Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Lots to REPORT...

Run(OUTSIDE): 28mins (4.03km)

Last week was a ROUGH week. I was SO sick, paired with house sitting and than a funeral. I was ALL over the place. This past weekend was EASTER and I had THREE dinners scheduled.

It was also INCREDIBLY warm, which warrented ICE CREAM and TWO stops at DQ. I was good... a small dipped cone BOTH times.

I finally RAN outside Thursday afternoon. I opted to do a 30minute run before my KB class, because I missed SPIN Wednesday (they're doing BIKE matientance). So off I went... It was GREAT... until it wasn't. I was still sick and I think I pushed a little hard. I debated even going to Kick-boxing, but thought I only have 2 GOOD classes left... THAN to my disappointment. It was the WRONG instructor and the class was full of NEW people so the pace was slower to accomadate.

However I weighed in on Friday Morning... I hit target NUMBER 1... to be at the SAME weight as this time last year (my birthday). Now I am on to goal number 2... wish me luck!


Not my best day... I stuck to my calories WITHOUT supplements, but I DRANK... Oh I DRANK. I had wine and Jager. I ate drunken PIZZA and corn bread. It was NOT a good day for my diet.


Run:40min (5.44km)

With 'Recovery' on my mind... I foregoed the 'shakes' and went to Cora's... YUM! I only ate my Maple, Apple, Cheddar Omellette, but that still managed to add up to OVER 800 calories... damn CHEESE!

I wanted SOO badly to get out on the bike, but with NO insurance (kicks in April 7th)... I sat out. I napped and lazed around until the THROBBING in my head died down. Than I tied on the sneakers and HIT the road. I had GREAT pacing and it felt right. I went 5k without STOPPING... and than I stopped and I nearly died. HUNGER+SICK+RUN= OVER DOING IT. I paid for that mistake.

I made it ALL back though with Easter Dinner NUMBER 1... Turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, cauliflower IN CHEESE and a glass of wine. Sounds like HEALTHY choices, but still not within my calorie allowance... OH WELL it's a holiday!


Woke up for EASTER breakfast... Eggs Benedict. I resisted the temptation and had an English Muffin I need to do something to recover the calories of the last 3 days! BUT my seat at the table is FILLED with chocolate... it is after all easter, but COME ON! I can only handle so much... so I have M&M's with my toasted Muffin... not a great start to a day with TWO dinners. I stopped counting calories.

BUT I did manage to work in a NON-workout... I got a Wii!! I played Baseball and Tennis, Ping-Pong and POOL. (Thanks Honey... I love it!)

I joined Lauren and her family for dinner #1. It was yummy and reminded me of going to Nana's for dinner... very 'old' person food... including pickled onions! Does anyone eat those??? Than we played games and did an Easter Egg hunt.

Than I came home... hungry and had EASTER dinner #2, literally. It was a re-heated version of Saturday dinner and it was YUMMY!

Needless to say I stopped watching the calories, but I am back at it today.

I weighed in this morning and am SO surprised I am not even going to share the horid details. I am staying afterwork tonight to sort it out with a 7.5k run.


PS - 3 days till my birthday!!

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