Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Spinning: 50minutes
Calories: 851

As things are happening I think about what to write, but when I sit down to write; I got nothing! I am currently listening to the HILLS premiere... its my guilty pleasure (well that and smut). I can't believe how ridiculous their lives our. I can't even remember how (or why) I got hooked on this show. I think it started out as country girls tackling hollywood and I was rooting for the small town girls, but than it got all 'I'm an alcoholic, drug addicted, surgically ehanced, married an asshole can't hold a man-esque' and I can't get into it. I can't support it. So why am I writing about it, because I can't focus worth a DAMN right now.

I am thinking ahead to tonight. I am accompaning Richard to his favorite Band LIVE at the Docks. Although it is going to be a great show... its going to prove a hassle to get there. He was going to pick me up, but that didn't work for sound check (he is going, I am not). I was going to TTC (public transit), but nothing goes that way and  cab is over 40-bucks, parking is only 15 so... it makes sense for me to drive, but that also means at midnight tonight I have to drive home after being awake for 18hours straight! The concert will be worth and to see him enjoy it will be worth it, but I am tired just thinking about!

I am also... WAIT I remember... I got a new app (not completely new, but I wanted to use before review). It's simply called 'Water' it's free from the App store. It's also VERY simple. It tracks your water intake. You type in your vitals and it calculates how much water you need on a daily basis. I drink A LOT of water... part of my routine was to give up juice and pop (not that I drank much anyways). I only drink water and milk. (and tea, but that's just hot water). Anyways this apps features a little table and everyone time you drink you put what ever it was you drank on the table... bottle, cup, glass, mug. It graphs your day and lets you know at the end whether you were successful. Its simple and helpful. I don't know if the two are linked, but I was at a plateau. I got this app and started logging ALL my water... and drinking more and my weight has dropped. Worth a shot... its simple... its easy AND its free (if you have an app device).

I also wanted to touchbase on the weight loss... seems QUICK (via Loseit!). I can't always get to a scale (or the right one... its in his parents ensuite and I can't if they're in there). So it appears I am loosing HUGE amounts in a short time, but really I don't way in everyday. So I am happy to report I am 1.6 pounds away from my goal. I won't make it in 2 days especially with NO training scheduled, but I will get close which makes May goal better... (its 10pounds or more a month).

Ok thats it... Spin was amazing. I debated going, but Leslie-Ann always makes it worth it. Sandi joined me today and I wasn't thrilled about it. We started together, but going alone I can pick my bike (it doesn't have to be a double). I can hang out and do crunches (she doesn't) and in the changeroom I can strip down and air out, before showering and getting dressed. I can't do that with her there... not that I care, but if a stranger catchs a boob I am ok... a co-worker. I don't need her knowing about my aeriola. Anyways... no word on Biggest Loser, but I suspect that will be next month sometime.

AND I had some GREAT pictures ready to go, but they updated AGAIN and I can't put pictures up anymore... WTF??? I can only use pictures currently on my blog or with URL... Sorry guys!


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