing with the boys (and life) didn’t work out, but I didn’t because of the cost and the commitment. I am always glad I go, the owners at the gym are amazing and the vibe in the gym is everything I have always wanted. It is small and simply run; you come in, you work out, you go home.


It’s expensive and I am in the beginner program, which has a lot of talking and only a little doing. I am not a beginner. I have dug out 60 minutes from my insane schedule and I spend 30 of it, listening to amateur questions, relevant, but time consuming. I just want to do it. When the timer finally goes and we get to work, I kill it. Yesterday the trainer actually asked if I was melting, because of the amount of sweat pouring off of me. I had nothing left at the end of each interval, but I kept going. I am there to work, not talk.

I want to try a full Crossfit class, but the timing is terrible. The last class is at 6:30pm. Which means I barely get home and have to run out the door, I miss bedtime snuggles with Zac (actually I miss Zac entirely) and dinner routines, I miss movie time and outdoor fun. I miss the few hours I spend with the boys on a workday and that makes it tough to commit.

It’s even tougher to commit when I don’t see results. I feel stronger, but the scale hasn’t moved and the inches have actually climbed.

I have 2 more weeks to see something, feel something and to decide.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Guest Author - Cheryl Beachbody Tibbitts!

So.... I had an interesting idea; why not ask one of my favouritest friends to guest blog about her experience with Beachbody, a system I have lingering curiosity about, but haven't tried.

Cheryl is the friend that got me started on my health quest as an advocate for alternative health. Cheryl is also my friend that has tried everything with me, we once lived together in an apartment in the sky (literally a penthouse with a huge patio), she saved my life in a frantic midnight move, she loaned her couch and her shoulder to me when I really needed it and she stood beside me as I married my best friend.

Cheryl also has some challenges including an allergy to Chocolate (it even hurts to type that), endometriosis and a desire to live in the middle of nowhere. So finding something that works for her is a huge win.

I am fascinated by the new offer from Beachbody, beach body on demand, Netflix for workouts, which I LOVE. I love the idea of all of my favourite opportunities in one place. I know I have completed Jillian Michaels (different company same idea) 90 day challenge a half a dozen times and as much as I love her, I don't want to do it again.

I am always leary of expensive things, so the fact that dear, sweet Cheryl already shelled out the big bucks she can review it first (much like me with Isagenix, ps. awesome).

Without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen - CHERYL!

I have fought to keep my weight in check for as long as I can remember! 

Sometimes it seemed to melt off without any effort from myself and other times I would have to put myself on a strict diet and exercise plan (1).  After moving to the “middle of nowhere”,(2) like my friends lovingly call it, and fighting with fertility treatments, pregnancy and now not having a quick access to the gym the weight just kept piling on.  

Earlier this year I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror.  Overweight and riddled with joint pain she was a shadow of the girl I remembered.(3) I knew in that moment something needed to be done, no more procrastination and no more excuses. (4) 

I’d been in contact with a friend who was an Independent Team Coach with Beachbody and she was following the workouts herself – her results were amazing (it was along with a proper nutrition plan but that’s not what we’re talking about here)(5).  She was working out with her kids around her or while her kids were asleep...there was no allotting 3 hours for travel and workout to get to the gym. (6)(7)

I thought, 'hmmm this might work'. BUT I have workout videos and I don’t use them because I’m bored of them! They had a free trial for Beachbody on Demand so I thought I’d give it a go. 

Let me tell you what Beachbody on Demand is ... its like the Netflix for workout programs.  The all access on demand has workouts from Core de force, P90, 21day fix, insanity they have yoga, tae chi, family workouts, dance workouts, all kinds! The trial didn’t have the premium content like 21 day fix (8) but if you chose the “Challenge du jour” button it would pull a workout from some of the premium programs that you could try! I loved it! The workouts were under an hour and a lot were around the half hour mark – I could totally manage 30 minutes while my son sleeps, or plays around me! 

AMAZING! I got about 2 weeks in to the 30 day trial and asked my friend to help me sign up.  

Best. Decision. Ever. 

It’s 30 minutes to better myself for my family and for me!(9) I can do this! (10) 

I workout while my son is down for a nap and I’m doing it! I’ve since become a Coach myself and am shouting from the rooftops (11) what a great program this is! 

Check it out - Beachbody on Demand.

Thank you Cheryl... now the rub, I have issued a challenge. Isagenix vs. Beachbody... who will come out on top?? We'll be back with the results. 

And check out the poll to vote on which program you believe will offer the best results.


(1) - Oh the joys of being a girl, Richard gives up Pepsi for a month and drops 15 pounds. I give up everything for 2 months and gain 3 pounds!

(2) literally the middle of nowhere

(3) This is also known as the baby fog, typically occurring 6 months postpartum, when you don't recognize your body or your life and you have slept in 8 months.

(4) but my show just started, I ran a lot of stairs, sleep is also an intricate part of a weight loss plan.

(5) but we will be

(6) who has 3 hours for the gym

(7) oh right, she's in the middle of nowhere

(8) or Cize the main reason I am considering it

(9) and for me!

(10) heck ya, you can!

(11) I literally had to talk her down yesterday

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Do you have 7 minutes?

Ok, I am on a new trend; not in place of, but in unison. It’s called 7 minu—wait! You need to know about my birthday present first.

I was a very lucky girl that got an Apple Watch for her birthday (spoiled is a better word). I was gifted this treat to help with my health goals, it tracks workouts and my heartrate, reminds me to breath and tracks my steps and now coaches me during my workout.

It’s called 7-minute workout. It is exactly as the name describes. It’s a 7-minute body weight workout, no equipment required. And (this is the best part) I can launch it from my watch, which means an angry man gets in there and yells at me to work harder and the exercises are pictured on my watch with the countdown.

It is also full of challenges, you have to do it once a day, every day. If you skip a day you lose a life, (standard Mario Bros. rules applies). If you lose all 3 lives you get thrown back to the beginning and lose everything! I don’t even know what everything is, but I can’t lose it. It would be devastating!

So I started last night and, in my PJ’s completed my first 7 minutes. It was good! Enough of a challenge to be worth it, but realistic enough to squeak in before bed.

But everything is better with friends… so who is up for the 7-minute challenge?

Can you do 7 minutes a day?!?

Seven – 7 minute Workout Training Challenge
2016 App of the year

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Day 46 - an update

Hello Blog Lovers! Sorry for the delay in my follow up. I had little to complain about, which makes for a very 'rah rah' post, which let's be real, is less fun to read.

The last 38 days have been amazing.

I kept the Facebook page updated (sorry), but abandoned my blog (have you tried to type anything at length on an ipad/iphone???).

So I finished my 30 days and shed 27lbs and 40 inches. *jaw drop* I don't know how it happen. It was mostly easy. It was mostly enjoyable.

I followed the 30 day cleanse to the finest detail. I didn't miss food, I missed the routines. Breakfast with my family, snacks during a movie, pizza on a Friday night, wine on a Saturday night, but I didn't crave anything. In fact, the thought of some of my favourite things turned my stomach (not chocolate).

I have always imagined the deliciousness of things, the feeling of crunching and the pleasure of swallowing (Oo. Dirty), but during this process all I could think about was the bloating, the tooth ache and the weight. It was a blessing really.

Even after my cleanse, day 31, I still didn't want to eat junk and when I did (it was my birthday don't judge) it wasn't satisfying. It wasn't worth it. I want this so badly this time.

So the next wave, now that I have a handle on my diet, it's time for the gym. I am so excited to be back at the gym, granted I have only done one class, but I killed it. Richard is taking on more responsibilities with the boys to help me catch 3 step classes a week. Tuesday's its a 5:30 class on my way home, Thursdays its a 7:00pm class after dinner and Saturday's its an 8:30am class before the day starts.

I am also hoping to start with a personal trainer in May, during cleanse number 2. I want another big loss. I want to be summer ready. I want to be free to wear shorts, tank tops and cute dresses.

I want to be done with losing weight and to finally get back to maintaining.

The next post is going to be a bit of a sales call... I figure if I am honest about it, it's ok.


Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 8

Day 8.

I am 8 days in and mostly enjoying the experience. I need to be near a blender at all times (a mistake I learned too quickly at the cottage. Also, Isagenix why not make a product that shakes better with water?). I got my first, ‘you look great, what are you doing?’ comment and it feels good. 

I weighed in this morning (yes, before the end) and I am down 12lbs. I wanted to weigh in this morning as today is my very first Deep Cleanse (I feel like those words should be read aloud and scary music should play). The Deep Cleanse varies from the shake days because it includes nothing. A deep cleanse pulls logic from Intermittent Fasting, with the belief our cells need time to catch up on basic maintenance. I agree with this logic and support the idea (as we know).

It’s not actually nothing today, its 4 deep cleanse drinks (a delicious pink powder in water), 2 snacks (1/4 apple or pear) and the standard capsules (comfort and accelerator). There are no meals today (yay, no prep). It’s something I was looking forward too, but it is not what I expected. 

First, the drink is delicious, despite loving my current results, flavour has not been a bragging point thus far in the program (hint: add cinnamon to everything!). The downside to flavour I spent the entire drive to work wanting to vomit and things just seemed fuzzy (sidenote: I made a safe arrival). Every deep cleanse drink thus far has made me feel the same way, nauseous and fuzzy, but I don’t feel hungry. It’s the thick film on my tongue that is the oddest side effect. I also have dry mouth like back in the day *wink wink*. Drink more water you say, I am on litre 9. 9 litres trying to quench this thirst and alleviate the fuzz. Here’s the best part… I also don’t have to pee, where the hell is all the water going? Everyone talks about numerous potty breaks and here I am wondering if I’m broken, because nothing (not nothing, but no more than normal).

Now the boring ‘sell’, I do feel great 95% of the time (but that’s not good writing). I am sleeping better and waking up rested. I am not bloated or full. I have excess energy for my million and one daily tasks. I feel ‘happy’, which is hard to explain, but the gloom that hung over my world seems to have lifted. I feel motivated and productive. I feel good.

I had the opportunity at the cottage (this weekend) to cheat. I hadn’t had luck with my shakes and I was so hungry. I could have had a bite, a sliver… the calories would have been minimal, but I thought, ‘it’s not about the calories this time; it’s about the quality of food I am putting into my body.’ And I didn’t cheat, not even while I was icing the Cinnabons, warm from the oven and icing fell onto my hand, gooey and inviting, begging to be licked, the smell intoxicating… but I digress I didn’t cheat. 

I am curious to see how these 30 days unfold and the 30 days after, but I think it’s the start of something new #lame #buttrue

I am excited to work exercise back into my daily routine now that I have the energy for it.

Wish my luck… its time for another cleanse. Mmmmm…. Oh.


Monday, February 27, 2017


Isagenix and me

I know I talked about this before as part of my annual plan, but it’s happening. I can’t find anything wrong with the product of the business structure so I signed up and I grabbed my good friend Kim along for the ride. I tried to drag more into the cleansing muck, but they found different avenues to pressure their goals.

I decided to kick things off with a 30 day cleanse in March. 30 days to get it together and shed the bloat, all in time for my month-long birthday celebrations.

I was so in the thick of my life that I didn’t have time to open the heavy box on my doorstep this Friday, basically my entire diet for 30 days in a relatively small box. What it lacked in size it made up for in weight. I need to bulk up just to carry around my product. 

Yesterday filled with trepidation I cracked open the box to explore the treasures within. It was a quick education on everything as Zachary piped up from his nap earlier than I anticipated. It is a thorough system with lots to offer. I have Chocolate shakes and Vanilla shakes for 2 meals a day, a handful of supplements to support my bodies transition from gross to glossy – (the cleanse has drained my creativity from my body).

I had a full blown panic attack prepping for my start date; dizzy and spins, nausea and a headache. I had myself worked up over the results. I had myself wound up about moving forward and actually being accountable for the $350 price tag. That’s money away from my boys because Mummy likes to eat. Argh. 

I finally went to sleep and hoped for a restful night, but sweet Zachary had other plans with a midnight explosion. I skipped my very first workout, which is typically my favourite part of a new routine, but I was up at 1:30, 3 and 4:30 with Zac… I couldn’t imagine a 5am wake-up call for the day. So, I snoozed and felt ready at 6am to start testing the product.

On top of everything else, Mother Nature was like, ‘Hey, I wanna come play too!’ being a girl is the best.

This morning I did it, I took a shot of green goo, popped a pill and drank the chocolate sludge – I was way more into this, this morning at the moment I am at a 3pm lull feeling drained, dizzy and foggy. I would normally have a tea around this point. I would normally have a snack, but today it’s just water. Sorry there was a lunch in there… lots of greens; avocado, spinach and cucumber salad with apple and chicken.

I want to curl up and sleep for 100 years. 

I do remember this from my last cleanse, the headache should kick in soon and it will be an early night for me. I just keep telling myself, it will all be worth it. It will all be amazing in the summer around the pool, the late spring in shorts, feeling good in my skin again. It will all be worth it. 

I am grateful that I didn’t workout this morning, I would be asleep at my desk.

Stay tuned for day two when things get bitchy.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Weight Loss Grants

Canada is awesome. Free health care AND a big fat cheque if I can stick to my weight loss goals. Yes. Please.

Ok, it’s never that simple.

The program is on an approval basis and is a reimbursement, not necessarily a pay out. If I meet the criteria and lose the weight I said I wanted to, in the time frame I chose. The Government will reimburse my costs.

I have my official weigh-in and consultation on Friday (next week). I have to use the resources provided, in my case a wellness clinic with Nutritionist, Naturopath and physio therapist. So I am all signed up.

Worst case scenario, I don’t lose the weight and I don’t get any money at the end.
Best case scenario, I lose the weight and get all my money back.

Wish me luck. I made a 5 year plan 4 years ago and it involved losing all of the baby weight by 2018. 

I am running out of time and have gained since that plan.

I am losing to my self. I hate that.

Monday, January 30, 2017

What is starvation mode?

Change is new and weird and must be destroyed. That’s the vibe. That’s what I hear from all the people who ask, do you want [insert delicious breakfast food here] and I say no; and when they persist I say, ‘Actually I am doing intermittent fasting and I don’t eat until 1pm’. This is when the eyes go wide and it is announced I must consume breakfast or else my body will go into starvation mode and shut down and I will just gain weight. Lies. I have never believed the ‘Starvation mode’ discussion as I am sure it takes more than a couple hours of hunger for my body to decide I am dying of starvation and all my precious fat must be preserved.

I couldn’t agree more with the author. The general public is so misguided with health myths, that no wonder we’re all squishy in the waistline trying to follow all the rules. It’s more complicated than religion; damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I can’t bark at other peoples’ judgment and then judge them, but you have to find what works for you. Everyone knows the basics, eat good food and exercise, but you to make it work with your life. IF seems to work with my life. At least I feel like I am doing something, when I don’t have time for anything.


Ps – That was my subtle cry for the gym, I miss you. 

What is IF?


I’m back with a new fad to attempt. I know I get suckered into everything. I am aware at the naivety deep inside me to the wonders of ‘get skinny now’, ‘millions have done it’. Actually… I do this all for you, the reader. I am such a generous giving soul.

This latest ‘trend’ is IF, intermittent fasting. It is exactly what it sounds like. Short stretches of hunger, that have an affect on the amount of fat your body is-- using… eating… getting rid of. I don’t know the terminology.

This is a great article with all the technical details…

As always, I am going to discuss the ‘how it affects me and those that surround me’ details, not the medical terms.

I first heard about this a few years ago when a girl friend of mine, known for doing crazy things to lose weight, started IF and dropped an amazing amount of weight. We all scoffed at the unhealthy method and vowed we wouldn’t go to that extreme for weight loss. Bah!

Fast Forward to the end of 2016, when we all gained what we lost in early 2016 and we needed something new to try. Thus, the research began and the above article appeared. Now we’re one week into this IF thing and I like it. I actually love it. It is the easiest program I have tried. I reserve eating for 6 hours, from 1pm-7pm. The hustle of the morning is eased without the need to eat. The hustle of the day is eased without the calorie counting and restrictions on my diet. I still pack my lunch full of healthy options, but hardly have room for everything, which leaves me only eating the veggies/fruit and proteins. During the week it’s tricky with pick-up and bedtimes, once this week I had to miss dinner, because it was just too late (the following morning seemed to drag on FOREVER).

My body is getting used to the routine, the first couple of days my belly was in a weird (and uncomfortable) knot. I think it could be a long-term resolution.

Now my opinion; it’s the same BS that has been spun a hundred different ways. I have always been told to drink more water (which is the only thing you can consume to curve the hunger pains (do you curve the feeling or curb the feeling? Like change it’s direction or put something in its way??), and I do with this program. I have always been told to give up eating early in the evening to go to bed empty, this is exactly that. The only change is the start time, which I don’t think is any different then if I slept in till noon.

So… the internet said it was a good idea so I am doing it. I want to lose 50lbs this year. Whewf!