Monday, May 10, 2010

Feels GOOD! (Originally written 'feels god', which I though was highly inappropriate, but funny)

Elliptical: 10mins (the treadmills were full)
Abs: 15mins (the class)
Run/Sprint/Walk: 23:12min (3.30km)
Calories: 748 (ish)

Ok... first day in the groove (first day... HA!), I decided to mess up my routine, add things and kick start this weight-loss, because as much as you can have 'fat' days, you can have 'skinny' days and I am afraid my end of April weight loss was merely that... 'skinny' days. This is my weekly emphiany because I actual weigh the same as I did at the beginning of April (within a pound) so I did hit the dreaded plateau, but a string of skinny days confused and misled me. That being said I have just over 14pounds to loose by the end of May, the scary truth is that is unrealistic, but I am going to go for it.

Back to the first thought... the new routine is...

Monday - Run/ABS/Run
Tuesday - SPIN
Wednesday - SPIN & Hot Yoga
Thursday - Run/ABS/Run
Friday - Bootcamp! (new and exciting)
Saturday & Sunday - be active... walk, ride, blade...

I am excited about it and today I was off to a good start... a little rough in the beginning. The treadmills were all booked up so I had to sub in an Elliptical, which doesn't register with my Nike+ sensor. I gave it my all and burned 200cal. Than I ran over to ABS (late) and busted my ass for about 13minutes. Than I found a treadmill and walked for 60, ran for 120, sprint for 60 and finally kill myself for 60. These are seconds... just in case that wasn't obvious. It felt good to get back to running, my sweet lover I missed you. I didn't burn as many calories as a spin class, but I feel acomplished.

I am most excited about HOT YOGA on Wednesday... a work lunch as pulled me out of my spin class (sorry Leslie-Ann) so it will be nice to recover with 90minutes of Hot Yoga... yum!

As for food... Thanks to Richard for packing my lunch as I tried to sleep. New discover (and gross)... Smart Food - Popcorn Clusters. I was ALL excited (I love popcorn) and thought I had stumbled upon a new treat. I happily purchased 4 bags of 130 calorie popcorn for near 4 dollars. I entered the new treat into my food journal (Loseit!) and was all set to indulge in an afternoon snack. First the bag had 10kernels in it, I only had 2 before deciding this is not what I wanted to splurge on. Its tastes very fake... fake caramel, fake chocolate and very bland, considering all the fake-ness. Two disappointing thumbs down. On the upside the rest of my lunch was fantastic and perfectly portioned.

Until tomorrow...


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