Monday, May 3, 2010

I indulged...

... every craving!

So this past weekend (since Thursday) you have missed me. It was an exciting time... Richard turned 25 and wrote his CFQ to end his apprenticeship. We celebrated!

I surprised him with a trip to Niagara Falls... where I offered every induglence from food, to booze, candy, to tourist trap. We did it all. I shut down my Loseit! app and only brought out my phone for music. We had a GREAT time... and did a lot of everything. In fact, we went out to dinner 8 times in 3 days! We drank (he had to do 25shots... for 25years and it only seemed fair that he didn't do them alone). I will try to post pictures soon, but that is where I was.

That paragraph opened this 'welcome back' blog, because I hopped on the scale today to see the dammage I had done to my diet and WOW... if I could loose as fast as I gain... I wouldn't be in this mess. It showed I gained a whooping 6 POUNDS! Now... I didn't excerise, barely slept and certainly didn't keep hydrated. I will get a more realistic number AFTER a few days back on track, but wow. Quite the eye-opener... its a sick realization of what got me into this mess.

I am also snookered, because it appears I have broken my toe... the fourth one in line. I would like to say it is an amazing story of heroism or a drunken dare, but really I stubbed it. I stubbed it hard on Richards suitcase... so clearly it was his fault... ha!

More to come... just wanted to re-introduce myself after a brief vacation... 5days out of the gym and 4days off the diet... whewf! Can't wait to get back into it.


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