Thursday, April 15, 2010

Did you know...

... a DQ Buster bar has 450 CALORIES!!! I didn't. I thought, a little ice cream, a few peanuts on a stick would be BETTER than a cone. But the dammage was done!

Spinning: 45mins (with my FAV instructor YET!)
Sit-ups: 100
Calories: 896

Yesterday proved to be another BUSY day! That is always hardest to pull myself away from the computer and hit the gym, but I did and I am GLAD I did. Leslie Ann is AWESOME! She was the only instructor I hadn't worked with yet... and I really did save the best for last!

Her music was great with a PACE that was realistic and EASY to find! She kept it fun while kicking our asses! She made jokes and talked to us while describing the beautiful scenery we were pretend riding by. We made it all the way to Buffalo for some shopping... we laughed through the whole class and I didn't watch the clock.

The funniest part! My face... aparently I make a CRAZY face when the tension is high and I am struggling to keep up. It is featured (or a re-creation) is to the right. Not the most flattering picture, but I am sure you're laughing along with me... not at me! It turns out I make a simliar face while running the last 2k. I just hope I don't make THAT face in other places... if you know what I mean.

I went home (missed Brownies and avoided cookies), because Richard asked me out... yup, my live in boyfriend called to see what I was doing and ask if he could take me out. (How cute are we?!) So I rushed home showered and got ready for my date... which was like NO other... we hopped on the bikes (pictured below) and zipped down the highway to DQ. Than we sat and watched the sunset while eating our (high-calorie) ice cream. The good news my biggest fear of not fitting into my bike gear is resolved... It fits and its LOOSE! Go me! As much as I feel like I am slacking I still feel good.

I hope I make it to KB tonight... my last GOOD class. You never know with this schedule. Wish me LUCK!

I am off to climb the mountain of paperwork at my desk!



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