Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 8

Day 8.

I am 8 days in and mostly enjoying the experience. I need to be near a blender at all times (a mistake I learned too quickly at the cottage. Also, Isagenix why not make a product that shakes better with water?). I got my first, ‘you look great, what are you doing?’ comment and it feels good. 

I weighed in this morning (yes, before the end) and I am down 12lbs. I wanted to weigh in this morning as today is my very first Deep Cleanse (I feel like those words should be read aloud and scary music should play). The Deep Cleanse varies from the shake days because it includes nothing. A deep cleanse pulls logic from Intermittent Fasting, with the belief our cells need time to catch up on basic maintenance. I agree with this logic and support the idea (as we know).

It’s not actually nothing today, its 4 deep cleanse drinks (a delicious pink powder in water), 2 snacks (1/4 apple or pear) and the standard capsules (comfort and accelerator). There are no meals today (yay, no prep). It’s something I was looking forward too, but it is not what I expected. 

First, the drink is delicious, despite loving my current results, flavour has not been a bragging point thus far in the program (hint: add cinnamon to everything!). The downside to flavour I spent the entire drive to work wanting to vomit and things just seemed fuzzy (sidenote: I made a safe arrival). Every deep cleanse drink thus far has made me feel the same way, nauseous and fuzzy, but I don’t feel hungry. It’s the thick film on my tongue that is the oddest side effect. I also have dry mouth like back in the day *wink wink*. Drink more water you say, I am on litre 9. 9 litres trying to quench this thirst and alleviate the fuzz. Here’s the best part… I also don’t have to pee, where the hell is all the water going? Everyone talks about numerous potty breaks and here I am wondering if I’m broken, because nothing (not nothing, but no more than normal).

Now the boring ‘sell’, I do feel great 95% of the time (but that’s not good writing). I am sleeping better and waking up rested. I am not bloated or full. I have excess energy for my million and one daily tasks. I feel ‘happy’, which is hard to explain, but the gloom that hung over my world seems to have lifted. I feel motivated and productive. I feel good.

I had the opportunity at the cottage (this weekend) to cheat. I hadn’t had luck with my shakes and I was so hungry. I could have had a bite, a sliver… the calories would have been minimal, but I thought, ‘it’s not about the calories this time; it’s about the quality of food I am putting into my body.’ And I didn’t cheat, not even while I was icing the Cinnabons, warm from the oven and icing fell onto my hand, gooey and inviting, begging to be licked, the smell intoxicating… but I digress I didn’t cheat. 

I am curious to see how these 30 days unfold and the 30 days after, but I think it’s the start of something new #lame #buttrue

I am excited to work exercise back into my daily routine now that I have the energy for it.

Wish my luck… its time for another cleanse. Mmmmm…. Oh.