Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good GOD...

... it was fantastic!

Bikram Yoga: 75minutes
Calories: 1255 (I think)

It was HOT Brian... he bought the studio and now calls it 'Shunyata Yoga'. I was a little nervous about going. It's been months and its always a struggle. I wasn't feeling good must of the day and had a headache as I pulled into the parking lot, but I was determined to go.

The class was FULL.

I worked through the entire routine, which is a true testiment of my hardwork, because I have NEVER made it through an entire class.

I spent most of last night re-hydrating and went over my daily water intake by 2litres... I know the unholy consquences of not drinking enough water! I felt great as I drifted off to sleep.

This morning I feel good too... my skin is glowing, my mood it great... despite the 2 hour commute... and I weighed in with a 1 (ish) loss. Its a good day... my hips are a little sore from all the stretching, but I feel good.

Ok... enough preaching, clearly I recommend Hot Yoga to anyone who needs a break from their fast paced life, but I need to get back to work.


PS - Poll Closed... 50% of my readers HATE sweaty gym epuipment - 25% of my readers fear the crazy naked ladies in the changeroom - Nobody sweats the meatheads - 25% of my readers despise the fakers!

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