Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Yoga News...

I am excited... ok, I started off terrified. I went to double check my schedule with hot yoga, its been a while. I went on to and to my surprise AND HORROR, Milton wasn't included anymore. I was so upset. This is something I was going to do for me... and it was gone. Now you're thinking... its Hot Yoga (and the newest craze) you can go to another studio... NO! I go to this one because I love Brian. He is an amazing instructor and very motivating. I even wrote to my Hot Yoga buddy Mike and told him the sad news... no more Hot Yoga and no more Hot Brian. He wept with me, but above I say I am excited... why??

Brian (yes, Hot Brian) bought the studio and changed the name! He now teaches more classes and lowered the rate so YAY! I just spoke with him and he sounds excited... as excited as a Yogi should sound. I am thrilled to go tonight. I even found out the scheduling shifted... so tonights class won't be a RUSH to get to.

Things really do work out when you need them too... in a very self-involved way.

Ok... I need to finish working and get out of here, because I AM GOING TO HOT YOGA! (check out the link below)


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  1. I googled Hot Yoga. Yikes. 105?! I'd have an asthma attack! Good luck, and so glad everything's working out well with it.