Friday, May 28, 2010


I am still a little disappointed. I weighed in this morning and I gained... 2.4lbs. That is NOT surprising since I think I had a FLUKE skinny day on my last weigh in. I am still bloated, but I understand why. The bonus to getting in shape is I finally speak the SAME language as my body and know where the peaks and valley's will (and do) fall.

Even with the 2lbs gain I am still as low as I have been in over a year (minus the FLUKE skinny day).

I am also feeling better because last night... my most wonderful-est boyfriend took me shopping. I am not the typical girl who LOVES shopping, granted on those skinny days (and FAT bank account days) I enjoy hitting the mall, but since the 50lbs gain in the last 2 years its upsetting. I could always avoid mirrors and ignore the weight, but put me in a mall and suddenly I have to focus on my size and more importantly (and furstrating) the sizes that DON'T fit anymore.

On that note... a rant! Yesterday (as we recall) was terrible, but the more I think about it... it isn't my fault. Now, I am NOT passing the buck, but shopping with the boy last night I was fitting into smaller sizes and finding room in what I thought was my size (hence the lightened mood). Yet early that very day I couldn't get the zipper up on something a size TOO big! Did you re-read that? Non-sense, right? So as much as gaining the weight was MY fault (and loosing it is MY fault too). Its the stupid itty bitty dress makers who are trying to get me to feel fat and disgusting. I wear a 12. That's ok, but in the itty bitty store (which I didn't realize was or I would have saved myself the trip) I was trying on a 14 and struggling to get the zipper up.

Anyways back on track. I got a dress...

Isn't it pretty??? I will post a picture of me in it; after the wedding. I want you have the full effect... hari, make-up and heels! So I feel better... on top of fitting into a smaller size. I put it on, for the standard fashion show, when I got home and everyone (including Richards best friend) was stunned by how fabulous I looked. So I am good. Wish I was 2.4lbs lighter, but I am ok with my body today and I know I will loose that again.

I am off to BOOTCAMP today... wish me luck.


PS - it was 38 degrees (with humidity) last night and I didn't run. I was tired and didn't want to kill myself in the heat. I will work EXTRA hard today... I promise.

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  1. I know what you mean about not liking shopping. I'm not a fan of it. Maybe when I lose a bit more weight...

    Yay for pretty dresses in smaller sizes! Can't wait to see the pics. Who's getting married?

    Good luck with bootcamp! You're a braver soul than I.