Thursday, March 29, 2012

I did it.

I got sucked into the hype! I now have a personal trainer AND I signed up for Boot Camp. Hmpf. What can I say the adrenaline was pumping and I was sweaty... sweaty and happy, which made me willingly hand over my credit card. Hmpf.

That aside I am pretty excited about working with John (my new trainer) and testing out Boot Camp. I love taking on new fitness challenges... they work for me and I can't wait to see what will happen over the next 5 weeks. Yes, 5 weeks of pain. Ironically it all wraps up the week of my next dress fitting.... I am hoping for inches loss and aiming for 15-20lbs of loss.

We'll see.

Now the experience. I had a 'consultation' last night, this was to include a 'chat' and an introductory work out. I was nervous (I always am heading to a new gym) and anxious to get on with it. I found the gym (on the far side of Burlington) and was a little disappointed when I first walked in... there was a smell, the place was disorganized and unfinished. I was little concerned, but I waited at the front and finally a incredibly buff guy greeted me. I knew by the intensity in his eyes it was John. The very same John I tried to cancel on a week earlier. We shook hands and he handed me a stack of paperwork to fill out. I sat at a rickety old table with a empty pen and did my best to fill out the paper work all the while wondering if I was wasting my time. After about 20minutes (I was early and her was with a client) he came to say hello. In those 20 minutes though I had met a group of older women who had nothing but praise for John and the gym.

Anyways I meet with John and he goes over my, what think are impressive, papers. I am already doing so many of the things he suggests... including water intake, vitamins, limit caffeine, dairy and wheat. I think he is intrigued, We venture into his office for a closed door meeting... the nitty gritty of what I need and why I need it. At this point I find out that the venue is new, like 3 weeks new, and the renos aren't done, but due to circumstances they had to move early... all my concerns, were in the process of correction... correction to the point of awesome and I can't wait to see the finished product.

I told John that his intensity scared me... that I was nervous about the pain he would inflict on me if I decided to stay with me. He laughed, but seemed excited to work with me as well. I weighed in... (ew) and he measured me... then we hit the gym. I was excited to show him all I had accomplished over the last 2 years... he was going to be impressed by my skill level - ha!

I started on the treadmill for 5 minutes at his pace (exhausting) and then we grabbed a mat and hit the floor. After 20 minutes of intense (and painful) floor exercises I was sweating and throbbing, but in love. I knew I was a goner and I would sign up for anything he asked for... it didn't stop there... than we started legs (that were already aching) and arms. Every exercise was quick and concise... I didn't have a second to think or get bored. I was so charged afterwards... I love a good work out, a good sweat. I love making a difference and feeling like I am on my way to something.

John will lead me to something.

After it all I poured my sweaty, lumpy body into a chair and asked 'what's next?' He said I could sign up for Boot Camp. I asked 'what is I want more?' (because I did). He told me I could do the introductory package for personal training, which was 4 action packed sessions. I did some mental calculating (do my own hair for the wedding, tan outside and use the make up I have) I could afford 5 weeks. And so i signed up for 5 weeks... because I would rather lose the weight and feel good at my wedding than be tanned in perfection.

I start on Monday. I am so sore today, but can't wait for Monday. 5 weeks... wish me luck!

Love! (and pain)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poll = Fail

How can you rely on a poll when only 3 people participate AND each pick a different answer?? Hmpf. I am blaming the poll-fail on my lack of entries lately. Which is completely unfair. I haven't done much on the fitness front... I was really hoping for input, because I honestly didn't have an opinion... so in the aftermath of this fail I decided to do ALL three, bet you didn't see that coming!

Tomorrow I am meeting with John for a full fitness assessment, if I pass I can go to the bootcamp. And having this 'test' makes me want it even more. I know I will do it fine, but I'm anxious.

I spoke with Kerry (at my gym) today about personal training and am hoping to meet with Jill for a consultation this week.

If those both fail I will call Barbara about the in home training.

Wish me luck... something has to click in soon, because I have no motivation to do anything. I hate being a lazy lump, but I can't seem to get out of the funk.

I did over come my need to weigh in daily, but that is more because of my lack of trying. I don't want to see the daily fluctuations. I weighed in this morning and I haven't lost or gained. hmpf.

On that note... as much as I am a lazy lump I haven't missed a day at the gym, I am on week 5 of a new running schedule (C210k) and I have been doing ab work at night. I am not doing nothing, but I need to be doing more... especially since I am sitting here eating a cookie. Atleast it is homemade so there are a lot of chemicals and stuff... always the optimist.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Let's get back to fitness.

I have been off not doing anything productive, for what feels like WEEKS! I haven't made any progress anywhere nor have I been motivated to do anything beyond the basic work outs... yes, I still hit the gym 5 times last week, but no I didn't lose anything or gain anything. I don't feel better or worse just disappointed. I wanted to re start the detox in time for my naturopath appointment, but I am just not motivated to do it. Its expensive and time consuming and honestly I need to do something that takes less thought and consideration... I am planning a wedding for dang sake and it is the MOST stressful thing I have ever been through, let alone trying to count every calorie and read every package in great detail while shopping every three days to have fresh fruit in the house... whewf! I also don't want to spend hours in the kitchen everyday preparing everything. In short I know my strengths and its not dieting... its exercise.

I have cancelled my Naturopath appointment and I have allotted those funds to a personal trainer... or I will once the poll closes, because I am stumped on the decision and need your help. I feel bonded and connected to you, my readers, and I suspect you know what is best for me. PLUS it will be fun to do something new and have daily blog updates of the insanity that will ensue.

I need to be accountable and I need to do something new... I am great at finding loop holes, which why I can't do the same thing twice... I did the calorie cutting, portion control, running schedule, detoxing, naturopath visits... I need to shake things up and I thought a new fitness regime would be the ticket.

I have THREE options...

Option 1 - Work with a trainer in my current gym. I have a gym at work in my building and i could sign up for a personal trainer there. I could use my lunch hours to work with someone instead of elliptical, running and classes BUT then I lose my cardio time, which I enjoy. I could make that up with running outdoors now that the weather is nice.

Option 2 - I could ADD a trainer to my current regime, outside of my gym. Which means I could continue with what I am doing to maintain my weight, but add something in the evenings for more direction. I feel like I am motivated to hit the gym 4 days a week and that the true pit fall to my routine is when I get home and lose all momentum to do anything. This option includes an at home trainer... a woman that would come to my house, with her own equipment and work with me outside of work hours.

Option 3 - Boot camp, which I have had success with in the past. This is another strike to motivating me after hours, when I struggle the most. This is a boot camp that i haven't done before, but seems pretty intense. It would be twice a week in a class of 15. Its less personalized with less accountability, but also less expensive which is a huge help.

There you have it... I am going to pick one. I just don't know which one. They all have perks and pitfalls. Option 1 is the easiest and cheapest, but overlaps with what I am currently doing and takes away from my workout time, rather than adding to it. Option 2 seems ideal, but the cost scares me. Option 3 is my favorite, because I love Boot Camp-esque things, but the location could be a challenge and if I can't get to the classes on time they are no good to anyone.

Please help me.

I want to make a decision by the end of the week... check out the poll on the left.

Thanks! I will let you know the outcome as soon as the poll closes and I promise to do whatever you ask of me.

It like a 'choose your own adventure' but I'm not a book and I'm not truly choosing my own adventure... you are. So I guess its not really the same at all. Hmmm...


Friday, March 9, 2012

Have you ever been overwhelmed by happy?

Yesterday I was... I couldn't even give the good news my full attention, because it all came at me SO fast. We're not going to talk about fitness in this blog... I skipped yoga to celebrate last night. I know... silly me.

Anyways, the last couple of months I have felt under appreciated, over worked and stalled at work. I accepted that I work to live and I don't live to work, but I have a pretty cool job (writing and voicing commercials for radio)... the last few months have been insanely busy with new programs (I developed) and new staff (I trained). I was feeling burnt out, under appreciated and honestly contemplated throwing up my hands and being a house wife. (There is the perk to Richard's unemployment... as the only income I had to tuck tail and keep quiet). I just wasn't getting the joy or excitement out of my job. The wedding planning had added to my stress, and the health issues added to the frustration. It's been a battle field inside my head for the last few months, willing myself forward, but finding NO pleasure in any of it.

Anyways (my get back to the point word)... yesterday I was honored by work, during a staff meeting (aka... swanky drinking party... its a radio thing). I was called to the front and awarded employee of the month. I also found out I am the only member of my team to make it to the finals at the 2012 Crystals (a radio industry award for creative writing and production). Amazing, right?! So that feels good and most of my animosity towards my current position was gone. I even got a large bouquet of flowers... that I had to carry home on the train (the one day I take public transit, figures!).

So that is amazing and I am grinning about it, but then I get an email telling me this other writing venture, I'm involved in, is being moved forward. I can't talk about the details, but it is probably the most amazing thing EVER! It involves testing motorcycles... I've already said too much.

Then on the train, with the large bouquet, grinning from ear to ear I get a phone call and the serving job I applied to (for extra wedding money and because I am not busy enough) wants to sit down and figure out a start date, because I am awesome.

AND THEN I get home to Richard and an amazing surprise, which involves a NEW Lululemon outfit. Eeeeee!

It was a good day to be me. I am a little overwhelmed with all my options, but its good. Its all good. Hopefully I can get things squared away and rolling to get this wedding paid off and my stress level down.

Ummm... Oh yea, AND I get to go see my wedding dress FOR. THE. FIRST. TIME. today.

I was afraid after a day like yesterday nothing would compare, but seeing my dress is pretty damn spectacular.

And finally in an effort to bring it back to fitness... Cassy and I are trying a Yoga Class tonight that includes LIVE music. It should be fun.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

I suppose...

... I should write something. I have nothing to discuss. I have been going to Hot Yoga, fighting with Walter, drinking and gaining weight. Yes, that is how I deal with frustration, when I cancelled my Naturopath appointment it all went down hill, but I had no guidance of structure... I know she is going to give me hell when I do see her (on April 2nd), but I just can't do it. I have no drive, especially when it doesn't work and costs SO much. I figured out that I can do a 3 week detox that will end on April 2 if I start on March 12th. That way I might be able to salvage things and avoid a lecture, but I don't know.

I want to healthy, but Walter is working to dismiss all my efforts. I hate that guy.

As for where I am at with treatment. He swells everytime I do Hot Yoga... I don't know why, but I am not going to stop. I feel refreshed and stretched after every practise. Screw You, Walter! I stopped all drops, but that was a while ago. I just can't bring myself to make things worse. I found out yesterday I am on NO waiting list for the specialist as my GP forgot to call and tell me she isn't accepting new patients. I found a second choice and am waiting hear when my appointment is. Cross your fingers it is before the wedding... months before would be ideal. I don't want them fishing around in there weeks before the wedding and possibly mucking everything up.

That's it. Stress is killing me with this wedding planning trying to please everyone... I want the day I want, but I hate how many broken relationships it is causing.

Ok... this ramble is making me sad and thoughtful, it is too rainy to be sad as well.