Thursday, April 22, 2010


Why do I find an 8k SO daunting? I have run a 10k (last summer)

Running: 35minutes (Run/Sprint/Walk/Hills... I was ALL over the place)
Sit-ups: 120
Calories: 695

I can't sort myself out... or wrap my head around the 8k. When I run a 7.5, I actually run a 7.6. So, what is it about the last 400m that I can't get over!!! I am frustrated with myself. I want to progress. Sitting still is what got me into this mess.

Granted I was exhausted. I had already been at work for 11hours and done a SERIOUS spin class. BUT come on!!! I have 8 days to loose 4 pounds!! I can't screw around... I even comtemplating skipping today because I am tired but its the DAMN the BINGO!!

Have I told you about this??? Everyday there are 4 numbers posted for BINGO. You HAVE to go to the gym to get these numbers... below is what my card looks like!
I need ONE more number and I am afraid to miss a day, because if that number comes up then... I will miss it forever!! I am SO damn competitive I WANT to win!! I don't even know what the prize is BUT I am hoping it is a personal trainer session... wouldn't that be motivating?!

So I will go today and challenge the dreaded stairmaster... wish me luck!


PS - I have a NEW favorite site... In fact, I am trying the cake pops this weekend!!


  1. You can do it, just keep telling yourself that. Don't psych yourself out. You've already almost done it, the last 400m will be a cake walk.

  2. That bingo thing sounds cool. Is that something your gym does or is it something you came up with

  3. It's my gym... they are awesome with different games and celebrations!