Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Belated Mothers Day! Even though I think its a SCAM! Shouldn't you LOVE and apperciate your mother EVERY day??? And why do I have to spend money on flowers that she doesn't even like? Or maybe its the BRUNCH and tea? I just don't get it. I suppose I will relish in the spotlight when I am a Mum, but not today.

I am not a Mum... that would be a whole other BLOG.

The weekend is over... which is ok by me. I am happy to get back to the organization of my weekdays. Although this weekend was fun... I am a foodie and the more time I spent near a kitchen the worse it is for my diet.

got st-pierre? Women's Tee Shirt XL-Black BabydollDid a lot this weekend... went to the UA (Union Association) hockey tournament in Hamilton... it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. I miss Hockey games. Traditionally hockey is a HUGE part of my life, but not seen I met Richard. I love that he isn't obessed with sports (GP excluded). It was also nice to learn with him.... we did extensive research on google to learn about 'icing' and 'off side'. Very fun. I love his patience with me. That night we crashed Braden's place for the UFC fights... MMA excites me. It is so barbaric and thrilling. I would just like to point out Josh Koscheck is a WIMP (I have harsher words, but its  family blog). He cried wolf twice in his fight. GSP is going to kill him. Can't wait to see that!!! I love GSP.

Sunday we hiked in Mum #2's back lot with Toby, a 5-month old golden retriever... that is ALL the excerise I got this weekend, but it was enough. I think I need a puppy to get in shape.

Today marks the start of my RE-FOCUS on the gym... wish me luck. I want to loose 10pounds before our ride out EAST. (we leave June 5th for the Cabot Trail... )


PS - I LOVE the abs class even more... I was sore ALL weekend, it was THAT good!


  1. I look at Mother's Day the same way I do Valentine's Day: really, you should be doing all the things you're supposed to do those days all year long, but it's nice to have a special day to just kick back with those you love. I tend to do small things: make my mum breakfast in bed on MD, hang around the house and watch movies with the hubs on VD. Course, I'm cheap. ^.^

    Do you have any neices or nephews? I know that I feel like I get a great work out, just from chacing my neices about. Nothing like carrying two 5 month old's around while chasing a two year old and trying to get the eleven year old to listen. No idea how my SIL does it every day.

  2. I do! (have nieces and nephews)... but I know my limits - lol They are incredibly rambuncious. I agree its a killer work-out... they live a little to far for a daily visit, but Mom and Dad (theirs) are happy to pawn them off on us (Richard and I), whenever possible!