Friday, May 7, 2010

So a few things to discuss… first, I have made a commitment to myself. Insanity. I talk about it ALL the time (on here and off). I want to try it, but I am afraid… in the best way. I know I can do it, I have proved I can commit to things BUT after the money spending this past weekend I am not in ANY position to buy it. So in order to give myself a workable goal I have decided… 30pounds of FAT loss and I will get the program. I am almost there, but I will have to be patience and work my ass off… literally.

Perfect AbsSecond, I'm trying something new today; consider it my version of intervals. I'm going to the gym (in 20min) and I'm set to run 8k, but I think I'll run for 15mins. Than head over to the 'ABS' class at my gym. I've heard a lot about it, but I am yet to attend. After that I am heading back to the treadmill for another 15 (wish it was more, but I only have an hour). I think will make me sweat and feel a little better about this whole bloated thing :)

Abs Class: 15minutes
Run: 32minutes (4.5km)
Calories: 690

Love LOVE LOVE! The ABS class… quick, precise and enjoyable. You walk in at 12:45 grab a mat and join in. You work through an ab routine (not just your boring up and downs, but full out leg twisters and stepping planks… I am making up names, but you get the complexity of these). And then you wipe your mat and go… no stretching or warm-ups just right into the meat of it. I tried to RUN-AB-RUN, but I got held up (yup, interns strike again!) and just made it to the AB class, so I followed it up with a run… I went by time (because I was on a time limit) and it worked out well. I think this maybe my new Friday routine, I need to mix things up to keep it fun (and my muscles confused).

Good news… I didn't make the biggest loser thing BUT my good friend, and worthy contestant, did. So I am going to be her cheerleader and do my best motivate her (she doesn't go to the gym now)… so yay! I think she deserves the opportunity WAY more than I do SO… GOOD LUCK BUZZ!

So on to the weekend… the rainy cold weekend.


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  1. I've seen the commercials for Insanity. Let me just say...eek! Good luck, though! I'm sure you can do it. I got Turbo Jam about a year ago, and I like it. The first time I did it, I tried to pace myself with the people, so didn't work. I about died half-way through, had to quit, and was too scared to try it again for quite a while. When I finally tried it again, I went at my own pace. I still gave 100% for me, but I was at a lower intensity than what they showed. Just try to keep that in mind. Don't want you killing yourself.

    Is she going to be on Biggest Loser, or is this something else?