Thursday, April 15, 2010

A few QUICK things...

... I have a blister! Yup! I rowed so DAMN hard I got a blister! AND something fun happen at the gym today... I got on the scale (just for the hell of it)... I set it at my expected weight figuring once I stepped on I could move it right (or +pounds). As expected I was wrong... so I started sliding the little weight to the right and still the thing didn't move. I had a little break down as I pushed it further away from where I hoped I was. Then it dawned on me... I was going the WRONG way! I weighed 2pounds LESS than I expected... 2 POUNDS less... half way through the day, AFTER finishing a work-out and guzzling a bottle of water. Happy surprise!

KB tonight!


UPDATE: The scale at the gym is off... by 2pounds. So not as exciting, although on a different scale I am still where I want to be, so it's a wash!

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