Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Broken Toe is OK!

Spinning: 50minutes

Sit-ups: 110
Calories: 977

What a day! I went back to the gym after WAY TOO much time off and a broken toe. I had to rush to spinning. I am currently training in… WAIT I HAVE BIG NEWS! RICHARD PASSED HIS TEST WITH A 90!! WOO! CONGRATS, LOVE! Ok, where was I? right.. I am training interns this week. A task I requested, but am regretting. I wanted to show my boss I was ready for more responsibility, but I didn't realize how time consuming this would be. We are in PEAK season; meaning we are ALMOST as busy as Christmas. The station are sold-out across the board and we are struggling to keep up. This week I am spending half my day with interns and half frantically working on my INBOX. Anyways… back on topic I had to RUN to the gym to make it to Kerrie's class, which was awesome as usual, but in my haste I forgot my towel (for sweat control), my socks (for non-stinky feet) and my water bottle (for hydration, as if you didn't know). Anyways… I tackled this class on my own I was roughing it… sweat was EVERYWHERE and I was SO thristy, but it was a good class and I came back to my desk more prepared to work.

I am hoping to get to HOT YOGA this week, because it is that time again! I don't know whyI prefer HOT YOGA in the summer… its odd.

No update on The Biggest Loser… so keep your fingers crossed.

Ok I am OUT of here.



  1. What are you waiting to hear from the Biggest Loser?

    Yay for Richard!

  2. I am waiting to see if I am chosen to join the team. Only 30 people can participate this round... I should find out tomorrow.