Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Poll = Fail

How can you rely on a poll when only 3 people participate AND each pick a different answer?? Hmpf. I am blaming the poll-fail on my lack of entries lately. Which is completely unfair. I haven't done much on the fitness front... I was really hoping for input, because I honestly didn't have an opinion... so in the aftermath of this fail I decided to do ALL three, bet you didn't see that coming!

Tomorrow I am meeting with John for a full fitness assessment, if I pass I can go to the bootcamp. And having this 'test' makes me want it even more. I know I will do it fine, but I'm anxious.

I spoke with Kerry (at my gym) today about personal training and am hoping to meet with Jill for a consultation this week.

If those both fail I will call Barbara about the in home training.

Wish me luck... something has to click in soon, because I have no motivation to do anything. I hate being a lazy lump, but I can't seem to get out of the funk.

I did over come my need to weigh in daily, but that is more because of my lack of trying. I don't want to see the daily fluctuations. I weighed in this morning and I haven't lost or gained. hmpf.

On that note... as much as I am a lazy lump I haven't missed a day at the gym, I am on week 5 of a new running schedule (C210k) and I have been doing ab work at night. I am not doing nothing, but I need to be doing more... especially since I am sitting here eating a cookie. Atleast it is homemade so there are a lot of chemicals and stuff... always the optimist.


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