Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Spinning: 45min
Sit-up: 10min
Calories: 896

I usually find an excuse to have Wednesdays off, but I am NOT going to the gym on my birthday... nope, won't do it. So I had to go today and I am glad I did. Andy was filling in for Laurie-Ann... was I disappointed? A little. I really wanted to try her class... everyone always looks EXHAUSTED afterwards. Was it still a good class? Hell yea!! Andy is SO excited all the time and I find myself desperate not to let him down... even when it burns!

I think I am doing well this week... I feel different about my work-outs. I don't feel obligated or hopeless... I am ok with myself and proud of what I have acheived... I want to lose more, but I am ok if this week I don't move the scale. I promise to share my numbers next week... can't weigh in this week... mother nature increases the scale and THAT will make me feel hopeless.

It's my third annual 25th birthday... ew.

This weekend I am having a UFC Birthday party... woo! I thought I needed a good reason to post a picture of George... he isn't fighting, but I love him... in fact, my first born with be George (shh... don't tell Richard).
It should be a GREAT party to celebrate me. Cross your fingers for Richard that he doesn't forget.

That's it for today! (and tomorrow).


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